What’s Marty Lagina Net Worth, FAQ, Info, Marital Status, Secrets, Family, and Earnings

What’s Marty Lagina Net Worth? What’s his marital status, who is his wife, what are his secrets, and most importantly, where are the answers to all of the FAQS? Well, they are right here at Instageeked!

marty lagina married wife

Is Marty Lagina Married: Who is his wife?

Yes, Marty Lagina is happilly married to his wife Olivia Lagina.

The couple has two children together, the fellow Oak Island cast member Alex Lagina and a daughter named Maddie.

They have been living together happily since their wedding and are a model family who kept on living in Canada.

marty lagina winery vineyard produce wine

Does Marty Lagina Own a Winery: What Wine Does He Produce?

Yes, Marty is the owner of the Mari Vineyards winery and he produces wine in a big scale.

His vineyard has a Facebook Page and Official Website you can see by clicking on the respective links and he produces all kinds of wine, from white to rosé, to red and vintage artisan wines.

He also organizes events in the vineyard’s estate so if you want to plan something, you can give the Lagina a call!

marty lagina rich money networth

Is Marty Lagina Rich: A Business Tycoon

The youngest of the Lagina brothers, Marty, is definitely richer than most, and he is a business tycoon with a lot of different companies earning him some income.

First of all, he owns Heritage Sustainable, an energy company. Secondly, he does The Curse of Oak Island and though he spends a lot, he also gets some good money from it.

On the other hand, he is one of the owners of The Oak Island Tours, where fellow cast member Charles Barkhouse does some great guided tours to the Island.

He has other investments too, and all in all his net worth numbers have these to thank.

marty lagina own oak island

Does Marty Lagina Own Oak Island: Oak Island Ownership

Oak Island’s land is owned by Rick Lagina, Marty Lagina, Craig Tester, Dave Blankenship, and one Mr. Kostrzewa.

So although the Lagina’s own the majority of the island, they don’t own all of it. It’s just amazing how little is known about that certain Kostrzewa partner though.

Maybe he is really the guy pulling the strings and so he wants to keep himself (or his connections) under the radar.

Who knows…

marty lagina sister rick lagina sister

Does Marty Lagina Have a Sister: Peter Fornetti’s Mother

Rick and Marty do have two sisters, one named Martina.

Martina went on to marry one Mr. Fornetti, and they both are the parents of Peter Fornetti, the cast member who also is credited as one of the series’ producers and works alongside Craig Tester’s stepson Jack Begley.

So, if you wanted to know about the family connections, here they are.

marty lagina canadian nationality where is he from

Is Marty Lagina Canadian: His Nationality

He was born in Michigan, and he is indeed a Canadian born and raised.

He also resided in Traverse City, Michigan, Canada all of his life, and he does still live there as I write this article.

Craig is also a Canadian, but he listed his house for sale recently so we don’t know if he’ll move. Marty has too much going on for him in Canada so we don’t anticipate him leaving anytime soon.

marty lagina plane

Does Marty Lagina Net Worth Include a Jet: Does He Have a Plane?

Marty is in love with everything mechanic and often shares his enthusiasm over machinary in public.

However, we have found no evidence of him owning a private jet so we cannot say if his love for planes translates into him having one.

He rides in private aeroplanes all the time, but they may be rented, we have no way to know.

marty lagina net worth how rich

What’s Marty Lagina Net Worth: How Rich is He?

Now here’s where things get blurry.

It was easy to pinpoint Marty Lagina’s net worth when the series was beginning, but as time went by he diversified, invested into Terra, the Wind Turbine company, and he got so much free publicity he started to escalate his net worth a lot,

While some experts claim he is only worth $40 million, others say that number is already closing in on $100 million.

So we can only give you an estimate that is between those two numbers: 40 to 100 million dollars.

how old is marty lagina when was he born

How Old Is Marty Lagina: When was he born?

Marty is the youngest brother and he is 65 years old (if you’re curious, Rick is 68). His birthday is on the 26th of August and he was born in the year 1955.

Honestly, I was shocked when I found out about this as I’d give him around 55 or something. I know a lot of people with 65-70 years of age and I can guarantee being a millionaire gives you some advantage as far as keeping up with age is concerned.

how old is marty lagina son

How Old is Marty Lagina’s Son: Alex Lagina Age

Alex’s age sits at a young 33 and he was born in 1987.

We wrote a full article about him and some death rumors a while back, and you can read it here.

Together with his father, uncle Rick and cousin Peter Fornetti, there are four members of the family working on The Curse of Oak Island’s Reality TV Documentary on the History Channel.

how to contact marty lagina

How to Contact Marty Lagina: Contact The Curse of Oak Island’s Cast Members

It’s easy to conclude that Marty doesn’t leave his contact info everywhere he goes and that he may be hard to contact, but although this is partially true, you can contact him through any of his companies.

Some of the companies you can contact him from are The Oak Island Tours, Mari Vineyards, Terra Renewable Energies, Heritage Sustainable.

where did Lagina go to college

Where Did Marty Lagina Go To College: Alongside His Friend Craig Tester

Although Marty and Craig were College Roommates, Craig graduated from Delta Epsilon whereas Marty studied at Michigan Tech and took a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

So, he wasn’t only born and raised in Canada, he also studied locally in Michigan.

This makes him a real man of his area and proud of being where he is.

what does marty lagina do for a living do for work

What Does Marty Lagina Do For Work: His Business Empire and Investments

Marty now is involved with the big expedition that is the Money Pit, Smith’s Cove, and all that as well as occupied in producing the show The Curse of Oak Island.

Not only that, but he also works on both of his energy companies and vineyard, so he does have a lot on his plate.

A smart investor, now he works managing his assets for a living, something we can all aspire to do one day.

I hope you now know more about the youngest and richest of the Lagina brothers.

Stay tuned for updates and let’s continue to watch as the mystery of the show unveils and as we get closer to the truth… or to their bankruptcy chasing it!