When VR Goes Wrong: The Dangers of When VR Gets Too Real

Virtual Reality is going to be amazing when it becomes mainstream and when it goes full partial or even full VR. Having that in mind, there are a lot of dangers associated to it, and we can see that when VR goes wrong it really has the potential to ruin or even outright take lives.

Here’s an article approaching the issues that will arise when VR gets too real.


People May Lose Connection to Their Loved Ones:

The more time people spend online, the more they will connect to NPCs and the less they will connect to each other.

This may seem farfetched, but in reality it isn’t, and let us tell you why:

  • There are people nowadays marrying handheld games’ NPCs.

These are NPCs that aren’t as developed as VR ones will be, and not as immersive as they’re literally in your hands.

Imagine when NPCs are the same size of you, standing right there and designed to be perfect.

Hell, if that would be the case my girlfriend would find some serious competition with Tifa Lockheart or Ashley Williams (this last one will bring me lots of hate but whatever).


People May Neglect Their Body:

Virtual Reality will be so cool that people will lose themselves in its worlds for hours on end. In the words of the big YouTuber FRANCIS (boogey):

“I love Virtual Reality because my Actual Reality sucks!”

Imagine Sword Art Online, where they are in the VR world and in the offline world they are just on their beds, always in the same position and doing no effort whatsoever.

Your body wasn’t made for that, and it will start to decay, obesity will settle, diabetes ensues, cholesterol levels go through the roof and your poor heart will race each time you have to get up to use the toilet.

Seems bad right?


Productivity Will Decrease:

Productivity in the real world will decrease as people get focused on producing in-game. This can easily be offset by VR work uses which will facilitate many tasks in the workplace just like the steam engine, but it is still something to consider.

We’ll produce a lot of great VR worlds though, of that I’m sure.

I wonder if any VR town will let me run for Mayor, I would make it such a badass little hamlet.


People May Die:

Sure, VR can take a lot of lives figuratively, but it can also be a literal reaper as well. People may die when playing horror games.

Sometimes people aren’t prepared for the simplest of things, some even faint the first time they see blood. Imagine being on a horror game without knowing you’re in one (like if you’re being pranked), or if you’re just trying your hand at a horror game your body wasn’t ready for.

We all saw those funny clips where people freak out when killing zombies in VR, and that’s with our poor virtual reality technology – and believe us we were laughing at them but their heart sure wasn’t.

Imagine will FULL VR and full immersion mode. This is something not for everyone.


New Job Opportunities: And That’s a Bad Thing

Virtual Reality will create new industries and new jobs, and that’s positive, but it will also create new very negative jobs.

Imagine that we developed into having full VR. Are you seriously not imagining Rehab clinics for addicts already? Are you not predicting an epidemic addiction problem roaring through society especially around those whose “Actual Reality sucks”?

This will be a problem worthy of new social laws.


And these are some of the issues that may arise when VR gets too real. If you were interested to see what may happen when VR goes wrong than these are some of the potential problems, but I’m sure you can remember many more… I sure can.



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