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Top 15 Strongest Mandalorians of All Time

Learn about the Top 15 Strongest Mandalorians of All Time in this list which brings you the best Mandalorians in the Star Wars Universe.

If you’ve been wondering who are the strongest Mandalorians of all time in Star Wars, then know I have you covered as I have researched, compared, and studied my lore.

I have also been doing that for 25 years now.

I have compiled this list considering the feats, power, prowess, fighting skills, and the galactic impact these Mandalorians had.

While I know these lists are subjective and that it’s impossible to get a 100% approval seal from the Internet, I know this is the best list you’ll read.

I know this because I’ve been wanting to find good lists myself and all of the others are trash since people don’t know their Mandos.

The lists are always Top 5 or 10 at most, with only the most known characters cutting it.

I’m used to making lists that blow other lists out of the other, modesty not being my forte, as I made the web’s first Top 50 Sith Lords of All Time list, which garnered a lot of popularity, praise, and copycats.

Having said that, I hope you enjoy the list and that you learn more about the best Mandalorians out there.

the armorer

15 – The Armorer: A Mystery to be Unveiled

The Armorer is one of the newer characters and she was introduced in the TV Series that resurrected this topic – The Mandalorian.

She is very mysterious and there’s not much about her out there.

The Armorer is great at working with Beskar and she does seem to know her lore, even referencing Mandalore the Great.

It’s impressive to reference someone who lived about 4000 years before.

However, the plot thickens when we consider she took out those Stormtroopers easily, showing she isn’t a pushover in battle either.

For these reasons, she deserves the last spot on the list, but I think that knowing how these things go she may score higher as more episodes come out.

fenn rau

14 – Fenn Rau: A Pilot Worth Dozens

Fenn Rau was a key player during the time around the Clone Wars.

He was a fighter pilot and the leader of the Skull Squadron, being present at every major battle of the war and helping the Republic to fight for its continued existence.

On the other hand, one of his traits was that he was a master at unarmed combat and he could hold his own against multiple opponents if everyone was unarmed.

Finally, he was a great teacher, training a lot of the best pilots of the whole Star Wars Galaxy.

paz vizsla

13 – Paz Vizsla: The Standing Tower

Paz Vizsla is a member of House Vizsla, a Mandalorian house you’ll encounter often in this list and arguably the most powerful and important house of all.

Paz was an imposing Mando who was specialized in open warfare against armies, so he was able to keep several opponents at bay simultaneously.

His weapons of choice were a modified flamethrower and a power blaster cannon, so you can see why the description I chose for him was “the standing tower”.

You can clearly imagine him holding his own in battle spitting firepower everywhere.

Honor and Mandalorian values were huge for him, and he would never shy away from duty.

gar saxon armor

12 – Gar Saxon: The Hand of Darth Maul

Gar Saxon was a follower of Darth Maul, and you can easily see he admired the Sith Lord as you take a look at his armor.

His armor was crafted to be red and black with horns, in order to resemble the appearance of Maul and hopefully instill fear in the enemy as well.

On the other hand, know Gar Saxon was the leader of a group of Commandos. Finally, he was trained so well he could even face Jedi and Sith, holding his own against lightsaber duelists and force users.

bo-katan kryze mandalorian woman

11 – Bo-Katan Kryze: The Problematic Noble Terrorist Turned Commander

The group which I mentioned before, led by Gar Saxon? Yes, Bo-Katan Kryze was once part of this group of terrorists.

What’s more?

She is the sister to Duchess Satine Kryze, so she was definitely the most problematic of the two.

Character development was done right though, and she was redeemed and turned to the light. With time, she became a commander and started to plot against her former allies, even recruiting some Jedi – like Ahsoka Tano – and helping to overthrown Maul himself.

canderous ordo strongest powerful

10 – Canderous Ordo: The Warrior Prodigy and One Liner Champion

Canderous Ordo was your typical Mandalorian warrior in terms of personality.

He wanted to battle and not much more. Above all, he wanted to hold what makes a Mandalorian great close to his heart.

Good one-liners and a quick trigger-finger, he left a dent in Galactic history and was considered by many to rival Mandalore the Ultimate in terms of speed rising through the ranks of his people.

We’ll never know as Mandalore the Ultimate died before Ordo was able to challenge him.

dorjander kace mandalorian jedi

9 – Dorjander Kace: Jedi Turncoat, Training a Group of the Strongest Mandalorians of All Time

Dorjander Kace was initially a Jedi Master, and he was in the council along with his wife.

However, they were both expelled and didn’t like it.

Some point out Dorjander could then be classified as a Dark Jedi, while some others claim maybe he was a Grey Jedi instead.

Regardless, Kace joined the Mandalorians and started training a group of them.

The fact he was a Jedi Council member is probably proof enough he should be considered for the Top 10 strongest Mandalorians of all time.

mandalorian female shae vizla darth malgus jedi temple deceived

8 – Shae Vizla: The Mandalorian Beauty and Leader of All Mandos

I have to let you guys know she is probably my favorite Mandalorian of all time.

Having said that, she does deserve to be on this list for sure as she has a lot of achievements under her belt, including that iconic invasion of the Jedi Temple with Darth Malgus, Eleena Daru, the Sith, and the Imperial army.

She also had the honor of being Mandalore, the leader of her people.

If you watch the cinematic “Deceived” you’ll know how fearless she was. Fighting a Jedi temple without being Force Sensitive isn’t an easy thing to do.

pre vizsla

7 – Pre Vizsla: Restoration of the Mandalorian Ideals and Reputation

Another member of the House Vizsla, Pre Vizsla wanted nothing more than to restore the Mandalorian culture, ideals, values, and the reputation of his noble house.

He took these duties very seriously and did the best he could to achieve this.

On the other hand, he was also the wielder of the Darksaber, a legendary “black lightsaber” that had been passed as an heirloom throughout the ages.

As a sidenote, he was also the character who made the Darksaber canon.

mandalorian women female sabine wren

6 – Sabine Wren: A Young Rebellious Warrior Turned Hardened Leader

Sabine was another Mandalorian who had a very interesting character development arc.

She was initially seen as young, rebellious, just another young blood warrior dreaming about glory days.

Sabine Wren grew in front of our eyes, and she has been appearing ever since, increasingly confident of her own abilities and becoming a leader others can depend on.

If you know Sabine Wren, you knew she’d be on this list, you just didn’t know the place she’d get.

Finally, she also had the pleasure to play around with the Darksaber.

tarre vizsla armor

5 – Tarre Vizsla: The Creator of the Mythic Darksaber

I already introduced the Vizsla and also introduced the Legendary Darksaber.

Finally, I just need to introduce Tarre Vizsla, the Mandalore who was the first one to be accepted into the Jedi Order.

He was a Mandalorian Jedi who developed and created his brainchild, the Darksaber, which was an item that stayed relevant and powerful throughout the ages, having a long history attached.

Unfortunately for us Star Wars enthusiasts, not much is known about this particular Mando, but if more was known he would probably be able to score higher, who knows.

Din Djarin Mando strongest powerful top best

4 – Din Djarin: The TV Show’s Protagonist “Mando”

The most popular Mandalorian of all time and constantly fighting for that title with Boba Fett, Din Djarin has taken the world by storm and made sure everyone knows who he is.

Even people who never saw Star Wars are getting into The Mandalorian, so there’s no wonder he is popular as even my wife watches it and she is one of those Star Wars illiterates who say “Dark Vader”.

This character is growing and can one day be one of the Top 3, but I’m not ready to give him the podium yet as the other choices are still bigger men.

jango fett

3 – Jango Fett: One of the Strongest Mandalorians of All Time

Make no mistakes, Jango Fett was one of the best fighters the Galaxy ever had.

Do you think they singled him out to clone based on his handsomeness?

There are still some arguments raging throughout the community on whether he is a Mandalorian or not.

Most of the community agrees to tag him as one, so I decided to include him in this list.

His clones gave the Republic a shot at winning the war, and they would have done it if it wasn’t for the meddling Darth Sidious.

Fortunately, he wasn’t the last Fett of his line, and the Star Wars community would love the next one.

boba fett

2 – Boba Fett: One of the Two Strongest Mandalorians of All Time

Before the series began, he was hands down the most popular of all Mandalorians.

However, he isn’t just loved, he is a powerhouse and there are probably a lot of arguments to be had with this entry and the next as they both have the strength to grab the first place.

I would love a battle between the 1st and 2nd place of this list.

On the other hand, know I am considering the Boba Fett from legends, not only the Boba Fett from Disney.

There’s going to be new material coming out, I’ll be on the lookout for it during the whole of 2021, especially for the Boba Fett spinoff.

mandalore the ultimate, mandalore the great, strongest mandalorians of all time

1 – Mandalore The Ultimate: Mandalore The Great

The Armorer referenced a “Mandalore the Great” during an episode. An epic Mandalorian who fought the Jedi.

Well, this was Mandalore the Ultimate and he is arguably the strongest Mandalorian ever.

He was from the original Mando species, named Taung.

He was facing not only the extinction of his species but the fact his culture was dying.

Wishing to preserve the culture he loved, he was the Mandalore who united the tribes and led them on a glorious invasion of the Republic.

What’s more? He knew they were vastly outnumbered and outgunned.

No matter, outnumbered and outgunned were concepts that true Mandalorians only found more enticing, and so they marched.

They almost succeeded, but Jedi Revan and his followers changed the tides of battle.

Eventually, Mandalore the Ultimate himself died in a duel with one of the strongest Jedi ever, Revan himself.

Top 6 Strongest Mandalorian of All Time: A Star Wars “The Mandalorian” Infographic

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I hope you now know more about the most powerful Mandalorians the Star Wars Galaxy ever had, and that you are ready to read more about the best things this saga has to offer.

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