Voice actors Between Perfect and Overuse:

Voice actors Between Perfect and Overuse:

I was watching an Episode from CSI and this FBI guy starts to interrogate the lady and he got carried away and started yelling, at that moment I felt like a Deja-Vu, where have I heard his voice before? This way of speaking… I heard it before!

And then it hit me, this Guy is the Voice actor of Cullen Rutherford from the Dragon age Series, I Researched a little on IMDB and I was right, he was Greg Ellis.



Throughout my Playthroughs I always keep an ear out for Voice actors and listen carefully:


–              Oh that Voice I heard before, I bet he/she is the same actor who made that character or this one…


But upon discovering the actors behind the scenes sometimes I feel disappointed, like “oh no he doesn’t look as Good as I pictured him (usually Pictured similar to the Character in-game)”, and sometimes I find out that The game developers put a great effort into making the character look like the real life actor, a great example of this is Jessica Chobot, who played Diana Allers, the reporter who joins your crew on the Normandy in Mass Effect 3.


What really breaks my Immersion into any game is using a key Character’s Actor from one game and put it in another Role in another game, or use him/her excessively as a supporting role , like how they did with Alastair Parker, the Actor who Played  Blackwall From Dragon age Inquisition, Blackwall was a Key Character in Dragon age, but when I played The Witcher 3: Wild hunt, almost  every extra non-crucial NPC was voiced by him, it was Seriously annoying hearing his voice over and over once as an elf, again as a scumbag human, another as a greedy dwarf, it was really confusing and a great “Immersion breaker”.


A good Example of using actor’s Crossover was Jennifer Hale, the Actress who played the female Shepard in Mass Effect Trilogy, she was also present in the same Company’s Major Series Dragon age, specifically in the Last one, she played Cremisius Aclassi, a Soldier and a Member of The Iron Bull’s Chargers, who fled Tevinter because they did not approve of his Sexual Identity, also she has been featured in Hell lot of other games that I didn’t even notice before I used Google to see what she was in!

She is a Great Actress who can change her voice to adapt to the character she is playing, which was a good crossover that went mostly unnoticed at least by me , and as a dear friend once told me, “If you have Played it, Jennifer Hale was in it”.

In short, it’s perfectly understandable to use the same voice actors in more than one game, but what is somehow disappointing is over using a remarkable voice or using a same actor to do Multiple Key actors in different games.


Now can you let Instageek know who your favorite voice actor is?

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