All-Time Top 20 Game of Thrones Moments

All-Time Top 20 Game of Thrones Moments

After 4 and 40 episodes “Game of Thrones” has included many violent deaths, sex scenes, and great dialogue that could be included in a top 100 list. So it can seem tough to make a list of top 20 scenes from the show. It’s important to note that it’s a subjective list, so it’s certainly permissible to disagree with the list. However, here are some of the top moments:


20. The King in the North

“Fire and Blood” S01 E10

This was an ill-fated moment when Rob Stark became the one and only King by different groups of the North. This was a very exciting moment. It also helped to heal wounds that resulted from the beheading of his father.

Regarding the bigger context of the TV show,  the scene was very important regarding explaining the various political battling in “Game of Thrones.” Jon Umber asks why he and his family should be ruled from a “flowery seat” located in the south. The question shows the tension between the North and South. It also shows the reason why Westeros always seems to be close to fighting in another war.


19. He Came from the Sky

“The Children” S04 E10

“Game of Thrones” is often about the high cost of power. Dany’s dragons that have hatched have become a symbol of power. They’re a weapon she can use to attack cities and also defeat armies. However, it’s also becoming a weapon that she’s losing control of.

During the final episode of S4, Dany discovers her biggest/baddest dragon named Drogon has just killed a girl through the act of roasting her. It’s a terrible scene when the father unfolds a piece of cloth that shows the burned bones that are showed as the camera moves towards the cloth’s contents. At that time, Dany makes the tough decision to chain up her dragons. In a way, this makes her like the slave owners that she’s fought to defeat them.


18. The Things I Do for Love

“Winter Is Coming” S01 E01

In this episode, Bran Stark climbs high up a tower in Winterfell. His puppy barks ate the base. He hears voices from the highest room. The harp music plays in the background. Bran moves close to the window as his dog becomes more upset.

The sound of a moaning woman becomes louder. Bran looks around a corner to see Jaimi Lannister as he has sex with Cersei, his sister. This ends the episode as the ten-year-old falls to the ground. This was the first episode of the show, and it was already testing the boundaries of the world of TV shows.


17. It’s Not Your Scream I Want

“Game of Thrones” didn’t use the most extreme types of magic/sorcery. This helped the show to build a fan baes of people who usually aren’t a fan of the fantasy genre. Characters were often told that magic didn’t exist anymore and that the dragons had died. This seemed to imply the show wasn’t a drama like “Lord of the Rings.” It seemed instead to be a political show that took place in an ancient kingdom.

However, S1 ended by changing that idea. As Daenerys Targaryen walked into her husband’s funeral she hatched three eggs she was handed as a wedding present. The first dragons viewed in hundreds of years appeared. The girl in the desert then became a powerful person claiming the Iron Throne.


16. Carving a Cake

“the Pointy End” S01 E08

Ser Barristan Selmy is the “Greatest Knight Ever.” However, is released from the King’s Guard via Joffrey so his father can get the job. He’s in danger of becoming a laughing stock. Then he gets his sword and takes on the court. There’s no fighting. However, a good guy in Westeros can maintain his honor.


15. You’re Ayra Stark

“The Children” S04 E10

“Game of Thrones” often seems to be its best when new pairs of characters show up. In the finale of S4 Brienne tracks down Arya Stark and it’s one of the best ones.

The two character realize quickly that they have much in common. Both of them grew up angry in a box that society wants them to be in, and Brienne has battled to keep her identity in the world where women usually don’t wear armor. Arya could work to be like her, so it’s upsetting to see the last born Stark girl give up safety/friendship to go on her path in a 100% new land.


14. I Know I love You

“Mhysa” S03 E10

At the time Jon Snow can escape from Wildling, he doesn’t go far before Ygritte finds him. It’s an interesting break-up scene on TV. That’s because it involves a bow and arrow. Jon informs her he has to return home. He does. However, she shot him a few times in his body. Her goal isn’t to kill him. She just wants him to know that she’s very upset with him, which is why she shot him.


13. Brave Men Knocking at Our Door

“Blackwater” S02 E09

It can be very tough for actors to make exciting battle speeches. In theory, it’s an excellent change for them to sound very epic. However, when it’s done wrong, it can sound very cheesy. An example is a speech that’s made in “Independence Day.” However, there’s nothing to worry about when the speech is made by Peter Dinklage.

King Joffrey shows cowardice before the battle of Blackwater. As a result, it’s Tyrion’s job to rally all the troops at the time Stannis Baratheon’s battering ram starts trying to knock down the gate of King’s Landing. Dinklage handles the moment by providing an excellent mix of fear/courage, asking the men to fight in the battle. He asks them to do it for themselves, rather than for the King. During the past two seasons, he has informed the audience that he uses his mind rather than his body to fight. However, this is likely the first time that the audience truly starts to think favorably of his character.


12. If You Think, This Has a Happy Ending

“The Bear and the Maiden Fair” S3 E7

A fictional world can have characters that are disliked. However, it’s safe to say that Theon Greyjoy is one of the most unliked characters of all time. He’s arrogant and disloyal. It could be argued that he deserves what happens to him thanks to Ramsay Snow. During the majority of S3, he’s tortured. However, the situation gets darker when he was freed and then seduced by two maidens. Ramsay then reappears and takes away Greyjoy’s manhood. It’s an excellent performance from the actor Alfie Allen. IT’s also a very scary one by Iwan Rheon.

This is a very important scene because it shows Theon’s being transformed to being transformed to “Reek,” which is his alter-ego. The result of the incident steals his identity and makes sure Bolton will then have a loyal pet of sorts who will do whatever he asks. Within the time, it makes sure that Bolton will become the only Warden of the North.


11. Make them Forget What They Know

“You Win or You Die” S01 E07

When a TV show is being written, sometimes it’s difficult to explain complex information without being concerned that viewers aren’t going to pay attention. For example, a method was invented in “The West Wing” that allowed characters to talk about details while talking down creditors and also drinking coffee. This helps to keep the action moving and the talk less boring.

The approach in “Game of Thrones” is different. The result is the backstory happens in scenes that involve physical relationships. One example is when Petr “Littlefinger” Baelish is with two women who are placed behind a fruit bowl. During the scene, he explains the history to Catelyn Tully. This results in some interesting exchanges. At the end of the scene guests probably have forgotten what Baelish had been talking about. That might have been the plan to begin with.  It’s certainly an effective method used in the show.


10. A Dragon Is Not a Slave

Ned Stark’s death shows that being a good guy doesn’t always help you to get very far in the game of thrones. Daenerys didn’t have any money to purchase an army. However, in Astapor, she was given the promise to get 8,000 o the top soldiers in the entire world. She just had to give one of her three dragons.

It seemed like a story out of Aesop’s fables. A character is required to sacrifice something they value greatly to get what they require. However, it was, in fact, an example bait/switch. Dragons are different from animals such as horses or dogs. In other words, keeping I on a chain won’t cause it to submit to you. Dany ordered the dragons to burn the city. It burned Astopor while she went with her army and marched to the next city.

The closing show shows columns of soldiers that are marching behind here. The three dragons are flying through the sky and screaming. There was also a war drum soundtrack in the background. The season shoed her wandering around the entire time. However, at the end of the season, Daenerys Targaryen had become a powerful force that would be tough to defeat.


9. This Should Help You to Remember

“Walk of Punishment” S03 E03

This wasn’t necessarily the most famous kill-off of a main character in the show. However, it was close to it. Locke had received some Jamie Lannister charm that involved money. In the situation, his captor seems to be convinced. So he unties him from the tree and then takes him to get some dinner. He then puts a knife to his eye and threatens him.

This is an example of a show playing around with the expectation of the audience. Lock then backs off, and it seems to be the end of the situation. However, he then removes Jamie’s hand. HE shows that the main characters aren’t just under threat of death in Game of Thrones. They’re also under the threat of being harmed as well.


8. Chaos Is a Ladder

“The Climb” S03 E06

The verbal battle between friends/enemies Littlefinger and Varys as they think about the Iron Throne is the closest they get to having a duel. However, it’s also interesting due to there being no blood loss in a battle. LF is one of the smartest men in King’s Landing. He talks about the kingdom’s nature and the various lies that people try to tell themselves. His last speech about goals could also be used to summarize the whole show.


7. Bring Me His Head

“Baelor” S1 E09

When the TV audience first watched the 9th episode of S1, people who hadn’t read the series of books didn’t know about just how sick George RR Marin is. In close-ups during the scene, Sean Bean shows his face twitching to first show that he’s humble in his confessing. Then he shows that he’s concerned about the fact his daughter Arya is watching behind the statue of Baelor. He then shows shock. Finally, he shows acceptance after his sentence has been passed.

The audience was quite shocked about Ned’s execution. It seemed to surprise viewers and resulted in all the Stark children moving to different areas of Westeros. It also resulted in Robb to declare that he was the King of the North. It later resulted in The Red Wedding. Another result is it was the first that showed that nobody is safe in the show The Game of Thrones.


6. Bring Me One of Those Chickens

“Two Swords” S04 S01

This was like a bar shoot-out in “Inglorious Basterds.” The scene is about a buildup as some Lannister soldiers attempt to recruit Sandor Clegane as they pillage. Unfortunately for them, the Hound isn’t loyal to the King. In fact, he just wants to eat some chicken. He says that if any more words are spoken, he’ll have to eat every chicken that’s in the room.

The scene includes goo dialogue and some bloody deaths. It’s interesting to watch Massie Williams. She’s at first not sure if The Hound will turn her in. However, she gets bolder as it starts to become clear that the Lannister men will die soon. She then is happy about getting her sword back and working with The Hound. This is the start of one of the top double –acts within Westeros.


5. You Are Truly Lost

“The old Gods and the New” S02 E06

In the world of Game of Thrones moving up in the world often means killing someone. After Theon takes Winterfell, he tries to prove he’s a worthy Ironborn by killing Ser Rodrik. That’s the man who helped to raise him. The scene if very grim. There’s a hard rain and Bran yells in the background. The scene includes some excellent acting by Alfie Allen.

Rodrik’s final words show that Theon can’t behead a person correctly. Ralph Ineson looks on with anger during the scene. Rodrik seems to be right. There’s no way that Theon can go back to his earlier life.


4. I’ll Be Your Champion

“Mockingbird” S4 E7

One of the key notes of the show is an eerie anecdote that’s made.  Examples include The Hound recalling when his brother burned his face or one in which Varys talks about a tough event. At the time Prince Oberyn visits Tyrion in his jail cell after being condemned, half their faces are I shadows. He talks about visiting the home of the Lannisters and watching a difficult situation connecting They had been told that he was a Monster. It discusses the center of the bad relationship between the siblings.

Dinklage provides excellent acting. He faces pain he’s known all his life. Meanwhile, Pedro Pascal also provides good acting like a man who is mourning the death of his sister. The prince states that he’ll fight for Tyrion during the trial by combat. It certainly seems to be an event that the audience can celebrate, even though it seemed obvious when he walked into the prison cell.


3. I’ll Last Longer Than You

“The Children” S4 E10

During much of S4, the Hound and Arya was a double act that provided comic relief during the time they went around the country-side and fought and got into brawls. Sandor was bloodied and dying after his battle with Brienne. However, he had one final moment with his trainee. This resulted in one of the most tender scenes in the series.

Rory McCann captures the feelings of a man who is fighting against the last moments of his life. In fact, his voice cracks at the time he says that he’s the real killer and does water dancing. Later he tries to get Arya to kill him. However, he regrets about not having one unhappy memory. He has lived a joyless life. Meanwhile, Maisie Williams sits. She is angry at the world because she’s had another tough situation in life. She then stands up and then walk away and doesn’t grant mercy. This is an important point in her particular story. It makes the audience wonder the kind of adult she’ll be in the future.


2. I Owe My New Queen a Wedding Gift

“The Rains of Castamere” S3 E09

One of the show’s heartbreaking and disturbing events in TV history happen during what is later referred to as The Red Wedding. It starts off as a boring event. The Freys reside in a castle that’s old and worn down. Meanwhile, the many members of the family are ugly in different ways.

Walder Frey is angry during the ceremony that takes place between Catelyn’s brother Edmure as well as his young wife named Roslin. It’s a very tense and dreary scene that’s full of silence.

Catelyn notices that Roose Bolton her Bannerman has chainmail on. Also, the castle’s doors are shut. She thinks starts to panic. However, it’s already too late. Robb’s wife Talisa uses a knife to stab her many times with a knife. A crossbow then shoots Robb from behind.

This scene of the Red Wedding was shot well. That’s because is focused in on every scream and shout. However, the Starks had acted like a moral family. They constructed an army after Ned died. They were the solution to the cold and uncaring players of the game of thrones. They seemed to be the world’s only good guys full of bad guys.

However, it’s very difficult to find heroes in Westeros. There’s no time for naïve people to trust any other person. The end of the episode shows Catelyn’s throat cut. Blood then spills onto the floor. The scene seems to keep going on. You can only hear the sound of the blood escaping. She then falls onto the floor.


1. You Murdered Her

“The Mountain and the Viper” S4 E08

This scene involves the charming Prince Oberyn, who is there to take revenge for the death of his sister. There’s also Gregor Clegane, who represents brutality of The Mountain. There only seemed to be one result in the battle between good/evil. However, the result of the battle was surprising.

The battle took place in King’s Landon as the sun was rising. It seemed to be the best place for the battle. There were many moments that were amazing. They included Jamie’s joy from relief/awe due to the fight that was being watched, and the look of pride Oberyn gives Ellaria. This was his last act of pride. There’s also Tyrion’s look.

This is one of the best moments in Game of Thrones because it represents everything that’s amazing about watching the TV show. TI’s a scene that’s as interesting as Oberyn’s turning spear and has surprising as Clegane’s sword. It was probably one of the biggest TV moments of the entire year.



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