Tatu Baby: Tattoos, Pictures, Info and Offical Pages

If you haven’t been sleeping under a rock you know Tatu Baby is a sexy beast with a lot of talent (a Tattoo Baby that has it all).

We thought about making this post about Katherine Flores, aka Tatu Baby, to let you guys know more about her and where to officially stalk… err… follow her.


About Tatu Baby:

Owning a shop in Miami, Tatu Baby was raised in Florida and is the offspring of Colombian parents.

She always liked Tattoos and specializes in Photorealistic Designs.

Katherine started tattooing at 14, and she got herself a tat by that age as well. At 19 she started doing it full-time and became a professional.

Evolving throughout the years, she expanded into many different styles and work at a prestigious shop for years until she was able to found her project.

In 2012, she entered the contest that made her famous “Ink Master”. This Tattoo Competition made her learn a lot and because of her charisma, beauty and talent she became one of the audience’s favorites.

She finished the show in 3rd Place.

As far as her modeling work is concerned, she was the magazine cover for Miami New Times, Urban Ink, Rebel Ink Magazine and many more.


Tatu Baby: Sexy, Cute and Talented

Tatu Baby confessed several times that she often uses her sex appeal to take advantage of situations and to rise as much as she can, but there’s no denying she is a very talented woman as well.

Below you’ll find a collage of pictures from her modelling work.



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