How to Stardew Valley: A Guide on the Most Asked Questions!

There are a lot of intricate mechanics on this game but forget all about that since what appears to be the FAQ list for your favorite agricultural simulation/RPG/dating sim is pretty basic.

We are not the ones to judge, so we have the answers you are looking for in Google – trust us, we did our keyword research and these are the most searched terms on the game ever.

Throughout this article, you’ll learn how to feed your chicken, how to fish, how to use bait, how to get clay, how long you need to play to “beat” the game or how much gameplay time you can get, how to move a chest and finally how to get married.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, then lay back and start reading.

stardew valley how to feed chicken

Stardew Valley How to Feed Chicken:

Feeding chicken is actually pretty simple, and I think the reason why people are searching for this is that they don’t have any feed on their silos.

Well, to feed your chicken, you just want to get into your coop and go to the wall on that part where there is a square that will give you feed – and you place one of these feed pieces into the feeder, one per chicken.

If nothing comes out from anywhere, then you should check your Silo (if you don’t have one, that’s a problem) to see how much feed you have.

If you don’t have a feed, you can cut some grass with your scythe or go down to Marnie to buy it.

Buying feed is expensive, so you should always try to cut some grass, leaving some patches there so it can regrow.

If you already cleaned up all of your farms, then you need to go to Pierre’s shop, the one who sells seeds and buy a grass starter or two – leaving it to grow and spread before cutting it.

how to fish

Stardew Valley How to Fish:

To fish you need to have unlocked the fishing rod.

The fishing rod is unlocked at the beach when you meet the fisherman of Stardew Valley.

He will offer it to you. Then you just need to reach close to a body of water, equipped the rod, and cast as if you were using a tool.

Doing this will open up a minigame. You need to keep the buoy in the light-up area for enough time to fish.

After some time, you’ll unlock bait, and this next question is on how to use it.

Finally, if you are on the quest to fish the elusive albacore, read the how to fish albacore guide.

how to use bait

Stardew Valley How to Use Bait:

There are two ways to use bait.

The first and most straightforward way to use bait is by clicking it and then dragging the mouse over to the fishing rod and clicking the right mouse button so the bait is equipped into the rod.

You’ll then automatically be fishing with the bait’s benefits.

On the other hand, if you buy traps to fish by trapping, then you can also place bait inside the traps, and only after you placed 1 piece of bait will the trap work and capture seafood and trash items.

how to get clay

Stardew Valley How to Get Clay:

Clay is one of the easiest ingredients to use, and the speed runs sometimes have clay being actively hunted on the first days to speed up harvest buying.

To get clay, all you have to do is grabbing your hoe and wack away at the ground.

Sometimes clay will drop, sometimes none will come out, but if you dig at a worms patch you can get even more clay than normally.

Digging worms will probably give you a book or a treasured piece if you’re starting the game, but if you already have all books and nearly all treasures, clay is very common there.

gameplay hours

Stardew Valley How Long to Beat:

It takes you three years to “beat” the game.

After the three years have passed (in-game of course), your late grandfather, the original owner of the valley’s farm, will appear in his spirit form and judge your performance based on a lot of different varieties.

On the other hand, if you’re wondering about the gameplay hours of a run, the number is probably 30-40 hours, but it depends on how fast you skip through the days.

Theoretically, a person can complete it lightning-fast or spend even more than 30-40 hours on it.

Most people don’t get bored before the 50 hours marked, and there are a lot of people with 1000 hours on it as well.

There’s a guy on Reddit asking people for Stardew Valley gameplay hours and a lot of answers there.

how to move chest

Stardew Valley How to Move Chest:

To be frankly honest, I once had this question myself since I wanted to move the chest at my place and couldn’t find out how to do it.

First of all, you need to empty the chest (this was why I couldn’t do it). Then you get your pickaxe and smash the chest, you’ll get it back and be able to place it anywhere.

On the other hand, if you are playing on the PC version, there’s a mod that lets you solve that problem. Here’s the link for the Carry Chest mod.

how to get married

Stardew Valley How to Get Married:

To get married you need to buy a bouquet of flowers from Pierre and give it to someone whom you want to date.

If he or she accepts (depending on your relationship with them), you can then progress through your relationship until you buy a mermaid’s pendant from the guy that sometimes is at the beach on the section which is initially locked up.

Give the amulet to your romance option and you get married then!

Stardew Valley Luau: Info & Guide

The Stardew Valley Luau is one of the biggest events in Mineral Town, Ups, I mean, Pelican Town.

It happens on the 11th day of Summer and it is a great celebration that gives you two great things.

First of all, you get to meet a new NPC, and secondly, you get to reap a friendship boost with everyone if you play your cards right – rather if you throw the right thing to the pot.

The event itself happens at 9am on the Town’s Beach and so you can stroll around town at ease as nothing is blocked.

However, businesses are of course closed since people are enjoying their time off at the beach.

stardew valley luau

Potluck of the Stardew Valley Luau:

Everyone is there for the free food and drinks, but as far as activities are concerned you don’t have any mini-games or something… from a gameplay point of view, it’s kind of a boring day.

However, the governor is there to taste the potluck, and everyone is depending on you since the event is a success or a failure depending on what YOU throw in the pot.

To make the festival a success, you need to drop a gold star vegetable in the pot, and avoid throwing Mayor Lewis’ shorts in the mix as people hate that for some reason.

To start the potluck and the taste test, speak to Mayor Lewis.

If you score a success, you’ll have a small jump in friendship with everyone eating from the pot.


When you end the event, you’re back at your place like at most events, at 10pm, ready to hit the bed or do some last minute work.

Do you like Stardew Valley?

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I hope this article clears up the doubts people asking these questions are having, and that therefore you can get more enjoyment out of your gaming sessions.

Happy farming!

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