Top 10 Best Dating Simulator Games Ever:

Today we’re taking a look at the Top 10 Dating Sims in the market, so without further ado let’s start the countdown.

10.Togainu no Chi:

This game is a Japanese visual novel by Nitro and CHiRAL. In this story, you’ll be Akira, a man that has to play a lethal game known as Igura.
The strongest person in Igura has to be beaten by you so that you can leave the prison, and you’ll do this in the world’s tortuous apocalyptic world – but don’t think the world is barren, it still has some beauty in it.

9. Galaxy Angel:

A Sci-fi dating sim series made by Broccoli, it is also an anime and manga.
This is an alternate universe in which you get some action plot together with a deep and enthralling romance story to feel all fuzzy inside.

8. Crescendo:

Crescendo was written by Tomohiro Minakami, and it was released in 2001, so it has some years on it now.
The good thing is that it continues to be relevant as it has a lot of different settings for each character and it is fully voice acted, which is a nice change from most text based games.

7. Da Capo II:

Developed by Circus, this game is the second part of the Da Capo saga, and it can be best described as your mildly comical school romancing game.
If you love school outfits, and you’re down to this particular niche, this is one of the best choices out there.

6. Sakura Wars:

Sakura Wars is a tactical game with a mix of RPG and, of course, dating simulator elements.
It is a Sega game and the fifth of the series, but the Western market never had access to its predecessors, this was the first game to be sold here, and it was for the PS2 and Wii.

5. G-Senjou no Maou:

This game was released in 2008 after a lot of delays, and you have a gameplay that allows you to choose some paths along your plotline, which will have you interact with four main beauties.
Make the right choices or mix things up to see every possible outcome and, of course, date all of them.

4. Tokimeki Memorial 2:

Konami was the name behind this dating sim, and like the name states it was the second of a series.
It has unmatched graphics and a voice acting to die for, and girls even pronounce your name via an Emotional Voice System feature.
Worth checking.

3. Amagami:

The unofficial successor to KimiKiss, this game was made by Enterbrain and since then saw two manga adaptations.
There are girls for every taste here, and the gameplay is quite original, which nets it the third spot on our list.

2. True Love

True Love is an erotic visual novel with a lot of steam.
You’ll be playing a school guy, and your goal is clear, to get all the girls before summer ends. You can plan all your activities during the day, afternoon and night when you get up each morning.
Will you invest in sports, study, or what?
A game you have to play if you’re into the genre.

1. Katawa Shoujo:

Katawa Shoujo is all about a guy who has cardiac problems and gets sent to a school for people with disabilities. I know, it sounds creepy, but it isn’t.
The game has stunning visuals, and the story is awesomely crafted, making you bond to the characters and care about them genuinely.
A lot of decision-making in this game, and overall it is rock solid, and that’s why it deserves the top spot.

That concludes our list of the top dating games.

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