Star Wars Curious Facts Compilation: Some Stuff You Can Find at Instageeked!

There are a lot of curiosity inducing moments in Star Wars and a lot of the fans just keep asking questions about those small things that apparently matter, and we wrote a lot about these small curiosities by now, so we though to sum up some articles worth reading in this Star Wars Curious Facts Compilation post, so read below and see if any of them interest you.


The Reason on Why Sith Lightsabers Tend to Be Red:

Remember when we stated that the small things matter? Well, they do!

We have been seeing a lot of queries being made on why are Sith Lightsabers mainly red, and we wrote a post about it pretty recently.

If you have been puzzling yourself over this detail that does nothing for the plot on its whole but contributes to the immersion of the Star Wars lore, then read the article below.


Why are Sith Lightsabers Red?


The Different Lightsaber Colors Meaning:

There are a lot of different Lightsaber colors in the Star Wars universe, and even more if you consider side-stories and not just the main plot.

When we see so many Jedi and Sith with Lightsabers in so many different colors, we start to wonder what do those colors mean?

We also ask ourselves what makes certain person pick a certain color, and whether there’s a hidden meaning these hues represent.

If you want to learn more about this topic, check the post we wrote on it.


Why Are Lightsabers Different Colors:


The Controversy About Obi-Wan’s Age:

Finally, there are people that state George Lucas really overshot Obi-Wan’s age by casting him too old in the original trilogy or too young in the prequels, and some worries are vented in that department.

Having this in mind, we researched a lot to get to the bottom of it, and we deem the topic worth researching even more, so you may see what we found out and contribute to the discussion below:


Why is Obi Wan So Old:


The Reason That Leads Obi-Wan Kenobi to Change his Name to Ben:

All of us know Old Ben Kenobi, but the question arises – when did Obi-Wan change his name to Ben? Is Ben Obi-Wan’s Real Name? Is Ben just an alias for undercover missions?

There are so many questions about this topic we really had to approach it from several different angles, but we think we did a good job going over it.

See if you agree or not, and if not – just let us know why!


Why is Obi Wan Called Ben:


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