Top 10 Strongest Bleach Characters

Top 10 Strongest Bleach Characters

Everybody who knows anime certainly would not have missed out Bleach. The fact that it is one of the top animes out there necessarily means that it deserves its own countdown of badass characters. Considering the show, there is actually no shortage of strong characters for the anime fans to rave about and swoon on. This can be a tough one and the choices are certainly hard. But here are the top 10 strongest character in the series. Since it is very likely that some plot points might be revealed while counting these characters down, a spoiler alert is rightfully necessary.


10. Hitsugaya Toushirou

The youngest captain to be a part of the Gotei 13 certainly deserves a spot in the list. Everybody loves the ice-wielding captain of the 10th division and rightfully so. He is the youngest to become a Gotei 13 captain in all of Soul Society’s history. Add to that the fact that he is a real child prodigy as well excelling in various other domains all thanks to his natural talent and amazing intellect.

He wields Hyourinmaru as his Zanpakutou. It is considered to be the strongest in the Soul Society as far as the ice-element Zanpakutous go. His bankai is known to have the ability to generate itself as long as water is present in the air that can be absorbed by his sword. The strongest attack that he can produce is Hyouten Hyakkasou. This is an amazing technique where a large amount of snow will fall from the sky. The moment the snow touches something, ice flowers will sprout thereby causing everything that it touches to freeze.


9. Kuchiki Byakuya

He is currently regarded as the highest rank of the Kuchiki family, one of the noble familiars in Seireitei. He happens to hold the head position of the family as well. He is a recurring Bleach character in the series to which fights he is involved in always showcase how great he is with his swordsmanship skills. Just like Hitsugaya, Byakuya is known to be a very excellent tactician. He is often seen using both the abilities of Zanpakutou along with his excellent Kido skills, making it easy enough for him to efficiently overwhelm enemies that he encounters along the way. Even when he is injured from battle, he is seen being able to sue excellent Shunpo skills despite his injuries.

He wields Zenbonzakura, his very powerful Zanpakutou. He often uses it not only for effective offense, but for efficient defense as well. The fact that it can break down into a hundred million blades makes it possible for him to use it to attack enemies from any given angle when it is in bankai form. He is a very calm fighter and will usually analyze the techniques of his opponents and unveil their weaknesses. This often leaves him as the winner whenever he is fighting an opponent. He is very proud though and pride can be considered one of his weaknesses at times.


8. Cifer Ulquiorra

The Espada number 4.  He is one Espada that is not only very powerful but also is oozing of class as well. He is seen staying very calm regardless of any given situation and he is quite known for his excellent analytical skills which he uses well to outdo any opponent. He is the only member of the Espada that was able to attain a second form even after he has successfully released his Zanpakutou. This second form was called the ‘Resureccion: Segunda Etapa’. Even Aizen is not aware of this as he might have improved Ulquiorra’s standing if he has known of this second form.

The second form may actually have made him as the most powerful of the Espada. He even overwhelmed Ichigo completely during their face off and killed him. It was only when Ichigo’s inner hollow took over that he was able to fend off Ulquiorra’s attack. If not for the tremendous hollow power that Ichigo had in full form, Ulquiorra would have won that fight.


7. Ichimaru Gin

He is certainly one very enigmatic character, if not the most in the Bleach universe. With Gin, there is really no knowing what he has in mind. With his perpetually closed eyes and a perpetually snaky smile to match, the only time that he ever opens his eyes is when he is dead serious. In most times, he is mocking people or he is just laughing around.

Just like Hitsugaya though, he is considered to be a child prodigy. He is very manipulative and quite deceptive as well. He has even managed to lead Aizen into believing that they were allies for more than a hundred years just biding his time so he can actually exact revenge. His Zanpakutou in Shikai form may be unassuming. But it is a different story when he releases his Bankai. The blade can extend and contract one hundred times the speed of sound and spans over several kilometers as well. It has  destructive poison too that can cause his enemies to get killed from within when he chooses to.


6. Shihouin Yoruichi

She is the former 2nd Division captain. Also known as the Flash Goddess, she was the Commander of Soul Society’s Secret Mobile Corps or the Onmitsukidou. She is the fastest user of the Shunpo in the Seiretei’s history. Using her speeds, she can create after images of herself to confuse enemies, a technique that she taught Byakuya but which he refuses to use.

Along with her speed is an impressive physical strength. She is also able to use Shunko, a technique that allows her to use her body to be covered with kidou that is lightning-based. She has not even been seen releasing her Zanpakutou yet though it has been said that she has mastered its Bankai form. One can only imagine her strength and power when she does.


5. Kyouraku Shunsui

He is considered to be the second strongest of the captains of the Gotei 13 after Yamamoto. He is considered one of the oldest of the captains along with Ukitake though Unohana is older and Yamamoto being the oldest. He is the captain that even managed to defeat the Number 1 Espada Coyote Starrk. He did this with only his Shikai form too and he did so with very little effort as well. Along with Ukitake, he even dared to face off Yamamoto and both of them were able to withstand the powerful Captain Commander for a significant period of time.  The Zanpakutou he wields, Katen Kyoukotsu is a very dangerous tool which allows him to take advantage of situations though putting himself in risky situations as. His Bankai has yet to be revealed though and it is perceived to be very dangerous considering his reluctance to actually release it.


4. Urahara Kisuke

If you think Urahara, you’d definitely think awesome. He is the former 12th Division captain and is also the founder of the Research and Development Institute of the Soul Society. He is also credited for the creation of the Hougyoku. He has intellect that is far superior than average humans and Shinigami alike and often uses it to plan vary complex strategies against his opponents.

His Zanpakutou is Benihime. He is also a master of Kidou where he is able to use consecutive techniques with such ease. He can also use many of them without the need for an incantation as well. He has even created one of his own. Just like Shunsui, his bankai has yet to be revealed.


3. Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto.

He is the Captain Commander of the Soul Society’s Gotei 13. He wields Ryuujin Jakka which is considered to be the strongest blade of the fire element. When he fought Wonderweiss, an Espada who was created to suppress his flames, he was still able to defeat him with such ease and he only used his hands as well.

He has been regarded as the most powerful of the Shinigami in the Seireitei for more a thousand years and if it were not for the two characters occupying the top spots, he certainly should be number one.


2. Aizen Sousuke

He used to hold the captainship of the 12th division before he decided to ditch his post and steal the Hougyoku he became the main bad guy of the series. He managed to reach a power level that is beyond that of any Shinigami or even any Arrancar. This is thanks to the ability of his Zanpakutou that is quite overpowered even in Shikai form, it is already very overpowered and hence, allows him to have the ability to get the other captains defeated quite easily. He has the ability to use kidou technique up to the 90th level without incantations. When he mastered the Hougyoku, neither Isshin, Yoruichi, Gin, Urahara, nor even Yamamoto could actually beat him. He even managed to survive the final attack that Ichigo unleashed on him due to how his body was able to regenerate his injuries.


1. Kurosaki Ichigo

Of course, the main protagonist has to occupy the first spot. Ichigo has not always been the series’ strongest character though. In fact he can be quite inconsistent. The evolution that he has managed to achieve throughout the series is actually very surreal. Some people may argue that he has had a lot of leeway presented his way and that he has actually not defeated Aizen if he was not helped by the seal that Urahara made. But even without the Final Getsuga Tenshou which he used to defeat Aizen, he does not seem to have any difficulty fighting Aizen even at the apex of his power. The fact that Aizen could not feel his reiatsu even before he reached the Final Getsuga Tenshou only signifies that he has a power that is beyond his final form. Thus, earning him the title of Bleach’s strongest character.

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