VR Exercise: New Ways to Get Fit at Home

Motivation for fitness isn’t always easy to find, and most of the people out there consider fitness motivation a rare resource. What is definitely true is that VR has the perfect ways to get you that motivation thanks to the extra motivation it can give you by making your routine fun and distracting you from the fact you are actually working out.

Here are some ideas on how VR Exercise will change the way you get fit, and help you out in accomodating a routine after a hard day of work.

It won’t hurt you to try, and we guarantee you will thank us afterwards.


Trusting Netflix to Help You Out:

“Real Life” Gyms always have the TV on to distract you, and video is a powerful resourcce to help you take your mind of the pain or the boredom exercise can sometimes bring. On the other hand, imagine the power Virtual Reality can bring you as you pave your way to gains or weight loss.

One of the apps of choice is NetFlix as it already has a good VR Video App compatibility and helps you by following your head motion immersing you in whatever you are watching. On the other hand, Netflix is na established brand, and we guarantee they will keep up innovating and keeping up with the VR trend, which isn’t really a trend at all, but the future in itself.

You can make the most out of Netflix VR by using Google Daydream or Samsung Gear VR.


Action Games and Body Weight Exercises: A Match Made in Heaven

If you want to workout without even noticing you’re exercising, then VR Action Games are just the choice for you. With these you can increase your heart rate and do some cardio and even body weight or even weights workouts (ankle, wrist weights etc…) without even noting, making your VR Gaming Session a huge workout.


Some games you can play that are great for this purpose are:

Superhot VR


Dead Hungry

Raw Data;

Echo Arena;

Rip Coil.

… among others!


A Complete VR Workout: Training in Virtual Reality

Of course we know it is just a matter of time before you can do a complete set of training exercises inside a VR version of Dragon Ball Z’s high gravity starship, but while that VR SAO Style experience isn’t yet developed, you can already get several full VR Immersion Fitness Workout Kits such as Holodia’s Holofit rowing kit.

The best thing there is for this purpose is from the developers at VirZOOM, which gets you a full set designed to work with HTC Vive, Playstation VR, Oculus Rift and others.

You just wear the headset and climb upon your bike. This gives you an immersed experience to make your workouts interesting and exciting, and you can even simulate you’re not riding a bike, but driving a tank or riding a horse!

The VirZOOM list of supported headset devices is still a bit limited, but they are going to be working on improving their compatibility to expand to other VR Headsets soon, so keep na eye on this.



Working Out Makes You Sweat, Even in VR: Solving the Sweating Problem

VR devices are electronic, and as such they don’t handle sweat so well. Another problem may be getting sweat in your eyes, and that sucks.

On the other hand, there are several ways to ensure sweating isn’t a problem with your session.

If you’re using PlayStation VR you can wear a sweat band, but with Rift, Gear VR and Vive you’ll need to get waterproof padding replacements, which are available in Amazon already. Finally, if you’re using the Google Daydream View, you can remove the fabric cushion to machine wash it from times to times.


As you see, you have no more excuses as to why you need to be such a couch potato. Now you only need to start training, and use VR to make it interesting.

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