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Stardew Valley Albacore Quest: How to Find Albacore for Fish Stew?

Ah, the Stardew Valley Albacore! This fish is not only elusive, it also has a quest around it.

Today we’re going to go over one of the community quests you can pick up from the notice board, or the quest Gus gives you on the 26th day of Winter, and that is the Fish Stew Quest.

If you’ve been struggling to complete this quest or if this is your first time and you really don’t want to fail it or need those 400 gold pieces, then read below as this post is for you.

Stardew Valley Albacore: How to Find It?

Before the end of your first year, Gus – the Saloon owner – will ask for help as he wants Albacore to be featured on his menu.

For that, you’ll need to find and fish one, but it can be tricky as the Albacore needs to be obtained before Winter ends. If you fail to do so, it will only be available in two months – since it is a fish that only spawns during Fall and Winter.

The Albacore is an ocean fish, so you need to head down to the beach. Ideally, you should have a Fiberglass rod at this point – or an even better one.

Bait makes your job easier, but the fish can be hard to reel in. You’re better off having 2 or 3 levels on your fishing proficiency already.

Stardew Valley Albacore Pond: Rewards and Quests

The Stardew Valley fish pond albacore variety presents you with different rewards.

First of all, it produces Roe. If this wasn’t enough, you can still get the fish by taking them out as they reach max population. This gets you an endless supply of Albacore

The fish will have three different quests for you.

First, you need to give them 3 Driftwood, 1 Frozen Geode or 2 Seaweed.

Then, when the pond reaches five, you’ll need to bring them 2 Coral or 2 Clams.

To top it all off, you must give them either 2 Sea Urchins, 1 Mussel or 2 Aquamarines. Doing this unlocks the last upgrade.

The Albacore Cheat Code: Modding the Game or Spawning the Item

The Albacore’s spawn code is [705].

If you’re modding the game, this is the code to use.

If you just want to spawn it, you can always go to Marnie’s ranch and buy a chicken, naming it [705].


Warnings on Getting the Albacore:

One of the first things you have to keep in mind is that you cannot postpone the quest for too long, since once Winter ends you’ll have to wait for next year in order to get it.

Having said that, I definitely advise you to fish the Albacore before you enter the second year in Stardew Valley in order to progress things and avoid having to wait two whole months for your next chance of scoring this fish.

Once you obtained the fish, you just need to head on over to the Saloon or wherever Gus is at that time to complete the quest.

Open your journal and you’ll have 400g waiting for you as a reward. You completed the quest and that’s out of your way.


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