Top 10 Little Known Facts About Ancient Egypt:

Top 10 Little Known Facts About Ancient Egypt:

Egypt is a pretty mysterious, cryptic and beautiful places in the globe, and the fact that it’s so famous for its ancient civilization is what propels us to always think about Pharaohs, mummies and pyramids when we think about it.
There are a lot of hidden jewels in today’s Egypt, but looking towards its current situation, one cannot stop thinking they are probably past their prime.
Today we bring you a list of the Top 10 least known facts on Ancient Egypt, along with some customs that are a bit nasty.

10 – Lice, Cooties and Baldness:

If you notice their art, their wigs and movies you probably know most of them are bald, but do you know why?
Well, they were heavily infected by parasites up there, and so they opted to shave to keep their heads clean.
The infestations were pretty severe, so even women opted for wigs.
They did have some treatment for lice, but they weren’t very effective.


Ancient Egyptian art made on papyrus depicting men on a boat. The ancient Egyptians made papyrus (paper) from papyrus reeds (Cyperus papyrus). The ancient Egyptian culture thrived around the river Nile from around 3000 BC until the growth of the Roman Empire swallowed it some 3000 years later.

9 – Religious Events? Let’s Get a Date!

According to ancient historians including Herodotus, families travelled down the Nile in a religious celebration while shouting perverted ideas to girls in other boats.
They were pretty graphic and explicit in what they would do to the young ladies, and they actually thought that the tactic worked and would make the girls would be so pumped up they would throw themselves to the river to swim to them.
Unfortunately, we still know little about that part, if it happened at all.

8. Tutankhamen was Mummified With an Erect Penis!

When Howard Carter, the historian, found Tutankhamen’s tomb, he also found a lot of relics and ancient treasures, but what did call to his attention was the fact that Tutankhamen was mummified with his penis erect!
No reason for this was found, but there is some speculation that the penis isn’t even his, and that it was swapped for a bigger one to cause an impression in the afterlife.

7 – Birth Control? You mean dung and onion?

The Egyptians had pretty good medical care for that time, but their techniques were far from orthodox.
Women would stick crocodile dung in themselves to prevent pregnancy while men would rub onion juice on their foreskin.
That is… nasty.



6 – Beautiful Women Weren’t Mummified Straight Away:

When men were mummified, that would happen straight away to avoid decomposition, but when a beautiful woman would die, their kin would let her decompose for several days before giving her body to the embalmers.
That would hopefully stop necrophilia and keep the body pure.

5 – Pharaohs Were Overweight:

In movies and pop culture, Pharaohs are often depicted slim or even athletic, but the fact was that they were overweight and some even obese.
Egyptian rules overate, and their slaves and employees had to prepare at least three large meals per day, filled with meat, wine and desserts.
Pharaoh’s mummies were found with protruding bellies, fat folds and obstructed arteries.




New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, Reign of Akhenaten (1372-1355 BCE)

4 – Using Laxative Was Routine:

In Egypt, they had some very potent laxatives.
They would use these products in an attempt to keep themselves healthy and thin, and they would do these “cleansing routines” three times per month.
Their laxative oil was so potent they would sometimes pass a whole day in the loo.

3 – Proctologists Existed:

As was already stated, Egyptian medicine was advanced for the time, and there were specialists for a lot of branches in medicine.
They already had Proctologists, and enemas was an extremely common treatment.

2 – Nasty Fertility Tests:

For one of the techniques, a kind of oil was spread on a woman’s body and they would return the next day to see if the subject was still looking “fresh”.
If she did, she was fertile, if she didn’t she was probably barren – they believed.
Another common one was to place garlic inside the woman and leave her overnight. If her breath was smelling of garlic, then the “inside connections” were well made and she was fertile. If not, then something was amiss and the woman was probably infertile.

1 – Male Menstruation: Men and their period…

Esquistossomosis is an illness that makes people pee or defecate blood.
What happened was that this illness was so common in Ancient Egypt that people believed it was some kind of male menstruation, and having it even was supposed to be a hint of that man’s fertility.

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