What VR Apps Are The Best? An Unfair Guide

What VR Apps Are The Best? An Unfair Guide

If we are going to argue about what VR Apps are the best, we’re going to delve into pretty shaky territory. Why you may ask? Well, we try to keep our posts ever relevant, what our editor likes to call evergreen content, and this is a topic that will get very obsolete very fast.

By the time we’re writing this article, there are a lot of cool apps out there, but by the time you get here and read it, some time probably elapsed and these apps are no longer part of the cool crew, and depending on the date may even be considered obsolete. (If our site is still being suggested by those days then we’re doing something right, which is cool).


So, with what we have to explore, what VR Apps are the Best? Let’s take a look!

Minecraft: Gear VR Edition

Minecraft is always a hit, and so we had to include Minecraft Gear VR on this list as we’re expecting it to keep gathering fans searching for immersion on one of their favorite worlds.

If you love Minecraft, you’ll most probably end up enjoying this experience, but bear in mind that if you’re going to buy one of those cheap VR headsets for it you may feel a bit of motion sickness, make sure you take a break or two when playing.

You can download the app for cheap, but it isn’t free – after all, it’s Minecraft.

Smash Hit

A mobile game that had its adaptation done in order to further immerse yourself on all of its destruction, Smash Hit VR is one of the VR hits!

Enter the world of geometry and break every piece of glass and sculptures along the way to the finishing line.

The experience is pretty nice as the geometric world and the glassy art gives you some really cool sights.


Hitman Go: VR Edition

Let’s get a bit violent with our favorite assassination agent, this time in mobile VR.

Find the best way to get to your target and make sure you keep on being stealth around the different threats.

There’s a puzzle game component onto it, but it has got a plastic feel that makes you think you’re playing around with action figures, which is pretty interesting but unexpected.

Lara Croft Go is definitely another title on the same genre to look at if you prefer the Tomb Raider franchise.


Land’s End

We could have include Monument Valley instead of Land’s End as both are stunning puzzlers, but this VR approach is superior (although we know this is a matter of personal taste).

Look around the terrain using your own eyes and progress through puzzles that aren’t hard as the game focuses on atmospheric calming feelings with just a little punch of mystery.

You can download the app from Oculus.




Of course that to top this all off we had to include Netflix VR.

If you’re hoping everything in Netflix is accessible in VR we have bad news for you – the series and movies weren’t all transformed into VR experiences in 360º degrees (duh), but there are some titles optimized for VR content.

The strong point of this app is you’ll be able to watch your shows from immersive Virtual Reality rooms with artsy deco and some related elements, so the experience does get immersive.

We recommend it.


So, these are our recommendations for now. Of course there are games and experiences out there that may feel better than these apps, but remember that we focused on mobile apps, ideal for cardboard VR headset designs and those affordable gadgets you mount on your phone.

For more elaborate stuff, check our article on the what is the best VR content or what VR games are out for PS4.


What are your thoughts?