What VR Games Are Out for PS4?

What VR Games Are Out for PS4?

There has been a lot of demand for PS4 VR games, and that’s a no brainer since the console’s graphics really demand VR compatible titles to be launched.

Bearing that in mind, people have been asking about what VR games are out for PS4, and we collected some great ones you have to try out with your virtual reality headset on.


STAR WARS Battlefront Rogue One: X-wing VR Mission

Star Wars Battlefront is a great game on its own, but what we’re talking about is the X-Wing mission you can take in-game, allowing you to immerse yourself in VR to be a pilot on that Galaxy Far Away.

The mission is important for the Rebellion, and you don’t want to leave them hanging do you? Besides, even if you prefer the bad guys, this is the perfect chance to see their armada up close and personal.

If dogfighting in space right in the middle of the Star Wars universe sounds good, then you really want to get this game along with PlayStation®VR and a trusty PlayStation Camera to try it out.

The only negatives are these accessories are sold separately, but if you’re looking for VR games you probably know that already.


Batman Arkham VR

If the Star Wars Saga is popular, Batman has become increasingly popular these days, most due to memes!

If you want to use Batman’s gadgets first hand while helping to unravel an evil ploy that threatens not only you (Batman) but your allies and Gotham as well, then this is right down your alley!


Starblood Arena

If you consider the X-Wing Mission wasn’t enough to tickle your dogfighting lust, then know there’s another game you can choose, and this is all about space fighting, evasion, firing, maneuvering and more.

Test your piloting skills in this space arena, and dive deep via your link to this universe – VR.



Finally, if you want to explore an alien world while on foot, you definitely have to give Farpoint a try. The plot of the mission is to study an anomaly near the giant gas planet Jupiter.

Something happens and both you and your scientists are transported to an alien world. Venture out to explore in person using the newfound power of Virtual Reality.


These are just a few of the VR experiences you can enjoy when using the PS4 and its accessories, but there are some more to find, we just picked the ones we consider were pretty well made and most of you would like to check out.

Stay tuned for more virtual reality developments.

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