Top 10 Multiplayer VR Games: Play in VR with Friends

Today we thought of bringing you the Top 12 Multiplayer VR Games currently available in the market so you know what to play with a friend right now.

These titles are already being sold, so no upcoming games are recommended, and if you feel we didn’t include a personal choice of yours, then don’t forget to see if the date it came out precedes the date this article was written on.


Echo Arena:

This is a VR Multiplayer Game that has a lot of eSports potential, so if you love competitive gaming and VR alike then this is the cross-breed you’ll want to play.

There are two teams in an arena playing some kind of football derived sport in a zero-gravity environment.

Your goal is to toss the disk to the opposing team’s nets.

However, unlike soccer, this is a heavy contact sport in which punching is not only permitted but mandatory as well.

There are also obstacles and pick-ups throughout the arena, and it’s easy to get hooked on it, much like on any other competitive games.


The Unspoken

This is a game that puts you in the shoes of a mighty wizard, and you’ll be able to fight other wizards controlled by your friends or someone from around the globe.

By playing Unspoken you’ll be able to cast spells, alter the game’s world and more, so if you have a thing for wizardry or if you love Harry Potter, check this one out.

Up to this day it still is one of the most popular Oculus Rift VR Multiplayer games ever.


Mechanized Combat League (RIGS)

This game is a competitive VR experience in which robots with guns fight it out on an Arena.

It has a lot of different game modes. For starters it has the football themed game mode “Endzone”. It also has a Team Takedown mode that focuses on robot fighting and a Powerslam based on jumping to a target at the middle of the arena.

The experience is great and the Virtual Reality approach gives it extra brownie points.



The game itself is a bit like “The Unspoken” as in you are a wizard and you duel it out with other players.

As far as the game’s background is concerned, you’ll be entering the 1880s in London, and the game will immerse you so much you’ll feel part of the scenario.

However, it is too multiplayer based so if you’re searching for a single player experience as well this may not be your game.

The good thing is that you can use its workshop feature to practice offline, which is great because the match making isn’t so good and you may end up losing too much if you are only getting started on Multiplayer.


SportsBar VR

We all love hanging out with our mates at the bar, play some billards, some pool, bowling, darts, cards, chess etc etc…

Well now you can hang out in virtual reality and for around $20, which is the cost of the game. You can use this multiplayer VR title to hang out, play shuffleboard, checkers, air hockey, chess, and many more mini-games.

You can even throw bottles around and enjoy some venting out without the needs to justify to the cops.

Hell yeah.


VR Karts: Spirit

We all had a childhood with Mario Kart. I had it with Mario Kart (the first), my cousing with Mario Kart 3-4, and the younger people had the latest installments, but Mario Kart was always around for the most part.

Well, now you can play VR Karts which is the VR version of this racer (trademarks don’t carry over, sorry).

You can customize your cars, participate in trophies and race against your buds in the multiplayer mode.

A must try, at least once.


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

You may know this title because its PC version is pretty famous, but if you have a couple of VR headsets available then you must try to play this one with your friends.

One of you guys puts on the VR headset and gets close and personal with the bomb, the others use the manual to tell your VR immersed friend how to defuse the bomb.

Careful though, the bombs are always different and you may need to read plenty of manual entries.

It’s a good game to play, especially if you guys are drunk.


Everybody knows Minecraft by now, and many even played it in Multiplayer mode already.

Well now you can play it Multiplayer in VR mode that gets you that much immersion. Jump in a blocky world and survive with friends, or craft the creations you want to live in using the game’s creative mode.

It is basically a LEGO world that you and your friends can live in for a few hours, playing God along the way.

You can even join random players throughout the world.


Raw Data

If you want to play a game that is immersive and highly addicting and you don’t mind about the cost (since it is about $40), then you simply have to try the Raw Data VR game that will have you investigate stuff at Eden Corp.

The single player experience is so good that many of you will spend hours on end on it, however there’s a multiplayer feature as well that focuses on gunplay and action.

The immersive graphics and the in-built communication features make it a great VR Multiplayer game, but the replay value on its single player campaign will have you hooked so much you’ll only get to the Multiplayer version after a good amount of hours have been clocked in.


Elite Dangerous:

This game wasn’t so good when it came out, but the developers sure worked on it, making it one of the best VR experiences you can get, especially if you only consider VR multiplayer titles.

It is a huge world with something for everyone. It has trading, mining, upgrading, building, fighting, exploring and more!

A huge game that enables you to be the astronaut you always dreamt being when you were a little kid.


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