The Mandalorian Sith Lord: Tulak Hord

The Mandalorian Sith Lord, Tulak Hord was a powerhouse and someone who you need to know about by reading this article or watching the video.

Who Was Sith Lord Tulak Hord: Lore

Tulak Hord was a Dark Lord of the Sith known as the Lord of Hate and Master of the Gathering Darkness, but why these titles? Why was Tulak Hord so important?

Well, he ruled during the early days of the Sith Empire and was nearly unrivaled during his time.

He was one of the first Sith Lords to use a full mask, inspiring fear in his enemies.

Tulak Hord Force Abilities and Lightsaber Dueling Skills:

Not only was he a Dark Lord of the Sith with a lot of Force Mastery, but he was also one of the best lightsaber fighters, and Darth Traya even says he was the greatest Lightsaber duelist of all of the Sith Lords.

Regardless if he was indeed the best, he was definitely a powerhouse to make Darth Traya make such a statement even so much time after his death.

Not only that, Kreia said to Jedi Surik that they both were just kids playing with toys compared to the Sith Lords of old wielding a lightsaber and that he was remarkable even during his time when my true combat masters lived.

Kill Count of 1000 Jedi Knights:

During the Jedi Sieges to the Imperial Strongholds in Yn and Chabosh, Khem Val testified to Darth Nox about how Tulak Hord single-handedly broke the sieges, and over a thousand Jedi perished in those battles.

Hord was a Dark Side master with a great skill of telekinesis and was known to have pulled a ship the size of the Endar Spire right from the sky, but this wasn’t all as Tulak Hord was also a great Sith Sorcerer.

After the Great Hyperspace War ended and Korriban was bombed to oblivion by the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic, there were a lot of stories on Lord Hord burned and destroyed in the process, and we can assume some were even intentionally purged.

Tulak Hord’s Race: The Mandalorian Sith Lord

However, even with all the chaos, Tulak Hord’s tomb was left intact with all of its traps and protection.

It was only during the Jedi Civil War that Jedi Revan entered the Tomb, discovering Tulak Hord’s mask and taking it with him.

It’s no wonder Hord’s spirit was still able to manifest itself throughout the ages, after all, he wasn’t your regular man… but the true mystery about him is his race… was he a human, or a pureblood Sith?

Well, surprisingly enough, he was a Mandalorian… surprising right? At least now we know his fighting skills have a reason d’etre.

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