Virtual Reality Glasses

Virtual Reality Glasses

The headset, the VR Goggles or the Virtual Reality glasses are what allows us to enjoy the Virtual Reality experiences we love, hate or feel “meh” about. So far, we have to rely on these pieces of technology as Sword Art Online type “Neural Headsets” aren’t a thing of the present yet and are still in the domain of science fiction.

However, headsets and glasses aren’t the only thing we rely upon as to use VR devices, since we need motion controllers, position trackers, gyroscopes and other gizmos.

As far as the VR glasses are concerned, they are a display device that is worn on the face that allows the viewer to look at two different images the brain then combines to create the 3D experience.

They simulate the depth the two slightly different views our two eye gives us and so confer a feeling of depth.


The market has a wide array of virtual reality glasses types and mostly they are either optimized to mobile or console / PC.

There are even rarer VR headsets that allow the images to be projected upon real life objects, environments, walls and so on… those aren’t VR, but AR.

AR is augmented reality and it’s another thing we think will be part of the VR Revolution in the upcoming years.

As far as controllers, you have knuckles, gloves, joysticks and tracking devices.

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