A Scientific Approach to Aliens: Do They Exist? NASA Research So Far

A Scientific Approach to Aliens: Do They Exist? NASA Research So Far

One of the biggest questions of all is “Do Alien’s Exist?”.

Well, this video brings the research and scientific details backed by NASA to the table in order to give you some food for thought.

NASA has a lot of research on this topic and made a lot of equations throughout the years to try and help solve this puzzle.

So far, over ten thousand (10.000) planets suitable for inteligent life were found… in the Milky Way alone.

That’s Right!

Just in our home galaxy.

On the other hand, Frank Drake, astronomer that studied the extraterrestrial life possibility since 1961, made an equation that was updated in 2001.

Using that equation, the number is no longer 10.000, but a lot more.

Here’s the kicker.

Through updates on the equation’s variables due to recent discoveries, the number of planets suitable for intelligent life went up hundreds of thousands!

Some of these planets are even close to our home system, the Solar System or “Sol System”.

A telescope in Puerto Rico has also detected a humongous signal hailing from somewhere between Aries and Pisces (the constellations of course) and so that area is thought of as the prime candidate for alien life able to send signals into space.

Do aliens exist?

What do you tell your kids when they ask you about it?

All great questions, and this video may give you new insight.

What are your thoughts?