State of Play – Live Broadcast

State of Play – Live Broadcast

Today is the “State of Play” Day.

Within a few hours, 1 PM Pacific Time, 8 PM GMT, you’ll be watching another PlayStation broadcast on the big news on the way.

Playstation – State of Play

PlayStation has promised surprises and revelations to everyone who watches and if you are interested in accompanying live streaming, you can do so here, through this page.

The State of Play will last 20 minutes, long enough to surprise everyone who wants to know more about the future of PlayStation.

Twitch: Playstation

The Last of Us: Part 2 has been confirmed by Naughty Dog for the State of Play and PlayStation Japan seems to have confirmed the arrival of a demo of MediEvil, which may be announced during the broadcast.

Warner Bros. Montréal has also begun to promote a new game of Batman and Activision has confirmed that it will reveal more of the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare campaign in late September, something that could be done today at “State of Play“.

Besides, Shuhei Yoshida from PlayStation suggested the presence of Wattam in the State of Play-where a new trailer and launch date can be unveiled for the new game of the creator of Katamari Damacy. Yoshida, Keita Takahashi, and Annapurna Interactive seem to share a secret that will be revealed shortly.

last of us
Last of Us: Part 2

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