Stardew Valley Luau: Info & Guide

Stardew Valley Luau: Info & Guide

The Stardew Valley Luau is one of the biggest events in Mineral Town, Ups, I mean, Pelican Town.

It happens on the 11th day of Summer and it is a great celebration that gives you two great things.

First of all, you get to meet a new NPC, and secondly you get to reap a friendship boost with everyone if you play your cards right – rather if you throw the right thing to the pot.

The event itself happens at 9am on the Town’s Beach and so you can stroll around town at ease as nothing is blocked.

However, businesses are of course closed since people are enjoying their time off at the beach.


stardew valley luau

Potluck of the Stardew Valley Luau:

Everyone is there for the free food and drinks, but as far as activities are concerned you don’t have any mini-games or something… from a gameplay point of view it’s kind of a boring day.

However, the governor is there to taste the potluck, and everyone is depending on you since the event is a success or a failure depending on what YOU throw in the pot.

To make the festival a success, you need to drop a gold star vegetable in the pot, and avoid throwing Mayor Lewis’ shorts in the mix as people hate that for some reason.

To start the potluck and the taste test, speak to Mayor Lewis.

If you score a success, you’ll have a small jump in friendship with everyone eating from the pot.


When you end the event, you’re back at your place like at most events, at 10pm, ready to hit the bed or do some last minute work.

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