What if YOU Woke Up in Star Wars’ Galaxy: Personal Finance & Investments in Star Wars Universe

When we think of Star Wars, we always think about the Jedi and the Sith.

We think about the ships and the factions, and we mostly never think about the common man.

Well, today we’re going to cover Star Wars personal finance and how you could go from rags to riches in a galaxy far away.

If personal finance, investments, businesses and other boring topics like these get you excited then this video is for you.

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Having said that let’s get back into business, quite literally, as we go over what you should do if you were to wake up tomorrow in Star Wars.

Initial Conditions: Born a Citizen, Pocketful of Credits

First off, we have to determine an initial condition.

You would have to be born in a law abidding world at the galactic core, not on Nar Shada or something where a hut would probably own you or in Korriban where you’d die a horrible death to some acolyte.

No, you were born a free citizen, you have a home and only a pocket of credits.

You work a regular job and you live paycheck to paycheck like most of the galactic population.

However, you want to grow rich and eventually be a big tycoon with his name spread out along the stars.

Luckily for you, you watched this video and so you know what to do.

So, let’s begin by what you should do right away.

Step I – Understanding Star Wars Personal Finance

First of all, how does your wallet look like in Star Wars?

Well, there’s something in common with the real world here, and that is you get paid according to the value you put into the market, which is measured in both your production and your portfolio.

Your production is what earns you some credits now, and it is tied to your job. You work as ship mechanic, as a programmer for the droids, as a moisture farmer or whatever, but you produce, and as such you add value.

Now, the other part of the equation is your portfolio. Your portfolio is completely empty as you just woke up in Star Wars in some random guy’s shoes.

So, as much as in the real world, you build your portfolio with money – but you don’t have credits so far, and that’s what takes us to the second step, which is to ramp up your acquisition of credits.

Step II – Increasing Your Production Output

So you discovered the way to earn more is to increase your production output, but how do you do that in the world of Star Wars?

Well, think about it…

Did you reach any conclusion?

Since you’re working, you are maxed out on tasks you can perform, but luckily you can increase your production by saving some money from your job to purchase a droid.

A droid, depending on the model, can do a whole variety of things, increasing your production output. You can put your droid to work for you and reap the benefits.

This will make it so you can save more money faster, and with this money you can reinvest into buying or assembling more droids, which scales your production value even further.

However, droids do bring out maintenance expenses, and you want your money to grow faster, so eventually you’ll have to unlock the investments column.

Do you think you saved enough?

If so, then let’s start investing in the world of Star Wars.

Step III – Investing in Profitable Star Wars Assets

Now that you have your droids working for you, you want to look at investments that bring in the credits without relying on your production.

Passive income on autopilot, the thing gurus talk about all the time. Well, the main thing to consider is that you must stay clear of the “business opportunities” presented to you by Tai Lope… I mean, Tai Hutt!

Nothing good comes out of the Hutts as far as legitimate business is concerned.

However, rest assured you can invest in a wide variety of things in the Star Wars Universe.

One of the first things you should consider getting are stocks.

In Star Wars, before you start getting trade permits to profit from trading goods or services, you’ll need some serious capital, so you’re going to start by investing into a diverse portfolio.

Some companies you may want to buy stocks from are:

  • Weapons and Armor companies;
  • Bacta Companies;
  • Droid Companies;
  • Research and Development Corporations.

These stocks will give you some dividends in times of war and in times of peace.

On the other hand, there is a lot of money to be made consulting, and since you were born in a “civilized” planet you have the advantage over the vast majority of your competitors.

Having said that, it may be a good idea to travel to distant worlds which lack proper consulting candidates to start building your assets up until you can mount a consulting based association like Darth Plagueis did when he was first starting.

After all of these investments start paying up, you can consider getting trading permits and ships that, in combination with your droids, can make up your first big trading company.

Step IV – Playing Politics and Occupying Key Sectors

The next step is to play politics and occupy key sectors of the life in this new Galaxy of yours.

You’re now a tycoon by your own merit, but you won’t get much done if you don’t have some connections, as Darth Sidious testifies.

Politics in Star Wars isn’t that much about the Emperor or Supreme Chancellor as the galaxy is too vast and political power isn’t that much centralized, not even under the imperial regime.

The people you really have to start pleasing are the leaders of the core worlds you work in. These are the leaders who have the authority to make you prosper or hinder your path to prosperity, and so you must be ready to spend some credits to get in their good graces.

If you can turn the planetary governments from the planets you operate with under your wing, you can grow faster, establish monopolies, put competitors out of order and so on.

In time, you’ll be able to expand this tactic towards new worlds, but remember you don’t ever want to expand your influence beyond planetary governments yet.

You’re still not ready to be the shadow hand behind the Galaxy’s puppet masters.

Final Step – Befriend the Jedi and the Sith

So, you feel like you dwelled enough time on the last step already, and you want to make sure you’re the one really calling the shots, no matter who is in power – Jedi or Sith.

The Jedi are easilly controlable, due to the fact they are bound by honor and law, and honor and law are easilly purchased.

However, the Sith can also be kept on check, not through strenght but through cunning.

To be available for this next step, you must have your corporate empire encompass the logistics sector, dealing in weapons, armor, droids, bacta and food.

If you control these sectors, no goverment will work without your company functioning.

If you fulfil this prerequisite, you are set and everyone needs your company, the only danger would be the Sith, because they need the company but don’t need you.

The Sith, however, are always vying for power, and they don’t have the resources you do.

With these resources you can keep yourself hidden, and without you ever revealing yourself, there’s no way the Sith can find you, not even by using the Force.

However, your inner circle must be comprised entirely by droids so that they can’t be “read” and “persuaded”, with failsafes installed to delete their memories at the slightest danger.

The people living with you, like your many consorts and family, should always be kept hidden as well, but you can live in luxury and have a whole planet for yourself.

You’re living the dream, but you can’t help but wonder if you became too powerful for your own good.

Did you like this video? It was a different one made by speculation but it was a cool exercise in creativity. I wasn’t sure if I should post it, but decided on it.

I hope at least some of you enjoy it.

May the Force be with You!