Top 10 Female Superheroes: The 10 Best Woman Super-Heroes List

Top 10 Female Superheroes: The 10 Best Woman Super-Heroes List

2016 marks the 75th anniversary of the introduction of Wonder Woman, arguably the prototypical female superhero. To celebrate, we decided to choose the best girl superheroes of all time.

We also decided to include only superheroes, leaving out genuinely important characters like Lois Lane, Red Sonja, and Betty & Veronica of Archie.

Female superheroes are not a novelty – they’re vital characters that represent a growing segment of comic book readership. Here are 10 female superheroes who are wonderful characters – well-rounded, strong, and in the right editions a fascinating comic book.


  1. Supergirl

Supergirl could have started out as a spin-off character from Superman, but for most devotees; she’s become so much more. DC’s Maid of Might represents a certain component of femininity that is certainly often glossed over in fiction – the equilibrium of girlish glee and emotive exploration with physical as well as mental ability.

That dynamic plays an essential part in CBS’s Supergirl, without shying from her power to kick ass she demonstrates she embraces femininity.


  1. Kitty Pryde:

In the long run, Kitty Pryde is the nominee that best symbolizes the ingénue that is epic, serving as the window into the X-men for a whole generation of fans.

Kitty became a superhero very early, but she was likewise a regular teenager with relatable personality for her age that made her a perfect POV character for the intense soap opera of the X-Men. But more than that, Kitty continues to be in a position to grow and adjust in a way that the majority of comic book heroes aren’t permitted to.

Comic book fans have observed Kitty develop from an excitable teen to a capable superhero, into a spy / ninja following towards her current job as truly one of the leaders of the Guardians of the Galaxy, taking the place of Peter Quill.


  1. Black Widow:

Black Widow has existed as a character since the ‘60’s, but it’s just recently that she’s become a heroine that is particularly prominent thanks in big part to her role.

But the proven fact that her recent success has largely been due to her onscreen adventures doesn’t ignore her role in comic books, either. The Black Widow started as a villain, but soon became an Avenger, and even directed the team for a time.

She’s also anchored several continuing series, the most recent of which found in the wheel together with the much-loved team of Samnee and WaidSamnee. Her cinematic counterpart recently appeared in this summer’s hit Captain America: Civil War


  1. She-Hulk:

In certain ways, She-Hulk is the ultimate manifestation of girl power. She’s indestructible, super-strong, and with the mind of a high-powered lawyer wrapped inside those unparalleled green muscles – this all without inhibition.

And while she may look like a normal spin-off character (clearly riffing on her somewhat more well-known cousin Bruce Banner), She-Hulk takes the idea of a gamma-irradiated hero and accepts it, living life as she is.

In a few ways, She-Hulk also broke other limits – her John Byrne-penned continuing collection introduced an indestructible, and humorous powerhouse.


  1. The Wasp:

Janet Van Dyne was not only a founder, as well as the very first female Avenger but additionally, the hero who named the team when they formed. Though she started out as something of a sidekick, Janet quickly became a hero in her right, heading the Avengers several times, and regularly acting as the team’s moral center.

It came down to setting either Wasp or Captain Marvel in this spot when crafting this list. And while Captain Marvel might be more notable now, she was often a victim and damsel in distress, while Wasp’s arc has been far more consistent. Add her historical importance to that, and it’s not difficult to determine why she’s one of the finest female heroes ever to grace the printed page.

Janet Van Dyne’s evident stepdaughter  took the mantle in the pages of All-New, All-Different Avengers.


  1. Jean Grey

She’s more than just the very first female mutant superhero – she’s also an emblematic piece of the whole X-Men franchise and among the most complex, well-developed characters in comic books.

She might have started out in the typical Marvel superheroine model, but Jean developed a degree of depth that many of the show’s cast members never realize. Between her developing relationship and her descent into insanity as the Dark Phoenix, frightening strength levels and her penchant for self-sacrifice and redemption, Jean experienced more as a hero than almost anyone in her tenure.

Even a phoenix dies, and it seems she did at the hands of Magneto – though her time-displaced younger self has turned into a principal figure in the X-Men yet again.


  1. Batgirl

Barbara Gordon is unique as she has two superhero professions that are significantly different and extremely successful.

Barbara was the Dark Knight’s protégé and started out as Batgirl, using her physical capabilities, her unbelievable intelligence, and her wits to earn Batman’s trust. However, Joker made her bound to a wheelchair.

Though her physical challenges occasionally (not always) kept her off the streets, Barbara turned to her cleverness to make a difference – she became the Oracle and leads the fight with Intel in the all-female superhero team the Birds of Prey.

Now she ’s back in action as Batgirl.


  1. Storm:

Storm began as the X-Men’s ingénue, a young heroine who was among the young mutants recruited when the first team went missing. Alongside other Xmen mainstays like Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and Colossus, Storm climbed through the ranks becoming not only an experienced hero, but a mentor to her fellow mutants, now serving as the Headmistress of Xavier’s school, as well as the leader of the X-Men.

Storm can be the very first major female hero of color – a distinction that shouldn’t be overlooked, especially considering how significant she’s stayed in both X-Men and Marvel lore.


  1. Invisible Woman:

Marvel’s first superheroine might not have the greatest profile of the characters with this list, but Sue Storm set the rate for modern female heroes – and occupies a fairly unique position in comic books.

While it is true that early stories didn’t just serve Sue especially nicely, she developed into the life blood of the Fantastic Four, serving as Marvel’s first family’s de facto – and literal – mother. And that may be one of the very vital areas of her character.

Plus, it takes a fairly astonishing woman to endure a blowhard like Reed Richards.


  1. Wonder Woman:

Diana represents the very best of humanity. Powerful, independent, as Wonder Woman, fearless, and compassionate, she is a pillar of the Justice League plus one of the finest heroes and warriors in the entire DC Universe.

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