How to Spray Paint Your Own T-shirts

The following tutorial will show you how to actually make a color print. If you are a beginner, this is the best way to start.

If you have the desire to make a multicolored sweater, follow this tutorial and do not forget that you will need an extra template for each color you will wear. If you start by painting with one color and then adding another do not forget to leave the color that you applied


Make your own shirt

When it comes to making your own shirts, it becomes much cheaper than buying them directly from a printing company. While companies are trying to profit directly from high prices, you can simply decide on a slightly more affordable price for consumers, and you could profit a little less than $ 25, which is the price that people end up spending for a simple t-shirt coming Of a company.

If you care about saving your money, you can buy two WalMart five packs for $ 20 and a $ 6 spray can, you can paint your sweaters, and in the end, your general wants to end up being $ 30, And the tin can still last longer than just for two shirts.

With my radio program, The Vinyl Countdown, I have already made shirts and I charge about $ 5 for each, and $ 10 if the buyer wants to be dazzled.


The cost of Home-made DIY T-Shirts Vs. Ordered T-shirts

For materials, you will need things to start that should not cost too much:

“A piece of thin cardboard, like those nice shoe boxes are made out. Do not forget that the piece should be large enough to fit the design;

– A box cutter to cut your design;

– T-shirts to spray, from those where you can put black paint on a white shirt to create a contrast.

– Montana Colors Alien Spray. Do not buy cheap spray paint as it can ruin shirts like I did before. When I tried to make my shirt when I bought cheap spray, it was all messed up, getting all wet. With this ink, this no longer happens;

– A double-sided tape is also required;

“And to finish, of course, you need a newspaper to put inside the shirt to protect the areas you do not want to paint.


How to make a T-Shirt Stencil

As for the stencil, I did mine to use positive space, which means that the ink will only fill the empty space of the letters I cut.

Another method is to use only the negative space. If you are not the best at free handing, you can print the logo or design you are trying to replicate and save it on the card.

Do not forget that all the letters need to be connected to the stencil in some way. You can do two different things in this case: 1) cut a middle piece to the “O” and put it on the shirt when you put the stencil, or 2) leave the middle piece connected to the stencil by a thin line Of cardboard.


It’s time to spray

Now that the stencil is ready, just start using all other materials, from double adhesive tape, T-shirt, and some spray paint. Do not forget to go to the street spraying the t-shirt so as not to stifle indoor environments.

Take a relatively thick piece of newspaper, and place it inside the shirt under the area where you will start your project. This will prevent it from spilling over the other side of the shirt.

Now place the stencil underneath, and use a double adhesive tape to attach it to the shirt. In addition, you want to apply the tape in places where the stencil may not be level. The greater the contact between the stencil and the shirt, the sharper the image. Now that the stencil is going to be engraved, use the rest of your newspaper and cover all exposed parts of the T-shirt.

As I said earlier, there are two types of stencil: Negative and normal spatial.

The negative spatial stencil requires a different preparation process. You’ll have to put your shirt on with a newspaper, but you do not need it. Throw the stencil on the shirt, place it with your double stick and you’re ready to spray.



Now that you have checked the stencil and made sure that another part of the shirt is exposed, it is time to spray. Shake the can and use long sweeping strokes, pulverizing the design. Keep the can about 10 centimeters away from the liner so that there is no risk of ink bleeding.

After examining the design once, take a minute or more before making another coat. If you’re careful, do 15 minutes.

When you finish spraying, let it sit, so as not to risk smearing another spot you do not want. Go back for 10 to 15 minutes and remove all the newspapers. Be careful and carefully remove the stethoscope by putting it somewhere where it can dry.

If you have done all the steps correctly, you must have an agreeable and clear image.



Spray with a negative stencil

For this type of stencil, it tends to spray even further, about 15 minutes from the shirt. Spray around the stencil, and spray as I move away from the stencil.

When finished, let it sit for a few minutes, and then remove the stencil.


Regarding the final touches, you still need to go through some processes before you finish. Once your shirt is dry enough, wrap it so the painted part is facing out. These same parts should not touch other parts of the shirt. Use some rubber bands or rope to keep your shirt rolled up. Throw it in the dryer on a hot fire for at least 15 minutes. This will help set the color!

You’ll probably want to make one shirt at a time. If you do more than one’s paint could stick to another’s fabric, and leave stains on it.

If you can paint some place that does not belong, do not worry! Take a clean blade and scrape it.


Congratulations! Now you’re done! You can sell them and deliver them either as gifts or else offer them for free, or you can even have some just for you.

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