Small Leather Shield

This is a small shield in Dark Souls 3.


Practical Use:

This shield has the skill Parry. It can be infused, reinforced, has poor stability and low damage block.

The blocking animation is the same as the Target Shield, the Parrying Dagger or the Buckler.

It’s Stats Are:

·        Physical Attack: 70

·        Physical Defense: 42

·        Magic Defense: 42

·        Fire Defense: 50

·        Lightning Defense: 38

·        Weight: 2

·        Stability: 35

·        Durability: 55

·        Critical: 100



This shield is small. It is wooden, made from heavy wood capable of deterring arrows fired by a strong arm. It is also covered in leather as to increase resistance against piercing damage as well as provide some, if light, dampening to blows.

It has a protrusion right in the middle of it to make sure the opponent’s weapon has a place to slide, facilitating parrying maneuvers.


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