What is and How to Get a Decahexatris: A Tetris Effect Guide!

Tetris is a timeless game, and the name of the name also names the biggest achievement you could have in it… until Decahexatris became a thing.

Indeed, with the launch of the Tetris Effect game for PSVR, you can now score a lot of points by clearing not four, not five, but sixteen lines in a single move.

This is possible because time will stop when you use a special power that charges up whenever you score some lines…

If you manage to clear 12 lines, you’ll get a dodecatrix, and if you score 16 lines or above that, you get the new maximum which is called the Decahexatris.


But how are you supposed to get that score? Well, it is indeed difficult, so we wrote a guide that teaches you on the best way to play to unlock this achievement… so here you go.

Also, we hope you liked seeing the pro scoring the Decahexatris… it is a rare event indeed.


Tetris Pro-Play and Top Level Tips & Tricks:

So, if you are serious about gaming, you probably know even the old games have a competitive scene, and you also know that Tetris is the most played game of all time so it isn’t an exception in the slightest.

This means, fortunately, you have a lot of pros to copy from.

First of all, you need to clear lines, and the more the better, so the best case scenario is to really fill up the left side of the board the most you can, stacking the squares so you can clear them with the vertical four squared piece (a flipped horizontal four squared piece if you catch the drift).

To get the Decahexatris, however, you need to do the clearing while the time is suspended, just as you can see in the video above.

Not only is this the only way to get the Decahexatris, it is also the way to score the most points, and we all know arcade games like these are all about points since you don’t have an end goal, missions or whatever.


Avoid Losing: Getting Rid of Trash Pieces.

If you watched the video in which the pro is playing Tetris Effect, then you probably saw even the pros can misplace pieces.

What they do, and the strategy behind their play, is they clear the misplaced squares as soon as they can since if another mistake happens it compounds and makes the previous mistake really hard to clear… and so on.

The more clutter you let accumulate, the hardest it is to keep the game under control, and with gaps between your pieces you’ll lever get the Decahexatris you’re after – after all, you need 16 consecutive lines without a single gap before those vertical pieces get placed.


Don’t Just Keep Your Eyes in the Game:

Tetris requires a lot of concentration, sure, but it is also vital that you look at the preview of the piece that comes right after the one you’re playing at ALL times!

This ensures you can stack evenly by doing the right choices, by acting informed and preemptively.

It can be hard to play at an optimal level while diverting your eyes from field to preview at an high speed, so you really need to practice to perfect this skill.


Finally, there’s only one more thing you need to do to score a Decahexatris – grind and grind until you can get the 16 lines stacked up nicely.

Then, just enjoy the effects, the achievement and the score that will go through the roof with that play.



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