Why VR Will Change The World: How Virtual Reality is Going to Revolutionize Us

There are a lot of reasons on why VR will change the world, and in most industries and societies it has the potential to be a game changer.

We’re going to talk about some of the most exciting ways in which VR may change the world we live in for the better, and that includes abstract stuff like conceptualization and concrete variables like surgeons being able to practice without a victim… ahem… patient, or a dead pig.


Virtual Reality Increases the Ability to Conceptualize

I’m a man, I know a lot about the problems of conceptualization. My wife often tells me – “imagine our living room, but instead of these curtains we have purple ones, and the furniture will be like this, this and that”. Well, I’m not conceptualizing anything.

I’m sure she is seeing the furniture just how she wants it, but I’m stuck on the purple curtains and seeing nothing at all.

Real Estate agents, remodeling agents and so on have the need to heavily rely on conceptualization, and this is true for a lot of jobs.

VR headsets provide lifelike realities and can paint a picture for you to be able to see not only the purple curtains but everything else.

You will be able to remodel a room in real time, switch the furniture around and maybe even demolish walls to open space for another room.

Some people just can’t visualize, and VR will be here for them. A 3D Real Estate company, Matterport, is already betting heavily on VR databases in over 250.000 image maps, and you can even access Star Trek’s main deck in VR.

RoOomy allows you to furnish any room so you can easily see how it will look like when you place furniture on it, even before you have to buy it.

Finally, this ease of conceptualization removes much of the guesswork civil engineers have to make on their projects, improving urban development as well.


The Rise of Experiential Marketing

Actions are worth more than words, and experiences are worth more than marketing actions, and so experiential marketing will develop to never seen levels. If you’re picking what University you’ll apply to, you’ll be able to tour the campuses yourself through VR, not relying on going to each one of them physically or in brochures and marketing material.

On the other hand, if you’re promoting an event you want people to come to, you can place them right there in the middle of it, making them experience it and therefore having more chances of attracting them once they see how cool it is.

YouVisit is trying to bring this experiential marketing into reality, engaging consumers and businesses.


Learn By Doing: An Amazing Learning Advantage

Soldiers in the US Military are already getting trained with VR. In the future you can even get combat training in lifelike situations without never getting harmed.

Imagine fighting hand to hand realistically and not having to catch a punch with your bare face when it goes wrong.

Sharpshooters may train in realistic conditions and not only in training camps, and parachuting can be made much more often due to the reduced costs of not having to fly a military grade plane every time they wish to train just one jump.

Surgeons will be able to perform virtual surgeries, mechanics will be able to disassemble a car without the owner getting pissed or without the need to own such car and much more.

Learn anything while doing, VR has got your back, place yourself in a world where people only speak foreign language “X”, being X French, English, Portuguese, Mandarin or others.

Electrical engineering will have cheap repeatable training courses, astrophysics will be way more exciting – the sky is the limit!


Remote Control Devices Like Never Before:

Drones are very cool, but you need some mastery to control them. It’s now wonder people who fly maintenance drones get so well paid.

Well, it can become easier with VR once you feel you’re inside the drone and not just seeing through a small camera.

Unmanned space craft can now be taken off auto-pilot and fly just as if a man was inside the jet.

Plus, you have to admit it will be very cool to feel like you’re traveling to Mars in NASA’s rocket from the comfort of your home.



History has been shaping maps, and maps have been shaping history.

Maps are usually 2D, some may come in 3D, but in the future all maps will be in VR, since you can get in the building you’re mapping an explore it, giving you a better notion of how it looks like.

Are you going to drive somewhere and you don’t know the way? Make it the night before in VR, kind of how you do it through Google Maps, but better.

Even hostile environments can be explored in peace after the satellites crawl it and map them in VR.


These are some of the ways VR will change the world, but there are a lot more! Some of them we don’t even dream of nowadays.

It’s an exciting new world. Let’s see how it all unfolds.




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