Virtual Reality Games:

Virtual Reality Games:

There are a lot of Virtual Reality games these days, but we fondly remember when this was just a huge utopia we believed we would never see in our lifetime.

There are a lot of things that aren’t exactly perfect with current VR games, but the truth is we’re using the best technology the retail world has to offer.

We do say the retail world because we know there are private agencies and even public funded institutions with access to more expensive and better made systems, such as simulators for the military or top secret rigs for… stuff!

However, we’re at the point in which we can enjoy great graphics as well as multiplayer interaction on most Virtual Reality games, being them on the computer (PC or MAC), PS4, Xbox etc…


We bet your 12 year-old self would jump to the moon considering this such as Superhot and Skyrim VR a reality.

But there’s a lot to know about VR games, and this post will lead you to some great posts you probably want to take a look at.

Some of them are for the younger audiences, while some others aren’t for the faint of heart or young minded players.

Most are aimed at teenagers, but there are some really cool for “grown-ups” like us as well.

Do check these posts below:


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