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Storage Wars Cast: All About the Storage Stars!

The Storage Wars cast is diverse and has a lot of people to talk about. Not only that, each has their own secrets, personality, pet peeves and all of that.

One thing people who love the show share is the love for the cast, and that’s why many of the viewers take to the net to search more about their favorite star.

If you find the Storage Wars Cast interesting, sexy or intriguing, then we may have the info or pictures you’re looking for right here.


Brandi Passante: 

So people often refer to Brandi as Jarrod’s wife, but she isn’t married and is quite playful about that with Jarrod himself during the show.

Not only that, she’s always on the spotlight since viewers state she is one of the hottest stars in the show. She even won a lawsuit against someone who published adult content who claimed had the star in it.

Brandi Passante is a Texan, hates golf and lipstick while loving trivia games and cooking.

About her kids, Brandi often tells people she will keep them away of the Storage life.


Jarrod Schulz:

Jarrod has a lot of articles and blog posts on him around the web since he had his share of problems with the law.

He met Brandi while working at a carpet cleaning business and they started dating in 99.

Finally, Brandi is a bit averse to risk while Jarrod often likes to risk it all, so they complemente each other – although his better half is often described as the one with the most business sense.

Jarrod and Brandi have 2 kids together.


Laura Dotson:

The ring-woman for the Storage Wars cast and a savvy businesswoman, she knows over 3 languages and is the wife of the auctioneer Dan Dotson. Another interesting fact is she shares her birthday with Darrell.

Dan credits her for the success and climb he did in the auctioneering world.

She is always outgoing and with a smile on her face!


Darrell Sheets:

Darrell may not appear as much, but he is already 60 years old. If you’re like us, you’re surprised as we definitely were when we researched his age.

He shares his birthday with Laura, as previously mentioned, and he is from San Diego, Califórnia.

He is currently the record holder for the biggest profit ever achieved in the show and also brought his son, Brandon Sheets, to the business of Storage picking.

His net worth is estimated to be at 4.5 million dollars.


Dan Dotson:

He started down the auctioneering path since 1974 and he has enjoyed a lot of success. Dan is usually the auctioneer for the Storage Wars cast, even though he sometimes gets replaced by his wife Laura.

He also credits Laura with helping him succeed in the auctioning world.


Brandon Sheets:

He is the son of Darrell Sheets and created a lot of controversy. First of all, Brandon Sheets was fired due to the show claiming they needed to save on people (budget, he tweeted).

On the other hand, he also tweeted he didn’t want to be affiliated with people who couldn’t care less about his quality of life.


Dave Hester:

Where should we begin when talking about Dave Hester. He was the one who started the whole controversy on the show, since he was the only Storage Wars Cast member to tell people the storages were salted and the producers would manipulate the show.

Over these revelations, legal action followed and he was fired, rehired and a whole lot more. We covered that in this article:

Dave is also known as “The Mogul” and is one of the fan favorites thanks to his catchphrase (kind of) of YUUUP!



Barry Weiss:

Barry is another of the show’s favorites thanks to his eccentric personality. We simply love his skeleton gloves!

As far as business is concerned, he owns a company with his brother called “Northern Produce”, and even though he profits a lot from the show, his net worth of $10 million is mostly due to his company.

People have been confusing him with Barry Weiss, a music producer with the same name as this Storage Wars cast member, and even some websites claim he is a music producer himself, though that is probably blatantly false.


Ivy Calvin:

Born in 1971, Ivy Calvin calls himself the King – and he obviously has no trouble admitting his self-confidence is through the roof.

He joined the Storage Wars cast on the fifth season, but he already had guest appearances before.

He is one of the cheapest cast members to maintain on the show and his net worth is substantially lower than the other stars’. (His estimated net worth is $850K)


Rene Nezhoda:

Rene Nezhoda is a German-American Storage Wars cast member who always loved to deal in antiques, as well as buying and selling second hand items.

The show is right around his alley!

Not only that, his net worth is impressive – estimated to be at around 1.5 million dollars.

He wasn’t among the first cast members, but when he joined the show he started captivating the audience with his antics and know how – earning more air time while doing so.

Of course some of his success and the air time the couple enjoy is also partly his wife’s fault.


Casey Lloyd Nezhoda:

Casey Lloyd is René’s wife, and man she is a sexy one!

We’ve browsed the web a lot to bring you the info on this article, so we lost count of how many times we saw the same “Casey Lloyd is so hot” topics and forum posts.

Casey isn’t only one of the sexiest Storage Wars cast members, she is also a powerful woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and fans love her for it.


Mary Padian:

She has quite a unique look, and that’s probably because she is from Irish and Lebanese families.

Due to the fact she is such a young and great looking woman, many people try to probe her love life both online and offline, and she is very secretive about it!

In fact, we only picked up her man’s name was Dylan.

As fans of Storage Wars know, she has a shop called “Mary’s Finds” and loves crafting and creative work.

Playful and a self-described “Daddy’s girl”, her best friend is Brandi Passante, her co-star!

Nabila Haniss:

She isn’t a regular in the show, but she appears often and got her name out in the business simply because she bought just the right container.

You see, Nabila Haniss bought a container that held items from non other than Paris Hilton herself.

She sold this locker’s contents for around $10 million, or so word on the street is.


Shana Dahan and Edwina Registre:

Two charismatic women who conquered the hearts of many through the way they have with words.

The pair met on their teens and stayed best friends ever since.

They can be seen together bidding for lockers, though they aren’t the most regular Storage Wars cast members of the bunch.


So, did you catch anything new about these stars? If not, well we’re going to write in-depth pages on some of these cast members, so stay tuned for that!


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