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Tatu Baby Net Worth: How Rich is the Tattoo Baby Flores?

If you’ve been wondering how rich Tattoo Baby is or how does her net worth looks like, you have to wonder no more.

We’ve written this post to let you know how much she is valued, and if you’re thinking it’s a lot… well, it indeed is a lot.

But just how much? Read below!


Tatu Baby Net Worth:

First of all, you’ve been reading her name has both Tatu and Tattoo. Well, the official version is “Tatu”, but since “Tattoo” is often the most used, the lines can be blurry

Katherine Flores, her real name, is worth 1.5 million dollars. That’s right – 1.500.000 USD!

That is a lot, but if that’s just the pure math, as it doesn’t consider her public image or imaging assets, so we’re thinking it can still grow exponentially.

So, what do we mean by that?


How Rich is Tatu Baby? Consider This:

Well, we mean that she is more than the sum of her assets.

To start it out, she is one of the hottest female tattoo artists in existence, and that opens a lot of doors.

First of all, she gets starred in magazine covers all the time. Secondly, she models, and third she gets lots of attention.

Sum this up with the fact she is still pretty young and has started some businesses, and you’ll see that 1.5 million would be a small price to put on her total net worth.


Everything About Tatu Baby:

If you want to know more about this sexy tattoo artist, then we wrote a post about Tattoo Baby you simply cannot miss.

It has pictures, info on the artist, bio and even her social media accounts. Take a look.



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