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The ULTIMATE 143 Fallout 4 Mod List for Sim Settlements 2 Playthroughs

If you want to play Fallout 4 again but with a Sim Settlements 2 mod list, then here are the ULTIMATE 143 picks for mods compatible with it and with each other. I promise a HUGE new experience.

Here’s the best Fallout 4 Mod List for a Sim Settlements 2 Playthrough. It contains over 140 different mods all compatible and which were picked to complement a brand new SS2 playthrough.

If you’re going to begin a new playthrough of Fallout 4 using the Sim Settlements 2 mod, then you got to install some of these mods, as well as they, do take the experience to another level – I guarantee it.

This is my own modlist is the modlist I always have to run to start a new playthrough with Sim Settlements 2, so you know it’s good.

Read below and download the mods that you think fit your playstyle.

Sim Settlements 2: Junk Town 2 Addon Pack

One of the first addons for Sim Settlements 2 is the Junk Town update which adds twenty-eight new homes, seven new shops or businesses, six industrial factories, twelve different farm plots, eleven new martial plots, five municipal areas, and twelve recreational zones.

This is a great addon to have for more variety and to liven up your settlements.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Junk Town was available for the original Sim Settlements mod, but this one is the sequel.

Sim Settlements 2: Ruined Homes and Gardens 2

Another add-on for the best Fallout 4 mod is Ruined Homes and Gardens 2 which brings you a huge variety of new plots.

These plots have everything from specialized scrap scavvers to power turbines, water outhouses, and more.

All in all, it’s over 30 new plots falling into your collection.

Sim Settlements 2: Of Course!

Of course, you’re going to need the Sim Settlements 2 mod.

This is what makes you want to start playing again, isn’t it? Well, the core of this Fallout 4 mod list brings you a new main story and the opportunity to rebuild the commonwealth.

You’re going to be the single most important person in the commonwealth.

Along with this mod, you’ll end up being the Mayor of Diamond City and the Kingpin of a Criminal Empire as well as a Slaver Tycoon with some other mods on this build so you’ll get a lot of power flowing through you, sending you on some major power fantasy odyssey.

SS2 Addon Pack: Walled Gardens and More!

There is a lot of flavor for those who love agricultural plots in SS2.

You’ll be given 21 new plots with this SS2 addon, but each of these plots has seven different skins, so you’re going to have a huge variety of plots to play with.

Overall, what this means you’ll have 91 new plots in variety and your settlements’ agricultural projects will look that much sweeter.

It’s also unlikely that with the mods in this build you’ll have two settlements that are remotely alike, so it’s great for randomness and variety.

It really complements this Sim Settlements 2 mod list.

SS2 Superstructures: More Plots? More Plots…

This is a beautifully crafted mod from an author who recommends a lot of other mods in this list which means that as far as Fallout 4 mods are concerned he has great taste.

This Sim Settlements 2 addon adds:

– 21 new plots;

– 241 new foundations, and up;

As well as different varieties in terms of measurements and flavor, bringing more character into the wasteland building simulator that is the game you’re about to play.

Sim Settlements 2 Add-on Pack: Wasteland Venturers

You’re probably not a stranger to the Wasteland Venturers mod by now, and its Sim Settlements 2 variety is really a work of art as it allows you to have a lot of new plots that are really well crafted – including motels, bars, gravediggers, chapels (even a chapel of atom) and more.

So you can see how cool your new settlements are going to look like and how it will feel unique to roam around in these cities all built from the ground up having you as the leader and overseer.

Definitely a great addition to this list, and it couldn’t be left out.

Loads of Ammo Switchable Ammunition Types – Loads of Ammo

One of the things we are going to have on this list to spice up the value of this playthrough is a wide array of new weapons.

With more weapon packs added, you’ll have a lot of different weapons and it would be bad to have so many different ammo varieties so we are going to use this mod to overhaul the ammo types.

On the other hand, some mods on this list have this as a prerequisite, so it’s a win-win situation.

New Calibers:

I’m going to be completely honest here and tell you that this mod was added because it was a prerequisite to most of the new weapons added in this pack.

Regardless, if it makes what I’m playing great, then it gets in and stays in.

Use this if you want to use any weapon packs from this modlist as they will bug out if the New Caliber mods are left out.

Pra Random Addon 2: Pirate Bar, Repurposed Homes and More

This is an SS2 Addon made from a vanilla Sim Settlements mod. It has a lot of different plots to play with, and you’re mostly looking at amazing and creative builds like a bunker elevator that is now a room, a couple of cars making a kind of “tent” and other ingenious solutions for people in the wasteland have found to make living spaces out of.

You know that if Fallout 4 was in real life, you’d have all these makeshift inventions around, so Pra Random Addon 2 delivers that into the game.

Did I mention it also has a lot of cool plots like a Pirate Bar and so on? It’s a cool add.

Better Female Walk:

This one differentiates the way male and female avatars and NPCs walk.

The male walk is normal, but the females in the game will now walk with an extra womanly touch.

This will make the women in Fallout 4 look better and ramps up their attractiveness. It also boots immersion as people won’t all walk the same way in a crowded place.

Female Sexy Sitting and Standing Animation Replacer:

We have addressed the way the female NPCs of the Commonwealth walk in the previous mod, so this one overhauls the way they idle and sit.

This one serves the same purpose as the previous mod with the added factor that during quests it all feels more natural as the talking camera shows the female NPCs talk while in a more “organic” and natural position, which makes the whole quest seem more natural.

Definitely a good mod to add to any playthrough, and this one isn’t an exception.

Have a Beer: Animated Drinks

Sim Settlements 2 will probably get you to have a lot of commercial and recreational plots in which you’re bound to like hanging out.

Having said that, what good is it to hang out at a Pirate’s Bar or a Nightclub (perhaps something a little more serious even) while not being able to drink?

Well, this mod fixes that by animating your avatar when you drink, and the bottle or can matches whatever it is that you’re drinking.

So, sit down by the lounge and pop open a bottle of Nuka Cola, and your character will actually drink it now.

A simple touch that makes things feel real.

Armorsmith Extended: More Clothes and Armor

Why should you start afresh playthrough of Fallout 4 without this mod? It also benefits the settlers in Sim Settlements 2 and adds more variety and aesthetic differences to the world so it’s a win-win.

Since I’ve discovered this mod I never took it out of my Fallout 4 work order and it has been constantly there for about a year now, I don’t even notice it anymore and it’s just part of the original game as far as I’m concerned.

Finally, it’s also a prerequisite for some of the mods in this list.

CROSS Institute Expeditionary Suit:

This mod is simple, and it’s just what the title says.

Of course, I won’t be adding a lot of standalone mods for this list, so the fact I added this one just shows how cool I think the CROSS Institute Expeditionary Suit is.

Granted I like the visuals of the Institute traditionally, but these blend in amazingly well and are more institute looking than the official one, so it goes in the modlist for your new Sim Settlements 2 playthrough.

Eli’s Armour Compendium:

Fashion is fun, even in the game, so Eli’s Armour Compendium is a load order must and a mod every Fallout 4 fashionista needs to have.

To me, it’s one of the best clothes mods you can have installed as it has great quality, creates new items from scratch so doesn’t replace clothes, and it has a huge variety as well.

A great work of art and those who enjoy dressing up their characters and followers will love the chance to personalize them like this.

Five Stars Eli, good job!

Honest Abe’s Armor Series:

This armor series has a lot of images that will talk for the mod itself, so you definitely should check it out.

On the other hand, the armor itself looks great, and though I don’t use all of the varieties as I think one or two break the immersion, I’ve found some others work great in the world of Fallout 4 and give my companions, especially the female, that extra oomph.

A great set of armor for those looking for something more revealing, and if you don’t care about lore it can even be used more than I use it.

The Mercenary:

This is a great mod for those who want their main character or companions to look as badass as they can.

It’s lore-friendly and contains well-crafted pieces that are on a quality level not many modders can match.

Spruce up your wasteland with the Mercenary mod for Fallout 4 and rest assured that it is compatible and doesn’t replace anything else on this list or the vanilla game.

Vtaw Wardrobe 4: Let’s End Big!

You probably noticed I’m on the clothing section of the modlist.

Well, this entry is the finisher and it is none other than the Vtaw Wardrobe mod for Fallout 4, compatible with Sim Settlements 2 and containing over 49 items with 171 varieties and a full wardrobe of MODULAR clothing pieces.

Yes, you heard right, modular.

So you can see how much this mod adds for customization and calculate how much time you need to see everything it offers and to find out that one perfect combination you can use.

It’s just a powerhouse of a mod with over 5GB of clothes, so you won’t ever think it’s impossible to find a new clothing piece again. The enthusiasm of having the possibility to improve your characters’ visuals even after hundreds of gameplay hours is huge for me, and I advise you to install this mod as well.

Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul:

I’ve never thought about the difference reverb and ambiance sound makes until I tried this mod.

What this mod makes is that it changes the ambiance sounds and reverb effects depending on where you are at the moment.

The mod page has a great video showing you the difference between the vanilla sounds and the modded sounds, and I’m pretty sure that after you hear the difference you’ll use this mod as well.

Flirty Commonwealth: Success Has Its Perks

People are living in a really hard reality in Fallout 4’s wasteland.

Having said that, you’d think that seeing someone as powerful as you are, someone who can keep people safe, take all of the factions of the game, and rebuild the commonwealth thanks to the Sim Settlements 2 mod would have a lot of attention.

After all, who wouldn’t want to be with someone that not only ensures their survival but also gives them a pretty sweet quality of life opportunity?

This mod makes NPCs flirt with you at times, with their original voices.


Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer:

You probably heard of Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer by now, and if you didn’t then at least you probably read its abbreviation CBBE around on other mods.

This mod is used by a huge percentage of the player base and it exists not only in Fallout 4 but also in Skyrim.

It gives female NPCs and the player character a great new body with curves in all the right places and different types so you can pick the body type you love the most.

Rest assured every armor mod and clothing mod in this list is fully compatible with CBBE, and this mod even makes the other mods look better. No way why you shouldn’t install this on your Sim Settlements 2 playthrough.

Commonwealth Cuts:

Once I started Fallout 4 for the first time, even without mods, I was pleased with the quality and amount of hairstyles available for me to pick from.

Well, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to up their number and quality more though, so I advise you to try Commonwealth Cuts.

This adds more hairstyles into the mix and will make your barber trips more meaningful as well as giving you more room to customize your character.


Same as with the clothing mods, hairstyle mods can also work with each other if you pick the right ones.

This adds more choices to the mix and ramps up the visual differences you can expect as well as your choices for character customization.

More choices and content with no performance hit is always a good thing, so go ahead and install this as well.

HN66s_XAZOMN’S Long Eyelashes:

This is a mod that does wonders on making the eyes of NPCs and player characters look better.

Of course, women benefit the most from this mod, as you’ll now have Fallout beauties with eyelashes that look like they were pre-war made.

It makes the eyes glow and the overall appearance of the women in the game feel more polished, and that’s a plus for me.

Ponytail Hairstyles By Azar:

The final hairstyle mod on this list, Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar is a Fallout 4 mod constantly being recommended to everyone and at the top of the hair category on Nexus Mods with loads of endorsements.

This attests to its quality and popularity, and it is compatible with everything else we have here, so we’re good.

It adds more choices for your hair styling needs.

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch:

This is probably one of the most used patches of all and it fixes everything Bethesda didn’t bother to fix – at least that’s the goal of the mod.

There are new bugfixes constantly being added and the mod’s goal is to make Fallout 4 bug-free.

Ambitious in scope, it actually addressed tons over tons of bugs in the game, and so adding it to your load order improves your experience, and not just by a little bit.

Use it, it affects a lot of things but is compatible with the rest of the mods in this list so rest assured you won’t break your game.

Beantown’s Interiors:

I can relate to what this modder says on Beantown’s Interiors page. He says that when he first got into the game and reached Concord, he walked up to the city excited to explore only to find out everything was barricaded and there were nearly no houses opened up.

I felt the same way and was never over the fact the devs made the houses but boarded them all up and made them decorations rather than explorable places.

This mod opens those interiors up, not just in Concord but in other cities as well, making for interesting exploration runs. I even discovered one or two things in these new houses that made me love these cities even more, as well as some lore that really hits you.

A really good mod to have if you’re a fan of exploration and finding out more about the cities you’re in.

Museum of Freedom Cut Content Restored:

This isn’t a big mod, and it’s pretty simple as it just restores the cut content from Museum of Freedom, so yes it only affects that building and you won’t ever need it on your load order if you’re planning on going there.

Regardless, since you’re going to hit the Museum of Freedom in most new playthroughs, you should probably have this one in your mod list from the start of your new Sim Settlements 2 playthrough.

You can always disable it after exploring the cut content, it isn’t that much anyways but it adds a bit of stuff, and I’m a sucker for details and the “little stuff”.

Plenty’o’Exploration: More Interiors and Exteriors

I’ve talked about exploring the interiors of the game when I wrote about the Beantown interiors project.

Well, Plenty’o’Exploration adds even more interiors to the mix, and a lot of isolated houses or businesses you can find while journeying, expanding your experience.

I also made sure this mod doesn’t overlap with other areas or buildings so you can rest assured you get more experiences without the need to cut back on other areas or buildings.

A great mod to add to Beantown to make sure nearly all of the buildings in the game are explorable, and the load on the system isn’t that game-breaking either, especially with the performance mods we have on this mod – did you think we wouldn’t boost your FPS?

TheoN – Male Preset:

This is for male protagonists as it is a player look preset that makes you look great.

I don’t use this preset as is, but alter it a bit to my taste. Personally, I think TheoN’s preset has a nose that looks like a ghoul’s one, so I change it, but it’s so good to have a gorgeous preset to work with rather than those ugly presets the game gives you.

If you want to be the best looking guy in the Commonwealth, then this is the mod for you.

Apocalypse Accessories:

I gave you a lot of different choices of hairstyles, clothes, armors and so on… so why shouldn’t I give you a great choice of accessories as well?

This mod gives you the accessories you were lacking and grants you even more customization and beautification options.

You’ll also be glad they work for both male and female characters, so you’re not limited by gender.

CBBE is also compatible, of course. A cool new mod for those who want more accessories around the world of Fallout 4.

Absolutely Skimpy Attire:

Do I really need to explain this one? The thing is, the wasteland is a hard place to live in, and while some people roaming the outside world may prefer battle armor or power armor, there are a lot of city folks who opt to make a living by other means.

What I mean is that this adds a bit of flavor to the NPCs you walk around, and not everyone has dressed in pants anymore.

I admit this is a matter of preference and it’s a mod you may want to skip if you’re not into this stuff. I am though, guilty.

Backpacks of the Commonwealth:

Let me be straight, I’m not a cheater, but I also don’t think it’s natural for the Lone Wanderer to roam around without a place to put whatever he scavenges in.

This mod will add Backpacks to the Commonwealth, which increase your carrying weight and have beautiful equippable mods.

Looks organic, feels like it should be a part of the vanilla game and it adds immersion if you’re off scavenging for scrap to build your settlements or on scrap runs.

One of the best carrying capacity mods since it increases it but in a natural way and with an organic feel to it.

You can also customize your backpacks. Mine is a Nuka Cola one.

Bunnygirl Outfit:

Okay, so I have no excuse on this one other than I need this outfit for some of the businesses my Sim Settlements 2 have and for some of the jobs available with some other patches from this list.

You haven’t lived in the Wasteland until you had a Gwyneth Brew served by a gal in one of these bunny girl outfits.

Like Tod, Howard would say – it just works!

Clothing of the Commonwealth:

The other clothing mods I shared so far in this list were added with a bigger focus on player and companion characters while this mod, Clothing of the Commonwealth, was added because it adds over 89 items of clothing to NPCs like Settlers.

It isn’t something you will know is part of a mod, and it blends in organically with the vanilla pieces. All in all, you’re going to look at a more diverse world without knowing what’s part of a mod or not, which is really a plus as far as I’m concerned.

Dlx Clothes Pack: Pop Culture and Companion Clothes

This mod adds a lot of companion clothes and Deluxe crafts to the game, including some pop culture pieces as well.

To give you an idea of what you’re going to look at, there’s even Jinx from League of Legends there, and you’ll be able to dress your companion of choice like this wacko ADC from the most played MOBA of all time.

Dogmeat’s Backpack:

If you loved the idea of the Backpacks of the Commonwealth mod, then you’re probably going to love the dogmeat’s backpack mod as well.

One of the reasons that made me add this mod was that I wanted more equippable stuff on my dog, as I was sick of just having one or two collars and a bandana of each color.

Having said that, these backpacks do look great, and they also let your dog carry a bit more weight.

Femshepping’s Light Brawler Outfit:

Another outfit that just brings you more options and looks amazing from whatever point of view.

Femshepping has a good mod track record, and this mod made it to my list. I’m not going to take it out anytime soon as it conflicts with nothing and gives me a great new aesthetic to play with.

High heels Dress Outfits:

A new pack of outfits that bring a lot of class, glamour, and glitter to the Commonwealth.

If you’re off to be a rich dude, why shouldn’t you have an upscale place in Sim Settlements 2 where all women wear format dresses or diva outfits?

Well, this mods adds this possibility into the list and this is why I’ve added it to my Sim Settlements 2 mod list for new playthroughs as I think this provides a lot of value for those who love to do a little bit of roleplaying with their settlements or just want women to be able to dress up nicely.

Oakley M-Frame: Stylish Tactical Glasses

These tactical glasses can be programmed to have a hud and everything but overall I just like them because they look cool and I like my main character to look sleek, sue me!

The Oakley M-Frame is the mod which I think has one of the best quality eyewear products in the Fallout 4 Universe and I would never play Fallout 4 again without them as they are small enough to give you no performance hits but make a difference since you’re constantly looking at your character’s face in dialogues.

They just look cool, that’s all.

Survival Outfit Collection:

This is what my character is using as of now because he still didn’t craft any other outfit and this looks great as a starter outfit.

It’s something a wastelander would use, and you even have access to a “wounded” version and a bandaged blood spatter and everything.

It’s a high-quality outfit great for any companion or yourself, as my character is discovering. It also combines well with armor pieces as it isn’t too much “in your face”.

TNR Shoulder Lamp:

If you want the ultimate Sim Settlements 2 Mod List for a fresh playthrough then you cannot have it without the TNR Shoulder Lamp as it just adds a lot of immersion and quality of life to the Fallout 4 experience.

Vtaw Utility Pack:

This is another modular clothing pack that adds different clothes and armor pieces that can be mixed and matched with pieces from other mods so it adds a lot to customization by letting you combine different author pieces seamlessly and simply to create something new and unique.

There’s no reason why the best modular clothing items shouldn’t be available on your fresh Sim Settlements 2 themed playthrough, and this mod list adds a lot of that to make sure your experience is ramped up to the fullest.

Vtaw Wardrobe 1:

A Wardrobe mod that adds regular clothes like leather jackets, normal scarves, and unique stuff you can add into the mix of everything else we already went over in the rest of the clothing mods presented in this mod list.

Not everyone should be armored in your playthrough even though we have tons of new armors here, some people are average or just look to be fashionable, and this mod makes it possible.

Wearable Backpacks and Pouches:

Another mod that makes pouches and backpacks a thing in the Fallout 4 universe. When you start getting into this Sim Settlements 2 mod list, you’ll see that it’s only natural your character should equip himself to scavenge.

After all, there’s so much to build and so much to scavenge with all of the new items and features on this mod list that you’ll need pouches and backpacks to carry it all.

This mod makes it so you can increase your carrying capacity in a lore friendly way, by literally making you carry more pockets around for that extra stuff. It looks great on your character as well.

Bobble Girl FOMOD:

This mod replaces the collectible bobblehead dummies with the ones featuring the Bobble Girl, which I’m sure you’ve stumbled around already.

You have the option to pick the traditional blonde one, the rare red-headed one, or the brunette version.

It looks great on any stand and is a superior model in my opinion.

More Uniques: Unique Weapon Expansion

Uniques are always a cool thing to find, own, and display.

Owning or finding a new unique piece of gear makes the exploration feel worthwhile, and finding the same stuff over and over again gets boring.

That’s why I intend to spruce up your Sim Settlements 2 mod list for Fallout 4 with a lot of new items, and more uniques bring more unique weapons into the mix.

Perk Magazines:

Get more magazine variety into the world with this edition of the mod perk magazines that add a lot of new magazines with perk point bonuses into the Commonwealth.

Rest assured that it is naturally added and that you won’t find magazines everywhere, they’ll still be rare, but you now have more variety and can get quite a few more perks in an organic and lore-friendly way.

I always have this one on and I don’t consider it immersion breaking at all, quite the contrary it makes me feel good when I found one as it ramps the exploration experience up in quality again, making it feel more meaningful.

Next up, another magazine collection for this Sim Settlements 2 mod list.

Scrounger’s Weekly Scavaging Magazines:

Another magazine mod.

This magazine mod for Fallout 4 adds magazines that will teach you how to make the most of scrapping and as such increase your carry weight.

I’m still always over-encumbered so don’t worry about it being a cheat or something, it is organic as I don’t like cheat mods at all.

Another way to add even more value to exploration, something you’ll do hours upon hours on end.

Unique Uniques: Unique Weapons Redone

More uniques? Why not!

We already added more flavor into the world with the other uniques mod, and this one adds a little more power to that chance by increasing that number a bit more.

You won’t get bored while exploring again because this Sim Settlements 2 mod list has a lot more items to discover, more uniques, even more uniques, tons of new interiors, new buildings, new quests, you name it!

Atomic Surgery: Companion Overhaul

You probably already played with the regular looking companions for a while now, how about we upgrade them into prettier and better versions?

Atomic Surgery companion overhaul allows you to pick one of the different versions for every vanilla companion in the game, making it so their looks are exactly how you want them to be, enhancing them or completely changing the way they look, whatever you pick.

I chose to let them keep their authenticity while upgrading their looks to better-looking versions.

Companion Infinite Armour and Unbreakable Power Armour:

This mod can be tagged as a cheat mod, but in my opinion, it doesn’t make the game easier, just way less boring.

How come you have to keep on repairing your companions’ stuff and constantly give them new ammo and whatnot. Why shouldn’t they carry their own weight in the Commonwealth? You do the most fighting anyway.

This mod makes companions resupply themselves and repair their own stuff at a Roleplay level, and this is why I added this mod to my list.

Ellen The Cartographer:

A cheery companion that just wants to map out the world of Fallout 4, starting with the Commonwealth.

Escort her as she adds more pieces to her map, and get rewarded as you explore. She is fully voiced and as a questline, for you to complete.

A great companion to have on your side and I definitely recommend her.

Heather Casdin: A Unique Companion Experience

Another great companion to have beside you and she has to be my favorite one to boot. Heather is a cool fully voiced companion that is trying to make a living selling alternative medicine items.

She has a bunker and a questline, and you can even romance her so it’s good for those who like Romance in their games.

Definitely a new unique companion experience for your Sim Settlements 2 playthrough.

Unlimited Companion Framework:

The Unlimited Companion Framework mod allows you to be accompanied by as many followers as you’d like.

Let me tell you why I like this mod. I like this mod because as the game goes by I get increasingly powerful in the bigger picture, even more with Sim Settlements 2, so there’s no reason why my runs should be me venturing out in the dangerous world alone.

After all, I’m a VIP by the end of the game.

So, I get escorted by my own gang and we wreck it.

On the other hand, this also solves the problem you face even in the early game that is only taking one companion with you to react to stuff, instead of being able to accompany the reactions of two or three of your favorite companions. I never use the Lone Wanderer perk anyway.

Legendary Modification:

If I find a Legendary module stuck to a weapon I don’t like, I can grab another legendary moddable item and equip it there. To me, this mod makes a lot of sense as I can mod legendary moddable weapons now.

It has a lot of different difficulties so you can balance the game however you’d like by choosing whether you can outright craft the mods or just relocate them.

I tend to prefer switching the mods 1-on-1 to keep things balanced, but hey, it’s your mod list and playthrough.

Scavver’s Toolbox:

This is a portable scavenging box that lets you place all the junk you have inside and scrap it as you go, right from your inventory without needing a mobile mechanic or something.

I love the fact you can crunch the junk items to their components as the components traditionally weigh less and therefore you can just get back to the running threshold if you start getting over-encumbered.

Dogs Can Grab Player:

Did you ever see your Dogmeat grab a guy with a powerful bite?

Well, of course, you did, that’s pretty normal and a staple of dogs’ fighting styles. This mod makes it so even YOU can be a target of these grabs if the opponents have dogs themselves.

So, you can start worrying about the enemy dogs charging at you to incapacitate your arm while their owners shoot you.

There’s no reason you should be immune to these tactics, this mod fixes the game as far as that is concerned.

FAR: Far Away Area Reform

This is a performance mod because we’ve added so much into our Sim Settlements 2 Mod List for Fallout 4 that your system may start getting a bit of a performance issue or FPS drops.

FAR, the Far Away Area Reform mod can help you out win back some FPS by changing how far areas get drawn.

Performance mods are a necessary thing for most modlists, and this is one I tried and recommend as it made my game run much smoother with minimal loss.

Create Your Own Difficulty Rebalance:

This is a good thing to have installed if you want to create your own difficulty as it allows you to customize a lot of the stuff in the game.

One of the most important things this mod offers is the ability to customize incoming and outgoing damage.

If you want fights to last longer, you can reduce both directions of damage. If you want a more realistic experience, you can scale up the damage and make guns kill with 1-2 shots regardless if you’re shooting the enemy or you getting shot, making you feel like you actually have guns and not peashooters.

All in all, the choice is yours, but Create Your Own Difficulty is the mod that offers that choice to you, the player, in the first place.

Survival Options:

Another difficulty customization mod, Survival Options is for those who want their Sim Settlements 2 modlist playthrough to be played in Survival Mode but want to customize some options.

If you’re a survival mode player, you probably use or have used this mod already, as it is one of the most popular mods out there, for good reason.


Ok, so let me get this straight, there’s a diner out in the middle of the road to Diamond City that is completely isolated and is guarded by a rebounding junkie and an old lady that has problems with raiders and still does well and is safe for some reason?

That doesn’t add up.

That’s why this Immersive Drumline Diner mods add fortifications to the dinner and make it seem more fortified and prepare to deal with these kinds of things. It’s a bit tight, but it seems like it could stand for more than 1 day now.

Military MREs:

The apocalypse came and there was a big war before it and yet not even bunkers have MREs (Military Rations).

Well, this doesn’t seem right. Fortunately, there’s a Fallout 4 mod for that.

Military MREs spread out MRE packs through military bases and vendors, and these come in different flavors and everything.

A pretty cool mod to have for more variety and immersion.

Inside Jobs: Commonwealth Interiors Add-ons

More interiors to explore, because why not?

This one focuses on adding new buildings and more explorable isolated places or places in the peripheries of vanilla locations, but it also contains some interiors you’d never believe aren’t vanilla.

I’m a sucker for interiors in games like Fallout 4, GTA V, and the likes, and this mod helps me scratch that itch.

Lexington Interiors:

More interior exploration, this time in the city of Lexington.

You’ll be able to enter more houses and businesses, and have a bigger and better experience when exploring this city and surrounding areas by being able to actually enter a lot of the buildings and areas previously boarded up, much like it happens with Concord.

A great mod to have for exploration purposes and if you like exploring old-world buildings and businesses.

Stumble Upon Interiors:

Another interior exploration mod, you’ll now stumble upon – pun intended – new interiors to explore.

If you think I have a lot of interior exploration mods active, you are totally right, but the true goal is that I don’t even know what interiors are from which mod or from vanilla, or at least it isn’t obvious.

It definitely increases immersion a lot and they are a gamechanger for me.

The Lost Vault:

The Lost Vault is a questing and adventure mod for your Sim Settlements 2 mod list in Fallout 4 which offers you a brand new explorable vault with a lot of secrets to uncover.

The vault is lore-friendly, so you have the typical Vault-Tec structure and the experiments, revolting, and whatnot.

It’s a good addition to the glowing sea zone and it makes you get more gameplay time with its quests.

Better Goodneighbor:

Better Goodneighbor is one of the most popular mods out there that transforms the city of Goodneighbor and overall makes it better in my opinion.

It expands the city and adds more stuff to it, and we included it alongside the other mods of its family which we are going to approach in the next couple of mods in this Sim Settlements 2 mod list.

Diamond City Expansion:

The Great Green Jewel of the Commonwealth is not that Great in the vanilla playthrough, and this is another mod that much like the previous expands the vanilla location and makes it much more interesting.

It’s compatible with the rest of the mods and makes Diamond City a much more interesting place to be and explore, giving it the attention it deserves in the Fallout 4 game.

Better The Third Rail:

The Third Rail is another mod from the family of the last two and this time it expands on the third rail vanilla location.

With Better the Third Rail you’ll see a lot of improvements when you explore that location, and it will expand your gameplay giving you a better place to explore and hang out on.

It adds to the overall experience and if you never tried it adds new novelty value for your Sim Settlements 2 playthrough.

Immersive Settlers:

This mod is so simple and yet so game-changing that you can’t help but wonder why it wasn’t included in vanilla Fallout 4 in the first place.

The thing it does is it just automatically names settlers as they arrive at your settlements.

You don’t want to go around your settlements in Sim Settlements 2 to see people called “Settler”. No, you want to go around and see “Bob”, “Tony”, and “Paula”.

Sanctuary Dead Settler and Dog Removed:

If you really pimp out the settlements at Sanctuary and Red Rocket stop, then you have two cities next to each other with a bridge separating them.

They are probably thriving communities, yet in the middle of the ground there’s a raider and a dog, dead and wasting away without ever disappearing.

I was very bothered by this, but luckily I wasn’t the only one.

Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource: AWKCR

The armor and weapon keywords community resource, better known in the modding community by AWKCR, is a huge resource for modders and is a prerequisite for many of the active mods in this modlist.

You need to install it and there’s no way around it. It does exactly what it advertises and enables a whole ton of mods in the Nexus. A must download.

Improved Map with Visible Roads:

I didn’t quite enjoy the vanilla map and so this was one of the first mods I downloaded when I first started playing Fallout 4.

I downloaded the same mod for Skyrim simply because I think Bethesda maps don’t fit well with me, and I never looked back.

Your pip-boy will now have an enhanced map and show you the roads as well.

Sombre Mountains Mini DLC:

This is a mini DLC sized mod that adds the Sombre Mountains content complete with adventure, companions, quests, locations, and even a fully functional mine.

It is a great experience and adds even more content to this mod list so you have more goals to achieve and stuff to complete.

Owning a mine also combines will with the Sim Settlements 2 play style.

Courser Crusher:

Don’t mistake this mod for the weapon mod of the same name.

The mod I’m recommending you to install for your Sim Settlements 2 mod list playthrough of Fallout 4 is the one that overhauls institute courses, the institute’s rebel synth hunters.

This makes coursers the behemoths they are supposed to be, with new abilities, cloaking, and stuff. It just makes the courser a fearful opponent, as they should be.

FO4 NPCs Travel:

This adds the ability for NPCs to travel, which makes the whole world feel more dynamic.

What this does in practice is making the Commonwealth feel like living because you’ll see new NPCs and travelers roaming the Wasteland, going from place to place, camping around, investigating stuff, and so on.

You won’t be walking alone forever, but stumble upon new people and events.

Icebreaker Settlements:

In a playthrough where you’ll be in settlements a lot of the time, it’s no wonder I have mods in this list specifically aiming to improve settlements and the overall mechanics that are inherent to them.

Having said that, settlers are very repetitive in their dialogues, and this mod not only is compatible with Sim Settlements 2 and the rest of the list but also adds over 400 new dialogue lines to settler NPCs, adding a little bit of life to all of your settlers.

Looks Menu Customization Compendium:

New face paints, tattoos, scars, and everything you can dream of.

A huge compendium of new ways to customize your characters and make sure the character’s looks are just as you want it to be.

Add more character and more personality to your avatar, and make it be more like you or nothing at all. The choice is yours.

Sanctuary NPCs Overhaul:

This mod overhaul’s the NPCs of the “Sanctuary” team, those you rescue on the Museum of Freedom mission.

It either approaches them more to what the concept art was, gives them better looks, or just makes them stand out more from regular people.

If you’re tired of seeing the same faces or you’re doing some beautification in your Fallout 4, then get this mod and try it out.

Wasteland Imports: Goodies From All The Wastelands

All of the Wastelands were once connected and as such there are products from all across the wasteland scattered around the several areas of the Fallout 4 Universe.

You’ll be given a whole lot more variety of items to acquire, and exploration will feel better as you’ll encounter new items on every trip and you will get to see “old friends” laying around (stuff from past Fallout titles).

Sim Settlements 2: The Bleachers a Diamond City History Patch

The Bleachers a Diamond City History is a quest and adventuring mod that isn’t compatible with Sim Settlements 2… unless you add this mod to the mix.

With this mod, you’ll be able to experience the quest and adventure mod and what it has to offer together with your Sim Settlements 2 Mod List experience.

Add these two to the mix.

Fog Remover 2 ESL:

This is a .esl file that enables you to see less fog overall and especially get rid of much of the fog in Far Harbour.

What this results in is – free FPS.

Well, not free, you’ll be paying with fog. But since I don’t like the fog I actually enjoy two bonuses with only one mod.

Great FPS Boost:

This is a handy mod that combines a lot of different tweaks and measures to get more bang for your computer resources.

It improves FPS a lot and guarantees you’ll be able to use more mods than you would otherwise use if this wasn’t installed as it reduces system load.

Insignificant Object Remover:

Another performance mod, this one gets rid of insignificant objects that only consume resources and give a little detail to the world.

If your system is top of the range and runs the game fully modded with no problems, then, by all means, keep this out, but if your performance suffers or your pc tends to overheat with a heavily modded Fallout 4, then download and install this mod and get rid of the little things that cost way too much to run.

Premium Pip-Boy Black HD:

I spend a lot of time looking at my Pip-Boy, so I want my Pip-Boy to be in HD and stylish as hell.

This is where the Premium Pip-Boy Black HD mod comes in, as it overhauls your pip-boy to look like in the picture above, granting you a differentiated way to roam the wasteland with a lot of style and while looking… like a boss!

Basement Living: Bunker and Basement Player Homes

You get basements and bunkers below every major city and you can edit and build in these bases however you see fit.

It really adds a lot of personalization and it’s one of the most popular player home mods out there.

It’s ideal for use with Sim Settlements 2 since you’ll be building a lot, it fits seamlessly with the rest.

Faction Housing Overhaul AiO:

This mod overhauls your player housing and your player rooms.

This means your faction homes like in the Minutemen castle, with the Brotherhood of Steel, Institute, and so on getting a renovation, making them way better than they were in the vanilla game and much more interesting to unlock.

A great way to reward the player for getting that unlockable faction benefit.

Marlborough Mansion:

I don’t have a lot of player home mods in this Fallout 4 modlist, and the reason why this is the case is because you’ll mostly be living in the bunkers and basements in the mod, as well as your settlements from Sim Settlements 2 of course.

Having said that, Marlborough Mansion is just a great player home that doesn’t intrude on anything else, and as such is a good addition if you want to live in a great mansion.

Salvage Beacons:

This is a cool mod for those who see themselves scavenging for resources a lot or constantly getting over-encumbered due to the number of resources you’re gathering for your Sim Settlements 2 bases.

Well, this mod gives you the ability to use salvage beacons on containers to mark them for extraction, and then free settlers from your bases will go to that container and haul the salvage to base.

It’s lore-friendly and it makes sense that the free settlers would help you haul the stuff to grow their town.

Scrap Everything:

This is an extremely popular mod that allows you to scrap everything, including corpses and stuff you couldn’t scrap before, like irritating boardwalks and such.

The scrap everything mod may sometimes cause a visual glitch, although rarely, it is worth the hassle as it allows you to bulldoze areas to freely create your Sim Settlements.

Shaikujin’s Better Warnings for Settlements Being Attacked:

This is a straightforward mod that adds to your quality of life.

Sometimes in the vanilla game, I’d get my settlements attacked without me even noticing, so now I recommend this mod to make sure your Sim Settlements 2 experience isn’t harmed by you not noticing you’re getting raided.

This mod adds a warning box you must click to confirm you’ve read it. Priceless.

Workshop Framework:

If you’re a modder yourself, then this platform helps you modding, but if you’re like me and just a player you’ll want to install this as well as it gives you faster workshop navigating and scripting, which is great because you’ll probably have a lot of workshops and items in them.

Having said that, this mod is also a prerequisite for many others in this list, so you’ll probably install it anyway.

50 Ways to Die at Dr. Nick’s:

A quest mod from the guys behind Fusion City Rising and Outcasts and Remnants, it connects to the other quests and has a lot of unique content.

The story is cool and adds some twist to things, and there’s a new player home to be had as well.

The background story of the mod is also lore-friendly, so it blends in well.

A Diamond City Story:

This is The Bleachers: A Diamond City Story we wrote about earlier when we discussed its compatibility patch with Sim Settlements 2 as this mod as standalone isn’t compatible yet.

However, if you download the Sim Settlements 2 – The Bleachers: A Diamond City Story compatibility patch, you can enjoy this expansion/quest and adventuring mod with your new Fallout 4 mod list.

Depravity – A Harmless Bit of Fun:

This mod is probably one of my favorite ones of all time. Yeap, I need to add this one to the Sim Settlements 2 mod list as well as it simply must be in any mod list for Fallout 4 I make.

It gives you a new experience with Fallout 4’s main story, enables you to do things a lot differently, enables you to be both a good guy and really bad guy – not just a mild bad guy – and it gets you lots of new and exciting content.

There’s no reason on Earth why you should skip the Depravity mod.

Fusion City Rising:

This is a mod that brings you new factions, new locations, new characters, new quests, and more.

Yes, you read it right, new Factions!

This is a DLC sized mod that adds tons of new content which is great as it is made by the same guys from Outcasts and Remnants, the mod we’re talking about next.

Outcasts and Remnants:

The final mod by the guys behind Fusion City Rising and 50 Ways to Die at Dr. Nick’s, this is another DLC sized quest mod that also adds new factions, locations, and quests.

With the three of them combined, which complement each other beautifully might I say, you’re looking at dozens upon dozens of fresh gameplay hours and a lot of new experiences to be had and enjoyed in your Sim Settlements 2 playthrough of Fallout 4 with this mod list.

Project Valkyrie:

This is a huge mod you simply need to install because it brings you an enormous quest and companion adventure.

You’ll be getting four different companions, all fully voiced, and you’ll get lots of quests, about 20 different ones together with some alternate endings to the vanilla game so you can beat Fallout 4 in a new way.

Settlers of the Commonwealth:

The settlers of the commonwealth mod is a guaranteed mod in any good mod list for Sim Settlements 2 playthroughs as it adds unique settlers with unique stories and dialogues which are fully voiced so you have more immersion with your settlements experience.

Considering this, it’s obvious this mod should be in your load order for the best experience, it’s not rocket science, it’s settler science… I guess!

Tales from the Commonwealth:

This mod adds more quests and more companions.

It expands the Commonwealth with more stories and interesting quests. It adds more people to meet and scavenge along with and it makes the Fallout 4 world feel interesting and living – something you probably noticed by now to be one of the main goals of this Sim Settlements 2 mod list.

Vault 1080:

Nvidia’s own little vault adds new quests, a location to explore, and displays a new way to handle volumetric lights.

If you’re into this kind of thing, then this mob might be a good addition, and it is compatible with the rest.

However, I skipped this one because my system can’t handle it properly – I preferred to toggle it off to save on performance. Also, this isn’t lore-friendly unless you download the lore-friendly patch.

More Where That Came From Diamond City Radio Edition

If you think Diamond City radio repeats its playlist too often and you hear the same segment twice in the same dungeon, then know there is a mod out there that expands Diamond City radio, and the mod is More Where That Came From Diamond City Radio Edition.

Are you ready to hear more fan favorites and to get a little extra from your Pip-boy’s radio system?

Be Exceptional: Skills and Perks

The new and exciting way to level up, level up has been a lot more fun for me with this installed.

The vanilla character progression system wasn’t that good from my point of view and this fixes it, putting it more in line with the Fallout leveling up experience I was used to.

It has a ton of perks, points, and cool stuff to explore. I just love it.


LooksMenu is the backbone of every preset and meaningful looks alteration out there and this is a mod you must download while running a lot of the mods here.

It also makes it so you can have more customization power as far as Fallout 4 characters are concerned, and I like customization, especially in a Sim Settlements playthrough or a playthrough I know is going to be a long one.


A new HUDFramework and a prerequisite to other mods in this list, there’s not much to look at here, but you must download it if you’re downloading any software that says it is missing this as its master. If you download the whole modlist then you’re definitely needing them for more than one or two mods.

Mod Configuration Menu:

The MCM or Mod Configuration Menu is pretty useful if you’re going to run multiple mods, and multiple mods we’re running.

If you downloaded or are planning on downloading some dozens of mods from this list, then MCM can make your configuring experience to run much smoother than without it, so you’ll probably want to download it as well.

LevelUpMenu Ex:

A prerequisite for the new be Exceptional skills and perks mod, it makes it possible for you to access the level up menu, otherwise, you’ll level up to see a transparent menu that doesn’t let you navigate or see anything.

So, you must download this for the be exceptional mod to work.

Value Per Weight:

This is a simple mod that goes over your inventory and looks at the items’ value and weight to calculate how much per weight is that item or item worth.

When you are carrying too much and you want to ditch stuff, you can now see what items have the least impact on your wallet and discard the cheapest stuff.

As I said, it’s a simple and useful mod.


So you now have your whole new Fallout 4 with Sim Settlements 2 prepared and you are pumped to go play it, but for some reason, you don’t have the achievements for the game yet and you want to get them even while using mods?

Well, this mod adds achievements back into the game even though you’re modding, which makes it great for those achievement hunters who still didn’t do their whole hunting.

BodySlide and Outfit Studio:

Nearly every armor and clothing mod in this Sim Settlements 2 themed mod list for Fallout 4 includes body slide and outfit studio as a prerequisite.

This is a mod that literally revolutionizes the way clothing and armor modders worked and it is a resource you have to get into your modlist if you want more variety in terms of clothes and armor.

One of the mods you can’t skip if you’re picking mods from this list.

deLuxe Makeup:

If you want the women in your game to look better and you want makeup to be overhauled to be much more polished then this is the mod for you.

I like my female NPCs, Settlers, Troops, and Companions to have spotless makeup even during the Apocalypse. Again, sue me, I’m just a simpleton.

Regardless, if you like good looking faces, you’re going to like deLuxe Makeup.

Eye Liner Masks:

This is the mod if you want your character to be the lead singer of Green Day or if you want to make up to look better.

This eyeliner mask mod does just what the title describes, and you can learn more on its page. It gives you more choices and varieties for makeup masks and is a fine addition to this modlist.

Remove Interior Fogs:

This is a performance mod that deletes the dust, mist, and fog present in interiors and gives you a clear look at what’s inside by increasing your FPS through the roof and making things look clearer.

Load times are also improved.

I didn’t like the fog anyway so I install this mod either way. It is great for those wanting performance boosts and less stuff going on in the game.

10mm Revolver:

The reliable 10mm revolver is so common that it should always be present in any playthrough.

It really is the most reliable piece you can have as you’ll find tons of ammo for it and it has a good balance.

I used it as my starter weapon and I still keep it on me as a secondary backup firearm just in case something happens.

AS Vektor:

This weapon is based out of the traditional Vektor, though it was creatively twisted to include some Institute themes and feels.

It’s futuristic and sleek, making it a great addition for those siding with the institute or that are looking for this modern, polished, and sci-fi look.

If you want to be the average scrapper, it’s probably not the weapon for you and you can skip it.

G67 Battle Rifle:

This is the weapon of choice of the Scandinavian Union and it was sold all over the world due to its reliability and quality-price ratio.

If you want more assault rifle variety in the game, this one delivers it, and it is a great addition to those who are playing from Scandinavian regions as they know this weapon well and if they served in the military may even have operated some.

DD Bleau UMP:

Different countries deserve to be represented if we’re being honest. Granted that the game happens in the US, but since you’re adding more variety into the game and the people playing it come from different countries, I thought about adding some popular weapons from other countries into this modlist as well.

If you’re worried about lore-friendliness, then you can skip a few of these new weapon mods. Otherwise, feel free to add them for more choice.

Defense Gun:

Another weapon to find in the Wasteland and one you can use to keep your new settlers safe, or even give it to them for them to take care of their own defense in Sim Settlements 2.

We’re almost done with this mod list, but I promised variety, and variety I’ll deliver.

Atomic Annie: Unique Gun

This is a unique gun because there’s no way I’d only add normal weaponry on a game that has a lot of strange weaponry to consider.

This expands the weapon variety in a lore friendly way, and you probably wouldn’t notice this weapon was from a mod if you didn’t know better.

Another item you can hunt for in the Commonwealth.

Modular Simonov PTRS-41 Anti Tank Rifle:


A rare gun that packs a punch, the Modular Simonov PTRS-41 Anti Tank Rifle is now available on Fallout 4 and I am sure it’s going to be a blast for you to use it on a Mirelurk Queen or on that giant stuck in some mutant gang’s garage.

The only proper anti-tank weapon in the game as far as I’m concerned. (portable nuke stuff too obviously).

Seethrough Scopes:

This is a prerequisite to some mods on this list, and therefore I had to add it.

I also didn’t think much about it or gone over it particularly as I just saw I was missing the mod and downloaded it.

You can explore it on its own page, but you’ll probably have to install this one just because.

Service Rifle:

You can now start a Sim Settlements 2 mod playthrough with a mod list containing not only Anti-Tank weapons and unique weapons, but also your old sturdy and reliable service rifles too.

You probably noticed we’re adding a lot of variety to the world, with clothes, armors, weapons, and more, and this just continues the trend.

It will offer you a whole new Fallout 4 experience. The performance mods we already spoke about start to get useful once you consider how much we added to the game.

The M14:

If you don’t know what the M14 is, then you probably know nothing, you poor guy!

On the other hand, let me tell you that these last standalone weapon mods are mostly installed because they are a prerequisite to other mods, but even if they weren’t I wager many army guys would love to see their dear M14 on the armory of the gunners or the military outposts of the Fallout 4 universe, after all, it is a military assault rifle that was pretty used back in the days.

The M2216 Standalone Assault Rifle:

This is the M2216 Assault Rifle, a staple of the world’s armed forces and a standalone weapon mod that is a prerequisite to the last mod on this list.

Download it and apply it to start seeing these in the hands of some lucky guys on the Commonwealth – it’s not common of course, so rest assured lore is preserved and you’re not looking at a mod that makes all bandits suddenly get military-grade weaponry.

Weaponsmith Extended:

This is a huge Fallout 4 weapons mod bundle that will bring you a lot of weapon variety and make your game rich in weaponry variations.

It will spread those new weapons apart in the wasteland and you’ll find them as you explore. Weaponsmith Extended is a mod many people have used, and for good reason, as it adds a ton more to the base game. There is no reason suddenly all weapons of the old world disappeared, and in the vanilla game only being able to find scrap weapons even in military bunkers was bonkers.

This mod adds flair and flavor to the weaponry of the Commonwealth.

And that’s it!

Congratulations, this is the bottom of the list and if you’re wondering how long this took me to write, it was two days as my text processor points out the whole thing has 29 pages.

It’s really crazy how work just flows if you’re doing what you love, and I really love this ULTIMATE Sim Settlements 2 Mod List for a fresh Fallout 4 Playthrough.

I hope you enjoy it as well and have fun, maybe even in FO4 VR!

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