Why Are Lightsabers Different Colors: Lightsaber Color Meanings Revealed!

If you are an avid Star Wars fan, then you may wonder about why are lightsabers different colors, and how some Jedi have blue lightsabers, others have them in green and Mace Windu even has a purple one.

The Sith have them red, and if you want to know about why, then be sure to read “Why Are Sith Lightsabers Red”, but for now those are the colors going through your mind.

If you have seen other Star Wars media and not just the movies, then chances are you even spotted more colors than those we referred earlier.


Different Colors Have Different Meanings: If you think Lightsaber colors had meanings, you are right!

If you got yourself thinking that there has to be a reason on why some weapons are red, others blue, others green and so on, then you have to be wondering about their meaning as well – and that’s where Instageeked comes in, telling you all about the meaning of colors maybe you didn’t even knew existed.



The Yellow Lightsaber: What does it mean?

Jedi Knights have a lot of classes, and one of those classes is the Jedi Sentinels. These Jedi Sentinels usually wear yellow sabers, but no color is exclusive to any type of Jedi, and you may spot Guardians or Consulars using them too.

These lightsabers stand for alertness and dexterity, so they combine perfectly with those who love to be stealth and to make use of their agility and reflexes rather than brute strength.


obi-wan-kenobi-Why Are Lightsabers Different Colors

The Popular Blue Saber: Obi-Wan, Luke, Anakin before him!

This is arguably the most popular color because most of the main characters are Jedi Guardians, and Jedi Guardians usually use blue focusing crystals for their sabers.

There are, of course, other classes’ members that use it too, but their meaning is universal – symbolizing the lighter side of the force, standing for virtues like honor and righteousness.



The Green Lightsabers: Yoda and Qui Gon

Blue and green are the most common Jedi Lightsaber colors, and if blue ones are usually used by Jedi Guardians, green ones are mostly used by Jedi Consulars, a type of Jedi that specializes in the Force and its mysteries.

This color stands for intelligence, inner peace and intelligence, that is why most “thinkers” in the saga have green focusing crystals.


sith army

The Infamous Red Color: The Sith’s Color?

There are a lot of red sabers too, but you mostly see them in the hands of Sith Lords and their apprentices.

We went over the specifics in the “Why do Siths use Red Lightsabers” article, but this color isn’t Sith exclusive.

This color represents power and strength!


mace windu lightsaber

The Purple Saber: Remember Mace Windu?

If you saw Master Mace Windu, then you surely saw his characteristic purple Lightsaber as well.

These lightsabers are usually associated with the Dark Side of the force, and there aren’t many light side walkers who use it.

In fact, the only light side Jedi that used this color and never fell to the Dark Side of the force was Windu.

The color stands for a grayish personality – seeing life as various shades of grey rather than black and white – and it also hints at vanity.

The origin of this Saber was, outside Lore, the fact that Samuel L. Jackson wanted something to turn his character into a unique Jedi, so he asked Lucas for a purple colored Lightsaber.

The reason above, together with the fact that different hues were also introduced to facilitate shooting the movie gives us part of the off-movie reason on why are lightsabers different colors – but let’s keep our heads in the lore shall we?


Why Are Lightsabers Different Colors

The Unique Black Lightsaber:

The Black Lightsaber used to do some insane stuff and was almost considered to be a Godlike weapon before Disney took over the Star Wars franchise due to expanded universe stories and all of the tales, legends and mythos around this legendary black lightsaber.

However, now that Disney took over, the Lightsaber was toned down a bit and it became only canon on the Clone Wars animated series at the hands of Vizsla.

About the expanded universe black lightsaber, I dare not speak about it since it is too unholy – don’t go look around wookiepedia for information either, you’ll fall to the dark side too much.

Please, stay safe.


The Black Lightsaber and Darth Maul Lightsaber: Unique Looks and Plenty of Fans!

These two lightsabers are among the most unique ones in style and color, and so they have a lot of diehard fans that simply stick with it for good and bad, embracing the models’ strengths and weaknesses.

The black saber was pretty unique, but Darth Maul’s Lightsaber actually not so much, since if you play any Star War game you’ll see plenty of Jedi using that double bladed model as well.

Bastila and Satele Shan were two of the most recognized double blade lightsaber wielders in the Galaxy, one used a green colored one the other a yellow colored one – can you attribute the right color to the right Jedi? Do tell us below on the comment section – we like challenges.


Color Wars: Videos, Articles and Threads.

There is a lot of debate on this topic, and that’s why the Internet is filled with wars on how “this” is the best explanation, or “that” explanation isn’t cannon etc…
Well, I noticed there are some different theories out there, some based in games, others in novels, others in the cartoons and so on, so a lot of different forum threads, articles and videos have been made on this subject.
You should therefore consider all of the theories and think about them, forming your own conclusion. We did just that and this article is all about our conclusions, so this is merely our opinion and we do not claim to have the ultimate answer – although in our minds it definitely is the closest to the true ultimate answer you can find.


Star Wars Blaster Colors: Ship Weapons and Handheld Guns!

If we are going to analyze colors Star Wars really has a lot to offer since not only Star Wars force users can choose different hues for their weapons, but blasters and regular weapons do have different tones.
For starters, you can easily notice that the blasters from the Dark Side are usually Green or Red, while the good guys usually sport blue.
This is easily explained by the fact Lucas wanted us to distinguish between the good guys and the bad guys easily, but the truth is that we need to analyze these things in a lore-friendly perspective.
The crystal Jedi use to make their sabers has a strong influence on the blade colors they get, so we have to assume that the tool that focuses the beams on blasters inside the guns is what is responsible for giving them the colors they sport.


Mace Lightsaber Glamour: How the Jedi Windu was Unique

The purple lightsaber was used because Mace Windu wanted his color to be unique and his favorite color is purple, as stated above, but this made him unique in another way.
You see, purple sabers are pretty but exercise a strong pull towards the dark side, and Windu was one of the only Jedi to ever wield it without falling to the Dark Side of the Force.
Granted he was more of a gray Jedi than most, and that he developed a fighting style many Sith appreciated, but he was always true to the light, even if a bit unorthodox.


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Why Are Lightsabers Different Colors: A Conclusion

To finish this “Why Are Lightsabers Different Colors” article, we have to invite you to participate in the discussion and point out any arguments we could have missed.

We love to interact with our community, and quite frankly, Star Wars’ lore is too deep for us to explore alone, so we’re sure there are more reasons out there that we may have missed and we would love to learn all about them.

Do leave us your two cents about why are lightsabers different colors on the comment section below.


Now that you read this article, you get the answer to many questions, such as one that inspired a post about “Why is Obi-Wan’s Lightsaber Blue?”


Addendum: The Ultimate Blade Color List:

As for a quick compendium of all of the known Lightsaber colors, know that there are a lot of crystals and colour in the galaxy, like:

– Amber
– Acid Yellow
– Amethyst
– Azure
– Aqua
– Blue
– Blue-Core
– Black
– Blue-Cyan Core
– Blue-White Core
– Dark Blue
– Icy Blue
– Jade Blue
– Bright Gold
– Bronze-Yellow Core
– Burgundy
– Bronze
– Clear
– Cobalt
– Carmine
– Copper
– Silvery Cyan
– Cyan
– Crimson
– Blue-Electric
– Emerald
– Gray
– Gold
– Dark Green
– Jade Green
– Green
– Light Green
– Sage Green
– Lime Green
– Mint Green
– Green-Black Core
– Indigo
– Orange
– Orange-Black Core
– Magenta
– Orange-Yellow Core
– Burnt Orange
– Hot Orange
– Pewter
– Purple-Pink
– Pink
– Purple-Black Core
– Purple
– Red-Black Core
– Red-Orange Core
– Bloody Red
– Red
– Dark Red
– Light Red
– Scarlet
– Sapphire
– Silver
– Blue Silver
– Green Silver
– Teal
– Transparent Blue
– Turquoise
– Dark Violet
– Light Violet
– Violet
– Viridian
– White
– White-Black Core
– Dark Yellow
– Light Yellow
– Yellow
– Yellow-White Core
– Yellowish Green
– Yellowish Orange
– Yellow-Black Core

And these are all of the colors that ever existed, will be sure to keep adding more as they show up with the new movies.

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