Why are Sith Lightsabers Red? The Answer is Simple!

If you haven’t been living in a cave then you know what a Sith is, and if you do then you most probably know that red is the color of choice for Sith Lightsabers, and they don’t often use any other colored weapon such as green or blue lightsabers, but do you know why?

There are a lot of people asking this question and trying to know why the Sith always use Red Lightsabers, and that’s why I decided to write this article, explaining why the Dark Side Force users tend to favor this color over the others.


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Sith don’t only use Red Colored Lightsabers:

First of all, I have to debunk a common myth that states Sith only use red sabers – this is a lie, as though it is mostly the color used, it isn’t exclusive as they can and do use any color whatsoever.

There are even Jedi Knights who favor red lightsabers, so they aren’t exclusive of the bad guys either.



How are Sith Lightsabers Made:

This is the major reason on why the Sith use red lightsabers, so the answer to the question we’re approaching is answered here in a simple way – it is because of how Sith make their Lightsabers.

Jedi Knights have a ritual for how their Lightsabers are created, and that ritual involves going to caves and the wilderness to pick up natural focusing crystals, a Lightsaber component that focuses the light to form the blade – this is what gives Lightsabers their distinctive hue.

Sith, on the other hand, always follow the path of least resistance, and go on a ride through easy street, so they manufacture their crystals.

Sith Crystals are synthetic and they all come out red – that’s the major reason behind this color choice.



The Color’s Meaning:

Another thing we have to point out, and  you already know this if you read our article about the different Lightsaber colors, is the fact that the red color stands for power and a raw and fiery spirit, which is something Sith Lords definitely have


The Fear Factor: Getting their Opponent to Fear Them!

Let’s face it, Sith Lords and Apprentices like to be feared, and they like it that their opponents know that they are facing a very powerful being.

Having a red lightsaber can instantly alert the opponent to the fact that he may be facing a Sith, and it gives the wearer a sense of belonging too, which is something even dark personalities love.


Is the question answered? I certainly think so…


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