Mount and Blade II Bannerlord: Why Can’t I Take Lord’s Gear?

“Why can’t I take Lord’s gear?” I hear you ask.

Executing Lords to take their gear was possible in the past, and the Lord Tutor Quest had you take the lord’s loot, so why can’t I take the Lord’s equipment? Here’s the answer.

There have been a lot of questions recently on “Why can’t I take Lord’s gear” and “I can’t loot Lord’s equipment in Bannerlord and this is explained mainly by two things:

– You could execute an enemy lord in past Mount & Blade titles and get their equipment, although with some penalties.

– You could get the Lords’ gear on the Tutor Quest in Bannerlord.

There are some other reasons but these seem to be the main two.

So why can’t you just take their gear?

Here’s the answer!

Why Can’t You Take the Lord’s Equipment?

First of all, if we’re talking about the Tutor Quest in Mount and Blade Bannerlord, then know the quest was changed.

That’s right, a past patch made it impossible to get the gear now as the way was considered to be a broken way to get high level equipment at early stages of the game, and it makes sense honestly.

If you really want to experience this anyway, there are mods for that on Nexusmods.

On the other hand, when you execute a Lord in Bannerlord you never get their gear, and this was always the case in this title, although previous titles of the saga had this feature.

Why can’t you take it?

Well, it would be broken. The gameplay on executions is different in Bannerlord.

In Bannerlord, Lords are much more expendable than in Warband, and the game knows you’ll execute from time to time. In Warband you could go 1000 hours without executing anyone as Lords was more valuable and there were less injections of new NPCs in the game.

Getting Royal Gear and Equipment: The Lordly and Honorable Way!

Making money in Bannerlord is very easy. The enterprises provide you with good income, and you can always sell them too.

Caravans are a solid money maker and fiefs do help tons. It is really easy to get rich and have a solid income stream, so high level equipment is always close at hand on any shop.

On the other hand, even crowns are up for sale from time to time, and thus you can rest assured there are plenty of ways to get Lord-tier gear and even better – and flashier as well.

There Are Merchants for That: Lord Tutor Quest Changed:

As stated previously, the Lord Tutor Quest was changed, so you no longer pick that quest to get the piece of armor you were looking forward to having.

Instead of picking a target for this quest, you now pick a town and scout its market to see if the piece you want is up for sale.

The piece may be rare, but you’ll find it sooner or later.

If you want an answer for more of Bannerlord’s FAQs, read the linked piece.

So, here’s the answer to “Why can’t I take Lords Gear” in Mount and Blade Bannerlord, and although it probably wasn’t the answer you were looking for, it is the right one.

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