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Star Wars Explained: Who is Rey? Who is Snoke? Who is Plagueis?

Snoke is Plagueis? Rey is Luke’s Daughter?

These questions are stunning Star War fans, and I’ve done my homework and read a lot of different theories, therefore I feel like I am able to predict the story by now.

Those who had the chance to watch Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens has seen the cryptic Supreme Leader Snoke.


But who’s he?

Great evidence indicates he’s Darth Plagueis the Wise. There would be no Star Wars and no Skywalker family. He always lived enshrouded in darkness and caused all the troubles that plagued the galaxy. Few in the galaxy had reached his level of power.

Evil has a name. Darth Plagueis was a Sith Lord and more important to the story, the Lord of Darth Sidious. Not only this, but he’s also the father of Darth Vader.

They have severe burns around their faces and body. They also got cut on the top left side of their faces. The wounds that are most noticeable are where someone got a lightsaber and cracked them along with the head.

Darth Plagueis poses a menacing figure. He talks to his minions where he appears in holograms about thirty feet tall.

He’s a malignant narcissist who considers the entire galaxy should rest beneath his thumb. His style stems from his issues of entitlement. Individuals understand him for his rational and brilliant head.

He’s not physically robust, but he is also powerful and mentally strong in the Dark Side of the Force. He gives them orders and talks down to generals. He belittles the emperor and his many achievements. He also possesses the ability to chastise his activities and Darth Vader.

Additionally, Darth Plagueis managed to manipulate his great-grandson, Ben Solo. He converted Ben to fulfill the mission previously assigned to Vader.


supreme leader snoke throne

The greatest abilities of Darth Plagueis were to create life and to cheat death. Destroy his sworn foe and come up with the Grand Strategy to take over the galaxy from the Jedi. He waited to see his plan unfold. He created minions to execute his evil bidding. He also took a young trainee named Palpatine from Naboo.

He later renamed him Darth Sidious. His trainee was also a malignant narcissist, while they sought to raise their power and the two worked together like flame and a moth.

Darth Sidious craved wisdom and his master’s knowledge, and Darth Plagueis desired to feed off his apprentice’s abilities of charm and brute strength.

The dark overlord wanted to be the emperor, and finally his apprentice a Senator, then Supreme Chancellor. Darth Sidious would be discrete since he was going to serve the government. To set his trainee into power, Darth Plagueis figured the best way to achieve this was to create a catastrophe. He determined to construct a large Clone Army and tear the galaxy apart by civil war.

Palpatine and his master would reach more power than ever before as the catastrophes increased during the terrible war. Fundamentally the power of the authorities would fall into their hands.


Darth Sidious said, “The Dark Side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.”


Otherworldly and arcane, he was obsessed with all things and even with vague knowledge. With the Dark Side of the Force, he and his trainee began many experiments on Coruscant to affect living organisms.

Decades of the use of the Dark Side took their toll. During this time Darth Sidious learned the way to use the mask ability to hide his real characteristics that were of a corrupted old prune face. Darth Plagueis, like all Sith Lords in history, did fear that his apprentice could some day become too strong to handle.

Out of conceit, he decided to create a being strong in the Power unlike any other. He wanted someone who could destroy his apprentice and also the Jedi.

He had this dominion on the forces of the Dark Side that allowed him to keep the ones he cared about from dying.

This effort to create the greatest Sith weapon was, alas, a failure. However, the Force fought back to Darth Plagueis’ many experiments in retaliation.

When Darth Plagueis spread his seed on the entire galaxy, the midi-chlorian felt the Sith’s malevolent intention. They altered paths and instead chose to impregnate Shmi Skywalker, a slave girl on Tatooine.

She was a person of nature that is caring and modest, and the midi-chlorian chose her because with this.


Shmi Skywalker and Anakin Anie

Shmi Skywalker and the Birth of Anakin Skywalker:

The offspring of the Force was named Anakin, and he grew up without someone to call father, as a slave in a hostile environment. Ten years afterward, the youngster was discovered by Jedi Knights Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-wan Kenobi.

He did believe in a “Living Force.”

He understood the ways of compassion and love. Jinn noticed the kid was extraordinary and unusual. Anakin was a very caring and unique child that had tremendous potential and even more hidden power. He needed to use his abilities to help others.

Qui-Gon discovered the boy’s midi-chlorian count even surpassed that of master Yoda. One nighttime Qui-Gon asked Shmi about the lad’s dad.

Shmi said, “There was no daddy. I carried him; I gave birth; I raised him; I can’t explain what happened.”

After Anakin had won the prize money, Qui-Gon managed to secure the boy’s liberty from his slave master. Qui-gon needed to take him to Coruscant to train him.

However, Shmi would not be granted her independence by Watto. Shmi told her son not look back and to go together with the Jedi. With the restored vessel, the Jedi returned to Coruscant and left the Outer Rim.

There Anakin interviewed with the Jedi Council and Yoda. Additionally, they saw the extraordinary skills of this young boy. He had great powers that impressed them. Nonetheless, the Jedi were got up with previous ways, and rituals had a procedure that couldn’t be ignored.

They said the lad was not to be trained, for they said he was “ too old.” Qui-Gon though gently vowed to train the lad, with or with no council’s approval.

Darth Plagueis and his apprentice had seen the lad from space when Anakin arrived on Coruscant. Darth Plagueis instantly recognized him as a creation of one among his experiments.

He recognized the boy was mentally ill since he was made from both the Light and the Dark Side. He needed to one day seduce him to the Dark Side and take him under his wing as his disciple.

He desired that Anakin would destroy the Jedi and additionally Darth Sidious if he got too strong and hard to control. Darth Plagueis left the Rule of Two long ago, for he saw it as a defective system.

For this particular reason he allowed Darth Sidious to take Darth Maul as an apprentice, but with the understanding that he was to be trained solely as an assassin.


Darth Sidious Palpatine

Darth Sidious: How the Story Continued!

However, Darth Sidious planned on hastening the plans. He was only serving Darth Plagueis because he needed his power. However, Darth Sidious figured something. Before being acclaimed the Supreme Chancellor, Darth Sidious partied with his master their impending victory. During the party, Darth Plagueis got intoxicated with wine and fell asleep. Then Darth Sidious determined to make his move.

He electrocuted his master and went all out. Nevertheless, Darth Plagueis didn’t just die and decided to fight back, and the two broke out in a lightsaber duel.

During the duel, Darth Sidious used the Force-slammed his master onto a wall. He then took his lightsaber and snapped his master along with the head. He poked him many times as his master ended up unconscious.

Darth Sidious said, “To cheat death is something only one has reached, but if we work together, I understand we can uncover the secret.”

Listen to that previous sentence!

And that was the end of Darth Plagueis,


As the storyline goes, the Sith Lord didn’t perish at the hand of Darth Sidious but instead DECEIVED his apprentice into believing he was dead. Respiration and his heartbeat may have quit for a time, but used the Dark Side of the Force to keep himself alive.

Great power was attained by Darth Plagueis, and his only anxiety was losing it. So he spent the next couple of years trying to recover and vanished into the Unknown Regions. While waiting, he saw the Senate proceedings through the eyes of simple minded fools and did some political manipulation of his own.

He also knew that Darth Sidious would attempt to take Anakin as an apprentice. Darth Plagueis determined to wait in the shadows until his occupation was completed by Anakin and Darth Sidious was finally put out of the picture.


Qui-Gon was killed during a duel with Darth Maul.

Darth Maul was defeated when he fell into the shaft after Obi-wan managed to cut him. Before Qui-Gon passed away, he ensured Obi-Wan promised to train Anakin as a Jedi. They agreed merely because a Jedi consistently keeps his promise, although the council was reluctant to grant permission.

In the Force, Anakin developed to become a powerful wielder during his adolescent years. He became cocky and arrogant.

He also began to show indications of Borderline Personality Disorder, which grew out of his dilemmas of desertion. He wasn’t a purely evil guy; he had a light side and dark side like previously stated. The light side attracted others to him, and after that, the shadowy side ruined them.

The Jedi didn’t help Shmi Skywalker to get away from the slavers. In fact, Obi-wan and the  Jedi wanted to forget that he had a mom. At the least they should have had her send a letter to him, to let him know she was okay.

Later she was freed, and her benefactor put down some cash. He also went so far as to wed her, and she went to live on his homestead.


padme amidala skywalker

Padme Amidala

When Anakin was twenty yrs old, Darth Sidious conspired to have Padme Amidala. She was the Senator of Naboo and was opposed to the calling of a Grand Army of the Republic from day 1.

Darth Sidious sent out his disciple Count Dooku, whom he baptized Darth Tyranus and this last one decided to hire a bounty hunter to kill Padme. They sent her away until they could sort out the situation since the Jedi comprehended she was in danger. They passed her on with Anakin as a bodyguard.

Anakin got to meet her on Tatooine and developed a huge attachment to her. It was through this time they fell in love and after that determined to marry in secret. Anakin began to have visions of his mom and felt she was in trouble.

Unknown to him at some time, his mom was captured by sand folks and tortured her for a full month. They did this included in a ritual to summon a demon. The plan worked. Anakin abandoned his duties and went to save her.

She expired in his arms when he located her. Instead of seeking the truth Anakin killed all the sand people in rage and went ahead. This started his first descent, and he got addicted to its power.

When Padme heard Anakin tell her everything, she approved of his activities since she saw these sand people as animals not worthy of too much worry. Meanwhile, Obi-wan discovered the clone factories on Kamino, and shortly the Clone Wars began with the Battle of Geonosis.

A dastardly civil war erupted which were tearing the galaxy to pieces. This war continued for 3 long years. At the same time, Darth Sidious rose to be the leader of both sides and killed off some other competing leaders needed to keep the war going.

To tackle the separatist threat, Jar Jar Binks proposed to give Darth Sidious crisis powers. The measure was enacted, and Darth Sidious rose to be, in essence, a dictator. Darth Sidious determined to control him further and felt the confusion and distress in the distressed Anakin. Anakin desperately needed a father figure in his life, and the Jedi did a poor job of mentoring him.

Darth Sidious decided to put Anakin to the test and see if he was not unworthy of turning into a Sith. He suspected the Republic was very close to find his true identity, so he had himself kidnapped by Count Dooku to throw off the scent.

Aboard Count Dooku’s ship, Darth Sidious organized for Anakin and his apprentice to face off in a duel. During the duel, Anakin managed to cut Count Dooku’s hands off. Previously in the war, Count Dooku cut off Anakin’s arm. Darth Sidious encouraged Anakin to kill him in retaliation. Anakin knew this was, but he was goaded by Darth Sidious anyway.

His head was rebounding on the floor before he could say anything, He’d have disclosed the identity of his master if Anakin kept Count Dooku living, and the war would have been over.

His wife Padme was seen by Anakin as a prize or a possession he’d won. She became pregnant, and he started to have visions of her departure. His fears were soon discovered not to be unfounded since what he was seeing with her mom came true.

Darth Plagueis planted in his mind these visions. Anakin was not unwilling to stop anything and anyone from taking her from him.

During an opera about the creation of life, he decided to tell a fanciful story about his former master to Anakin. It explained about the manipulations of cells and substance with organelles, midi-chlorian, and chromosomes.

Darth Sidious’ tale, which was a lie blended with truth seduced Anakin. Anakin wanted to learn more about the power and the Dark Side to control life and death. Anakin desired to kill him, but he craved Darth Sidious’ knowledge and power.

So Anakin told Jedi Master Windu the news and left. Mace Windu gathered some Jedi Masters and decided to go handle the problem himself – to take Darth Sidious down. However, he appeared never to tell anyone else, for example, the Senate.

After a brawl in the chancellor’s office, Mace Windu had Darth Sidious cornered at the ledge of a broken window.

Darth Sidious started to use Sith lightning. This caused the dark overlord’s mask to fall and show his true features. This suited Darth Sidious all the more because now he got to play the victim. He appeared all defenseless and weak.

He had to save Darth Sidious or Mace Windu. Anakin needed Darth Sidious to stand trial, so he could have time to learn the dark overlord’s mysterious power.

After all, the black Lord commanded the courts and could control himself out of trouble, just as he did many times. So Mace Windu tried to kill him. Anakin cut off the hand of Mace Windu because he lusted after the dark overlord’s power, and Darth Sidious pushed him out the window.

Anakin was screwed, and he had remorse for what he did. He could never return to the Jedi, for betraying a master for the other Jedi would kill him. So Anakin determined to swear his allegiance to the dark lord, and his new master named him Darth Vader.

Darth Sidious took the bait. He got the apprentice he truly desired. He sent his new disciple on a run to obliterate his enemies. He first sent him to the Temple to eliminate all the Jedi there, especially the young ones.

In the Senate, Darth Sidious claimed that all the Jedi were traitors for the attempt of a coup. He crowned himself Emperor, in the name of better security for the galaxy. Subsequently, Darth Sidious executed Order 66.

One by one the Jedi departed the world, slain by treason. Yoda and Obi-wan happened to survive the purge. Nevertheless, Yoda felt great pain as he lost his pals when he sensed all these defeats through the Force.


darth plagueis is snoke

Jedi Master Yoda

The Jedi received divine retribution. At the time the other Jedi and Yoda forgot who they were, and they quit behaving as Jedi. They grew to be arrogant, stuck up, and too busy with their small day to day affairs. Because they became so swept up in tradition, they didn’t learn the lessons of love and compassion. They knocked the Power out of balance and outlived their utility because they were unable to handle the problems that plagued the galaxy. The Force let the Sith return to power to destroy the Jedi.

All this happened under Yoda’s leadership. The Force desired to create a Jedi Order anew with a fresh change of faces.

Because they became so swept up in tradition, they didn’t learn the lessons of love and compassion.

They knocked the Power out of balance and outlived their utility because they were unable to handle the problems that plagued the galaxy.

The Force let the Sith return to power to destroy the Jedi. All this happened under Yoda’s leadership. The Force desired to create a Jedi Order anew with a fresh change of faces.

Another place Darth Sidious sent his trainee was to kill the Separatist leaders concealing at Mustafar. Darth Sidious saw them all idiots that had their use, and after they served their purpose and he got rid of them.

By whatever means, justice was received by these leaders long past due. They discovered bad news that Anakin had turned to the Dark Side.

The disciple and boy Obi-wan knew and loved was now dead. Yoda ordered Obi-wan to take care of business and kill Darth Vader, and Yoda went to fight Darth Sidious.

Obi-wan found Darth Vader on Mustafar by hiding away on Padme’s boat. When Darth Vader saw her, he Force choked her.

Afterward, Obi-Wan confronted Darth Vader, and the two broke out into a duel. The duel ended when Obi-wan gained the high ground. Darth Vader participated in suicidal behavior by leaping to attack him anyway.

Obi-wan sliced his limbs off with one blow, and he fell face down upon the stone. Then he started to burn, taken by the lava. Obi-wan collected his lightsaber and ran away with sadness on his face. He left it up to fate, to decide his destiny.

Meanwhile, Yoda confronted Darth Sidious in the Senate chamber. The black lord’s first instinct was to run because he loathed being exposed to the light.

The two broke out into after a light saber fight and a magician duel. After being knocked below by a Force blast, yet Yoda decided to withdraw.

For he couldn’t without giving into rage kill Darth Sidious, Yoda felt too close to the Dark Side.

Darth Vader was now crippled and since Darth Sidious still resided, Darth Plagueis had to wait for even more to return. Padme was saved by Obi-Wan, and he brought her to an asteroid base.

There they met up with Yoda and Senator Bail Organa. Padme had her heart broken by Anakin. Nevertheless, they were advised by the medical droids she was pregnant with twins, but she was perishing for unexplained reasons.

Padme died shortly afterward. The Jedi decided to divide the twins. Have her live with him and Senator Organa determined to embrace Leia. There she resided as royalty and became a princess. They parted ways until the proper time.

The Force spared its two most upstanding members, Yoda and Kenobi planned to train Luke. Yoda exiled himself in the Dagobah swamp, and Kenobi lived in Tatooine. They were both taught a lesson of humility by the Force, and they did learn that lesson.

Meanwhile, his apprentice was located by Darth Sidious at the fires of Mustafar. He became mad at his apprentice for getting injured, and he almost let him burn into ash. Nonetheless, Darth Sidious decided he did not want to lose his prized trainee. So he rescued him and brought him back.

He accommodated his apprentice with a life support black suit. This technique was learned by Darth Sidious. He drained the life out of Padme when she was in distress. Afterward, his apprentice was told by Darth Sidious he’d killed Padme in his fury. Afterward, Darth Vader became filled with fury and anger, and he blamed himself for the remainder of his life.

Vader gambled it all to save a wife he lost because of that same gamble. Also since all his friends were not alive, he had nowhere else to turn. By killing Padme, Darth Sidious realized two things. To begin with, he eliminated his most direct political enemy. Second, he gained a new true Sith ally.


rey is luke's daughter

Darth Vader: The Centerpiece!

Darth Vader fell on the realization his life was over. His great powers hit a limit; he didn’t have it in him to overpower the emperor because of his injuries. He stood like a beaten dog next to the emperor, and he remained with the emperor. He made a vow to one day exact revenge against the emperor and Obi-wan.

The emperor told lots of lies. Darth Vader would comply with all of the Emperor’s orders without a single question because he knew the Emperor would just kill him for disobeying. For another two decades, Darth Vader worked to destroy the remainder of the Jedi Knights.

The emperor consolidated his power, and he assembled a fleet of starships and a super powerful weapon called the Death Star. This terror weapon could destroy a whole planet with a single shot.

The facilities on Kamino were ruined. Darth Sidious did not understand the best way to create workable clones suitable for an army. Within a couple of years, he started to recruit human volunteers through the entire galaxy.

Through the Force, Darth Plagueis sent a signal during the time of the empire to let his former apprentice understand he was living, but he didn’t give enough info to pinpoint his location. Darth Sidious developed worried and fearful about retribution from his former master. The emperor strove to find him and hunt him down, but these attempts proved futile.

The emperor never told his imperial officers or Darth Vader during these searches about his true motives, because he didn’t desire to appear poor. The emperor used imperial governors to bring the galaxy and also dissolved the Senate.


who is snoke - princess leia sexy

Princess Leia

Nevertheless, Darth Vader intercepted and captured her ship because rebel spies beamed them a copy of the Death Star plans.

However, the plans were stored by her in her R2 unit. It went into an escape pod and crashed onto our planet. The R2 unit ended up in the control of Luke Skywalker after being caught by Jawas. Luke went out to recover it after the droid tried to escape. There he came face to face with Kenobi.

Through coincidence, Luke ended up leaving his home planet and got swept up into the Rebel Alliance. Bail Organa created the coalition to fight back at the emperor. Obi-wan hired a pilot named his Wookie buddy Chewbacca and Han Solo to take them to Alderaan aboard the Millennium Falcon. During the journey, the Death Star destroyed the planet, and Senator Organa died in the explosion.

The ship was seized by the Death Star’s tractor beam when they came from hyperspace. They found that Princess Leia was kept aboard as a prisoner. Luke convinced Han to go to rescue Leia. They saved her and brought her to the hangar bay.

Although Obi-wan managed to shut down the tractor beam, came in contact with Darth Vader. He challenged Obi-wan into a light saber duel, and he needed to repay his former master.


Obi-wan said strike me down, and I am going to be powerful than you can envision.”


Darth Vader emerged victorious from the duel, but not because Kenobi had lost. He let his former trainee strike him down. Obi-wan became one with the Force and evaporated. His major problem was to let Luke escape.

While the gang and Luke fled to board their Millennium Falcon, Vader was overwhelmed with his victory facing his old master Obi Wan.

They ran to their secret base on the moon of Yavin 4. Nevertheless, the Empire discovered the rebels’ location and tracked the ship. The Death Star blueprint was examined thanks to R2-D2, and a weakness of the starship was found. It was an exhaust pipe in a gap that was leading to the base’s reactor.

The Death Star appeared outside Yavin and began to orbit the earth. The rebels launched an assault with their fighter squadrons to try to take down that flying behemoth that was the Death Star.

Heavy guns started blazing through space, and an attack was led by Darth Vader with his TIE fighter squadrons to repel the Rebels trying to hit the port. Then his trench run was made by Luke Skywalker after a failed effort by the squadron leader.

Obi-wan encouraged Luke to use the Force. Luke was saved by Han Solo by blasting Darth Vader and the other Imperials. Luke managed to destroy the entire Death Star and fired two proton torpedoes into the exhaust port. Luke Skywalker saved, and bad guys were beaten. The Rebel Alliance continued to fight another day as they kept on hitting the empire hard.

Darth Vader immediately sensed that the destroyer of the star base was powerful with the Force. He recognized that his son could not be any besides this.

He must have survived when Padme died. The emperor who sensed precisely the same thing supported this. The emperor comprehended if the young Skywalker became a Jedi, it might be the emperor’s undoing.

This was agreed to by the Emperor, and Vader said that his son would die or join them. Luke Skywalker was a new expectation for the rebel alliance. He brought them a great success and life that was new at the darkest of minutes. Darth Plagueis and Darth Vader saw a fresh expectation at the same time.

They both wanted revenge against Darth Sidious and to resume the place. Luke was what the Dark Side needed to tip back the scales into their favor.

Darth Vader started a huge quest to locate Luke Skywalker. Because he was aware his son was hiding with the rest of them and he wanted to find the new hidden rebel base. He ordered his imperial fleet across the galaxy.

Obi-wan sent Luke to start his training. Both of these masters prepared for years to train him. Dagobah was a planet stuffed with life and thus full of the Power. His earlier years were not substantially different now than Yoda.

He was patient and desired to prevent the same mistakes he made with Vader. Through Luke, Yoda was capable a find redemption.

Since he was the offspring of the Chose One of the prophecy, he learned immediately. In pain, Luke saw visions of Leia and Han during his training.

These visions were planted by Darth Plagueis inside Luke’s mind. Luke needed to go out and save them.

Yoda was not unaware of the works and deceptions of the Dark Side. He tried to convince Luke to pick his path based on discretion and wisdom instead of reckless and impulses. He begged him to continue his training instead of racing away to confront threats unknown while unprepared.

Obi-Wan warned Luke if he left before he was fully trained that he was awaited by temptation and weighed in on the discussion.

Luke took the bait. He went to confront Darth Vader at the Cloud City and left anyways despite the warnings. Luke was furious at Vader for killing Obi-wan. Luke pulled out his lightsaber, and the two broke out into an extended duel. Luke lost, and Darth Vader cut his hand off. There Darth Vader revealed to him he was his dad.


Luke said, “That’s not authentic. That’s hopeless.”


Nonetheless, his feelings were sought by Luke and understood this to be accurate. Darth Vader begged to join him to ruin the emperor.

Vader offered this. However, Luke went anyways and fell down the air shaft. His distress was sensed by Leia and came back to rescue him.

She escaped with Han’s friend Lando Calrissian. They managed to rejoin the rebel fleet and went into hyperspace.

Darth Vader had Han Solo and gave him to a bounty hunter named Boba Fett. Han Solo was given by this bounty hunter in turn to the infamous underworld leader, Jabba the Hutt. Stored in Jabba’s palace on Tatooine.

Luke and his buddies hatched a plan to save Han. A year after kill Jabba the Hutt and his group of thugs and they managed to save Han Solo. Subsequently Luke returned to Yoda to complete his training. However, Yoda said that no more training was required by him. Yoda had favored that he learned them a distinct manner, although when he faced, Vader Luke had learned his lessons.

Yoda named Luke a Jedi not because he was the most skilled or determined, but because he resisted the Dark Side.

Yoda did confirm Anakin or Vader was Luke’s father. He also told Luke he had to face Darth Vader again.

Subsequently, Yoda passed away in his bed at 900 years of age. He became one with the Force and disappeared. Then Obi-wan Kenobi surged and stated Yoda would always be there. He disclosed another secret to Luke – that there was another Skywalker, and that was his twin, Leia.

He also added that Luke would require to face his dad. He told Luke to bury his feeling deep down.

Luke joined and departed the rebel fleet massing near Sullust. The Rebel Alliance planned a major attack against the Empire at Endor.

The empire was assembling an even bigger Death Star around its woods moon. A big shield generator on the forest moon protected the unfinished Death Star. Admiral Ackbar planned the attack using information supplied by Bothan spies.

The fighters would be led by Lando Calrissian, and Han Solo agreed to lead a squad to deactivate the shield and to land on the moon. Leia and Luke agreed to go with Han. The strategy was to take down the shield and then have fighters destroy the primary reactor and fly into the Death Star.

Nevertheless, the emperor was directing them into a trap. He let the information fall into the hands of the spies. He also designed the Death Star that was new to appear vulnerable to assault. He supervises the final stages of its building. Its systems were functional, although incomplete.

The weapon systems were accurate enough to ruin big rebel boats one by one. After the assault, the Emperor planned to seal up the entry ways into the primary reactor eternally. The alliance would suffer tremendous losses, and the empire would have a nearly indestructible super weapon.

Han Solo and his group of rebels flew to Endor on an old imperial space shuttle with a security code that was stolen.

When they arrived, Darth Vader discovered Luke’s presence in the command ship. Luke understood by being there he was endangering the mission. Vader allowed them to land on the moon anyhow after the code cleared. Then Darth Vader informed the emperor of Luke’s existence.

The emperor told him to wait for him and to go down to the moon.

Darth Sidious said for you will be his undoing “His compassion. He will come to you personally, and you may bring him. Go …”

Local Ewoks caught them after the rebels arrived. Nothing lived or breathed without their permission on the forest floor.

They were adept at making their victim’s bones their weapons. They were looking forward to roasting them alive over a fire and cook them in a stew. The Ewoks later freed the prisoners and decided to release them because of this – When they saw the gold C-3PO float in the air on his throne, they considered he was God.

After Luke told Leia she was his sister and that Darth Vader was her father. Luke determined against it, although she motivated him to run away and leave this place. Luke conceded before the assault. Soldiers brought him.

On a balcony, they had a son and dad dialogue. Additionally, they looked at Luke’s newly assembled light saber. Luke begged for his dad come with him and to leave this area.

I must obey my master.”


luke and vader - who is rey?

Luke and Darth Vader on the Lift Ride Up

Luke urged him to let go of his anger and hate. Luke exclaimed that his daddy was not alive. Afterward, Luke was taken by Darth Vader to the Death Star and brought him before the Emperor in his throne room.

Both Palpatine and Vader had arranged everything up to make Luke angry and turn him. They both desired to take him. Darth Vader desired to destroy the emperor and exact vengeance against him.

The emperor sought a better replacement and saw Darth Vader as a disappointment. Meanwhile, the rebel fleet ran towards the seemingly unprotected Death Star in an effort to blow it up and came out of hyperspace.

Lando encouraged all craft to pull up. Afterward, they were encountered by a sizeable fleet of star destroyers that were imperial. He made the iconic line in the galaxy’s history… when Admiral Ackbar saw this



Admiral Ackbar said, “It’s a trap.”

Both sides participated in a complete out conflict. TIE fighters swarmed the rebel fleet. Rebel pilots started to fall one by one. All this was seen by Luke Skywalker at a distance. They were told by Admiral Piett the emperor had something specific in mind, although Imperial policemen needed to send in the star destroyers.

Then the emperor advised Luke the Death Star was completely working, and the commander was ordered by him to fire at will. A substantial rebel ship was ruined in a single shot. All craft to withdraw was desired by Admiral Ackbar.

The firepower of that magnitude could repel. Since they wouldn’t normally get another chance, nevertheless Lando encouraged the admiral to stay. Lando told everyone to engage the Star Destroyers at point blank range in the hopes of taking some of those ships down with him.

He was attempting to buy his friend Han Solo more time.

Subsequently, Luke was triggered by the emperor into fighting a duel. Luke grabbed his light saber from the emperor in an attempt to kill him.

Nevertheless, Darth Vader pulled out his light saber and blocked him. He did this to protect Luke. Luke could have stopped if he needed from hitting on him. He exhibited countless times how UNdefenseless he was.

Vader didn’t want his son to die or get seriously injured. The emperor had certainly no intention of dying. He perverted the Rule of Two. He came up with an agenda to keep killing his apprentices and replace them and rule the galaxy as the eternal Sith Lord. Darth Vader decided to combat with Luke in an effort to turn him.

He wanted Luke to join him in killing the emperor. He feinted to be loyal to the emperor and that he was acting as his bodyguard. After Luke had an advantage from a balcony, he counseled his father he sensed a battle and felt great. He told him that if didn’t fight he’d meet with his destiny and there was no struggle.

Then Darth Vader caused Luke to fall and threw his light saber through the balcony. Luke went and hid from his dad. Luke struggled with light and darkness.

Darth Vader felt his thoughts. He comprehended that Luke’s feelings for his buddies were strong, notably for his sister.

Darth Vader said, “Now Obi wan’s failure is complete. Then maybe she will.”, if you cannot be turned

Darth Vader had pinched the nerve that was wrong. Luke and the two dueled kept moving. He pushed against his dad to the edge of a shaft, and he kept bashing him. Finally, his dad’s hand is cut off by Luke.

The Emperor chuckled and laughed, and he motivated Luke to kill his father and take his place at his side. Luke saw his daddy’s then looked at his mechanical hand and severed wrist. Luke realized he was becoming just like his daddy.

Luke turned down the Dark Side offer. He threw his lightsaber away. His Highness was told by Luke he had failed. Luke was now a Jedi, like his dad before him. When his offer was rejected by Luke the emperor suffered a narcissistic injury, that was tremendous. No one had told him no before.

The emperor advised Luke that if he couldn’t be turned, he would be ruined. He started out with Luke with lower voltage to toy and made him endure. He fought with darkness and light. He struggled to get rid of his hate when he saw his son

Afterward, Darth Vader said, “I lost my mother and my lover, I am not losing you now!”

Anakin Skywalker was now born again, and he killed Darth Vader. Anakin found power he never knew he’d. The emperor was completely oblivious of everything except his hatred for Luke and was high on the Dark Side.

Anakin held him tight within his grip and picked up the Emperor. Anakin and the Emperor were shocked – literally – but Anakin did not let go because his love for his son was not weaker than the emperor’s hate. Subsequently, he was carried by Anakin over and threw him down the shaft. A wave of dark energy blasted in the bottom of the abyss, and his spirit went to the place where it belonged.

This great evil was ruined. Sidious wanted to use that shaft only for his imperial officers that were disruptive, but he met with his death right there. While Anakin struggled to breathe, Luke held his dad by his side.

Luke did certainly the best thing by telling and throwing it back at him. A power he failed to understand ruined the emperor. Luke forgave him, believed in him, and loved his dad. The spirit of Anakin Skywalker awakened.

By defeating the Dark Side he smashed the emperor, and he places the cancer of the galaxy in remission.

Until Darth Sidious became totally diverted in the battle, the rebels never began to win. Then they made a recovery. The Imperials saw most of their fleet crumble. Admiral Piett was KIA when his fighter crashed into the bridge.

The Ewoks managed to get the better of the Imperial forces on the forest moon. The perfect targets were made by their bright white uniforms. Han Solo managed to deceive the Imperials by asking for reinforcements into opening the door into the base. They blew upward the entire shield generator and laid charges.

Then the assault was directed by Lando on the Death Star. They flew towards the primary reactor and blew it up. Luke made it out before the Death Star blew. Before this occurred, Anakin told his son. Luke did not need to since he would die. He said that could not be stopped by anything.

He wanted to see his son just once. Luke took his mask on, and they bonded with one look as dad and son.

Anakin smiled and took his last breath. He fought through this life as a simple slave. He was a slave to Watto, the Jedi Order, and lately to Sidious. But now Anakin was redeemed, and he became one with the Power.

With the help of two Ewoks, on the forest moon Luke, burned Darth Vader’s suit on a funeral pyre. When the lava burned him on Mustafar Anakin lost much of his humanity. At Endor Luke sought to destroy what remained of Darth Vader.

There was much rejoicing in the aftermath of the defeat of the empire. The specters of Anakin, Yoda, and Obi-wan appeared before Luke. They understood only love and forgiveness since they became one with the Force.

Han soon wed Princess Leia, and Luke sought to reconstruct the Jedi Order. Darth Plagueis learned of the deaths of Sidious and Vader through the Force.


anakin kenobi and yoda force ghost

Anakin, Yoda, and Obi-wan Become One with the Force

Although the empire received a devastating defeat at Endor, it was not destroyed. A year later the rebel alliance won an important victory against the Imperial forces.

The staying imperials withdrew into the Unknown Regions, and the New Republic emerged. Shortly the Rebel Alliance was disbanded, and Darth Plagueis saw his chance to come back. He changed his name to Snoke, and he reshaped what was left of the Empire into the First Order.

He knew that with this type of name, his enemies could not take him seriously, and that’s precisely what he desired. He asserted his dominance and authority by sitting on a throne, and he spoke through holograms to his minions to put distance between himself and his possible attacker.

He didn’t need a repeat of what Darth Sidious did to him.

Snoke amplified them and took the worst elements of the empire. In doing this, he created evil, unlike anything the galaxy had ever seen.

The First Order brainwashed them and caught young children. Snoke believed in totalitarianism and desired to outdo his old trainee. He wanted to control every part of folks’ lives, including what they thought and believed.

By indoctrinating the youth he sought to leave the galaxy in darkness. He also tried to destroy records so knowledge and history of the truth would be forgotten.

The capital was transferred from Coruscant to the Bosnian system, and this became the seat of the New Republic.

This new government proved corrupt. It was not able to cope with the troubles that plagued the galaxy and was filled with too many sympathizers. Leia and Han bore a son named Ben. Luke started a relationship with the daughter of Obi-wan Kenobi and bore a daughter named Rey.

This girl was sought by Luke out to his beloved mentor. Luke started a school to train the new Jedi Order, and many Force-sensitive individuals were recruited by him through the galaxy. Any of these people was his nephew, Ben.


Darth Plagueis the Wise Snoke
Snoke Plagueis Rendition

Darth Plagueis Speaks to his Underlings

He knew since he’d already rejected the Dark Side, Luke was not valuable to him. Snoke hid next to the Jedi and their school in a cave and developed a bond with his great-grandson Ben. He felt the boy had darkness in him. Ben was aggressive and felt lots of anger, especially towards his parents.

Kylo Ren was born, and he joined the cult following Vader, the Knights of Ren. Snoke sought to train them and took the Knights of Ren as his apprentices.

Although Luke had confronted Darth Vader and the Emperor, Snoke spooked him to go into exile and frightened him more than anything.

Luke got depressed, and he took heavy measures to protect Rey, his daughter. He did a Jedi mind trick on her to erase her memories.

He also sent his wife into hiding on Jakku. His trustworthy and good friend Lor San Takka consented to watch over them. Rey’s mom was a thug and deserted her daughter. Subsequently, she joined the First Order. Luke went to Ah-To, a remote planet where the first Jedi Temple was assembled.

Luke desired to learn more about the prophecy and see if perhaps folks had misinterpreted it. He left a hint of his whereabouts so he could be found by his daughter at the appropriate time.

During his exile, Luke learned a significant hint for how to take Snoke down. He’s essentially immortal since Snoke had cheated death. Supernatural power is keeping him alive, and merely supernatural power will kill him.

He has achieved great power, and his only fear is losing it. However Luke has ceased believing in himself, and he only needs vanish now.

Han and Leia ran into their troubles as well. Han started smuggling again. Leia went back into espionage and intelligence gathering. Snoke was known about by her, and she dreaded his power.

The New Republic failed to counter the First Order. So she did what her adoptive father Organa did earlier, and started the resistance to keep the First Order under control. The Resistance was little but managed to thwart some expansion.

Thirty years after the Battle of Endor, Snoke ordered General Hux to ruin the Hosnian system with the Starkiller Base.

This super weapon of terror found in the Unknown Regions could destroy a complete star system with a single shot. The aim was threefold.

The First Order desired to wipe out the authorities of the Republic, to deprive the Resistance of vital resources, and to ruin the galaxy archive file info necessary to find Luke Skywalker.

Nonetheless, the Force allowed the Sith destroy the government of the Republic due to its corruption and to rise. The archive file information was also stored in Luke’s R2 unit and was spared. The Force will supply although things may appear bleak and dark. Despite the fact that the Opposition managed to destroy the Starkiller Base, Snoke seemed rather unconcerned since he has many other tricks.

Although a grown man, he threw arrant temper tantrums when he didn’t get his manner and smashed on things with his light saber. He became just like him and worshiped his Grandpa Vader. He was presenting, like Anakin, signs of Borderline Personality Disorder. Just as Vader, he became divided between light and darkness.

He fears that the light may win. As a result, he wanted to fall to the dark side even more. The Light Side was almost chosen by him before he rejected it. He killed unarmed prisoners to shred all goodness and feelings like compassion. When he was wounded, he engaged in suicidal behavior by punching his wound. He regarded Supreme Leader Snoke as shrewd.

kylo ren vader helmet

Kylo Ren went to Endor to recall Darth Vader’s helmet from the pyre. He asked it to give him inspiration and prayed to the helmet.

Snoke talked through the helmet to manipulate Kylo Ren even further. There he also located the kyber crystal used by Darth Vader and used it in the building of his light saber. Although the crystal was broken and dangerous because it had the effects of falling through the planet’s atmosphere, Kylo Ren used it since he believed it would imbue his weapon with power.

If Ben was successful in wiping off the Skywalker bloodline, Snoke planned to kill Kylo Ren as well. Snoke wants to balance the Force from his point of view.

He never intended to have children, and he worried that the Skywalker bloodline might be his undoing.


vader helmet burned

Darth Vader’s Burned Helmet

The positions could never be higher. The heroes have not faced such a test. A great evil seeks not their destruction, but also the complete obliteration of their existence. By manipulating the knowledge of Skywalkers and making them myths he plans to erase them from peoples’ minds.

The Dark Side desires to engulf the entire galaxy and leave it. First Order that is fanatical additionally needs indoctrinate individuals with their lies. Most individuals in the galaxy are full of indifference and wouldn’t care less about what’s going on. The people are facing utmost danger. Snoke won’t be content until he holds the galaxy firmly.

There is only one choice left for the heroes. It’s proven itself reliable before, and it won’t lead them incorrect now. The Force is larger compared to the biggest evil, and it’s greater than any of the issues.

The Force will also manipulate events and time for their benefit. They should just trust it. The Force will provide in numerous ways. No obstacle or barrier is big enough, the people of good will view their enemies crushed beneath their feet.

Although Snoke is the largest enemy to the Galaxy, it won’t be Luke’s occupation to ruin him. Luke will face Kylo Ren. Kylo Ren will strike down Luke, but not because he lost. Luke will follow Obi-Wan’s footsteps and this will be critical in bringing Kylo Ren back to the light. He’ll also never get over the fact that he was forgiven by his father who loved him more than everything at the moment Ben killed him.

He afterward became a believer in the Force although Han believed it was all tricks and absurdity. Kylo Ren will also face his cousin Rey. He’ll begin to question the power of the Dark Side after he loses in a battle with a girl. Kylo Ren will just break down and weep when he sees his mother, Leia.

He’ll abandon the Dark Side, and he will realize that Snoke was only manipulating him and become Ben Solo again.

Evil constantly oversteps its bounds. General Hux will expire in an explosion after a kamikaze pilot crashes into his command center.

The Skywalkers will ruin the Knights of Ren in a fight. Supreme Leader Snoke will face Ben, Rey, and Leia in an outright duel. He could be powerful in the Dark Side of the Force although Snoke is weak. He establishes a formidable foe and will pull lots of tricks from his sleeve. The light will encounter the Dark Side.

Snoke will show them he is their ancestor and that Anakin was his offspring through the Dark Side of the Force. However, Snoke is becoming even more desperate to destroy the Skywalker bloodline. He’ll summon a Force Storm, showing everyone the true power of Plagueis, making a thunderous event able to destroy massive fleets and rip off the surfaces of planets.

Since they were not stable and challenged to control, Sith masters were always reluctant to use them.

However, Ben Solo will begin a Force Harmony. Skywalkers become unified by the Force. They induce Snoke to lose control of the Dark Side when they put their hearts and heads together. While Snoke means to destroy his descendants with the storm, it ends up ruining him and turns around.

The storm completely consumes him, and his spirit would go to the place where it goes. It put an immense strain because Ben initiated the harmony. He will sacrifice himself to save the others. The seed of Anakin will overcome the Dark Side and ruin the Sith. So the Skywalkers execute the prophecy.

A lot of witnesses views this occasion. Many turn away from it and see the futility of the Dark Side. Rey starts to rebuild the Jedi Order that is new, minus the corrupting influence of the Dark Side. She doesn’t have a living memory of the old neglected Jedi Order and its construction, which the Force sought to eradicate.

The Jedi guard the galaxy and represent justice and peace through once again.




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