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Twista Net Worth: How Rich is He?

Twista Net Worth is of $7 million, and he got that through his iconic fast paced rapping.

He was originally known as Tung Twista, and his first album was launched back in 91. Some years and another album later, he launched “Adrenaline Rush” in 2004 – this album being the main thing responsable for shooting his name to the starts, making it to the Billboard Hot 200.

Finally, his next album gave him the number one spot, cementing his place in rap stardom (4th Album, “Kamikaze”).


twista net worth

Twista Bio, Details and Real Name:

He is originally called Carl Mitchell and he was born in Illinois on the 27th day of November 1973.

He raps using the Chopper style and was awarded the title for fastest rapped by the Guinness World Records in 1992.

His output is of over 600 syllables in under 1 minute.

The Legendary Traxter, a Chicago based producer, teamed up with Tung Twista on the Po Pimp track, which was a hit of a single!

He is now at the top and cooperates with names such as Chris Brown, Lil Reese and Lady Gaga.

As for a very dark curiosity, one man once shot and slit the throat of Twista’s bodyguard, Davy Easterling.


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