What Does Jon Heder Do Now?

An actor notably recognized for his role in the film Napoleon Dynamite, Jon Heder studied film and computer animation at UBY. It was shortly after 2003 that he debuted his first short film at the Slamdance Film Festival.


The Actor Who did not disappear

Despite all the success that Napoleon Dynamite had, Jon Heder, did not disappear. On the contrary, it was from there that he decided to enter into several projects like Tankman Begins that debuted in 2005; in the same year even debuted Robot Chicken, Just Like Heaven; and it was in 20066 that he received a starring role in a series that was centered on baseball: The Benchwarmers. He was praised for his performance and was nominated for the 2006 Teen Choice Awards and it was then that he later made his debut in films such as School for Scoundrels, Blades for Glory and even Mama’s Boy. For those who think Jon Heder disappeared after that date, are deceived, as it still appeared in Ellen, and the list still continues.

As awards, he received two Teen Choice Awards, two MTV Movie Awards, a Grand Jury Ward, and a Utah Film Award.

Anda was not convinced? He has already lent his voice to different films and animated series over the years: Monster House (2006), Surf’s Up (2007), Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit (2011), Pororo The Racing Adventure (2013), My Dad is Scrooge (2014) and Star Vs. the Forces of Evil (2015). The list is almost endless, since even for video games he gave the voice, with Epic Mickey 2 being one of the best-known examples.
After what has been said about Jon Heder, after all, that has he done recently? Has he moved in a completely different direction in his career? We are in 2018, where will he be now?


The Story of Jon Heder

Born on October 26, 1977, in Colorado, he is the son of James Heder and Helen Brammer. Despite having a twin brother, the two are very different, and when he was 2 years old, his family decided to move to Salem, Oregon, where he spent the rest of his life. When he grew up, he attended South Salem High as a teenager, being in the Drama club and the Swimming team. When he graduated in 1996, he went to Brigham Young University, where he then studied cinema, and devoted himself entirely to computer animation, then graduating from Fine in 2003 at the age of twenty-six.

It was one of his best friends, Jared Hess, who approached him and invited him to star in a short film he was going to perform called Wig. The premiere took place in 2003, and Heder was playing the leading role. The short film had its premiere at the Slamdance Film Festival where it received hugely positive reviews according to members of the press. The two were impressed with the excellent results that were the Wig, and so began a film adaptation that would dictate the career of Jon Heder:

Napoleon Dynamite.

The film centered around a teenager who was completely clumsy, Napoleon Dynamite, and leading a quiet, lonely life.
Young Napoleon Dynamite (Jon Heder) leads a quiet and lonely life. Living in a small town with no friends in high school, the boy spends much of his time alone or drawing a hybrid animal he invented. He lives with his uncle and brother, who have also become accustomed to ignoring him. However, his fortunes change when Napoleon meets Peter (Efren Ramirez), who awakens him to live.

After the debut of Napoleon Dynamite, Jon Heder began to earn the money by being an actor and decided to make a comedy along with Mark Water called Just Like Heaven (2005). The story revolved around the life of a landscape artist who falls in love with the spirit of a woman who resided in his apartment. The film turned out to be more of a hit, grossing more than $ 102 million dollars worldwide, however, mixed reviews, both received praise and received criticism for its plot is nothing short of amazing. However, he won a Teen Choice Award.

In the following years he even released: The Benchwarmers in 2006, which again proved to be a financial success, earning over $ 19 million dollars, and despite its commercial performance, received negative reviews, especially in Rotten Tomatoes. However, once again Heder received three more nominations for Teen Choice Award.

Later, he decided to give voice to When in Rome in 2010, The film was directed by Mark Steve, and the story centered around Beth, an ambitious young woman who was unlucky when it came to love. In wanting to change her life, she goes to a source of love in Rome, where she carries coins, and from there disastrous consequences arise. Later on, Lance emerges who tries to conquer Beth with his magic, and it is from there that the story becomes exciting. He also premiered his voice in: The Koora Legend in 2014, Little Rooster in 2015, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of the Two and also Armikrog.

The Fruits of Work in 2018

Coming back to 2018, the truth is that Jon Heder has been busy with cartoons, and is working on Pickle and Peanut which broke out at Disney in 2015. This series features a character, the Pickle who is very friendly who likes helping the friend. It’s aimed at younger audiences but has had a second season confirmed in 2017 at San Diego’s Comic-Con. So do not worry, because he is quite entertained to do what makes him happy!

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