Stop Believing DCEULeaks: DCEU Leaks is Fake, Bogus, FanFic

Stop Believing DCEULeaks: DCEU Leaks is Fake, Bogus, FanFic

Want some DCEU leaks? Well then, we may have some bad news for you…

If we had a dollar for each time film sites and comic book related portals out news and rumors about DC Movies based on this Subreddit we’d be millionaires by now.

Reddit is a great source of nearly everything, as there are subreddits for every taste and all kinds of people use the platforms. Apparently, mainstream media outlets and even some highly reputed niche outlets believe everything DCEULeaks says… even though it’s mostly fanfiction and made up stories (some of it surpass original DC content, but even so…)


DCEULeaks is so Fake it is kind of a Reddit Running Joke:

If you search through Reddit you’ll find a lot of comments, posts and links mocking with sites that trust everything on DCEULeaks as legit.

Another reason they’re doing this though may be that they just want to equip their site with the latest clickbait filled bogus content in order to boost their traffic numbers up even though they know what they’re writing is most probably fake… but the way they write makes me believe they honestly believe DCEULeaks to be legit and not just a hoax generator.

Our advice to you is:



So… is r/dceuleaks real?

Absolutely not! Seriously, go read the old posts there about movies that already came out and try to find the legit ones.

DCEU leaks are hard to find, and most people posting on the subreddit are those who when they were younger told everyone their dad worked at Nintendo so he knows Mario could do this or that… we all know the type.

Sigh… I still remembre when I was trying to save Aeris from dying to Sephiroth thanks to people like these.

And have a blast reading through all of the DCEULeaks’ bogus fake leakage.

What are your thoughts?