What VR Mobile Content Is Available Right Now?

What VR Mobile Content Is Available Right Now?

It’s the dawn of the virtual reality age and people are getting the initial devices. As they are still expensive, VR isn’t mainstream at all, and that’s why people are wondering about what VR mobile content is available right now as mobile fueled VR is cheaper.

Well, although mobile virtual reality headsets are way cheaper than the full-on HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, there’s not much content available, or is there?

We decided to sum up the best 10 apps you can explore with your mobile VR device right now, and if you still don’t have one then don’t fret as you can easily get a Google Cardboard headset for around $20.


YouTube 360º

This is the first app we have to mention, and quite frankly we think you already knew this one was coming.

These 360 degree videos offer amazing experiences, and to find out these hidden gems, just search the app’s search bar for “VR” or “360” to get a lot of ideas to look to.


Google Cardboard App

Yes, Google Cardboard isn’t just a “device” but an App as well. This is a piece of software assembled by Google to show you what’s possible with VR.

It has some cool clips like zip-lining and a plethora of App ideas you can download, with new ones being released every week.



VRSE was made by documentary makers and aims to help you feel their docs as an experience. You’ll be experiencing movies like never before, from shorts to music videos, but you can also enjoy some more impactful experiences that’ll make you think about the world.

Chris Milk, the Co-Founder of VRSE, is constantly promoting this project so we think it may go far.



Even the New York Times is jumping to the VR Bandwagon. They now have an app, NYT VR, which shows you how you can interact with news on a very different format. You’ll be able to explore the space news from Pluto, ascend to the World Trade Center, live news reports… and more!

A cool and creative idea.


VR Ghost Story: Sisters

Well, we aren’t going to discuss the plot of this app, but we’ll tell you that you’ll get a terrifying look on virtual reality as you get freaked out from the comfort of your home.

If you like scary stuff, play this game… but don’t play it alone at night.



You can now visit real-world places you always wanted to in person. Google’s Photo Sphere Technology was used to get images from the most famous tourist traps in the world.

You can then browse those images and travel without having to spend those exorbitant travel fees.



If you don’t want to just be able to enjoy experiences but also create your own, then you can get Seene to shoot your own 360 degree photos.

Once you create your own content, be sure to share it with the world – and you can also access other users’ shared content, so it is a very interesting platform.


Jaunt VR

We want to give you another pick if you really enjoyed VRSE. Jaunt VR is very similar to it, with both serious and humorous videos.

The strong points are that you can even be in Syria for news events or attending a Paul McCartney live concert.



Education meets games in the InCell VR Platform. It recreates the human body at a cellular level and it lets you fly around, getting to know your cells inside out.

You’ll be racing against a virus wave, and it’s pretty intense and educational.



Finally, RYOT made a lot of different documentaries about earthquakes, riots, refugees and other meaningful topics. The brand was so acclaimed it attracted the attention of The Huffington Post, a media company that bought the project.


Now, this is just a short glimpse of some of the best content out there. We wanted to give you an outlook on what VR mobile content is available by sharing a variety of different apps from different sectors, from education to experiences, passing through gaming and music videos.

Start exploring and you’ll see how deep the rabbit hole goes.



What are your thoughts?