Why is Obi Wan So Old: Is Old Ben Kenobi too Old?

Why is Obi Wan So Old: Is Old Ben Kenobi too Old?

A lot of people will tell you that Lucas overshot Obi Wan’s age and that Kenobi looks too old and has aged terribly between the prequels and the originals, and having that question, issue or apparent plot hole in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to approach the age of one of our favorite Star Wars characters of all time.

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First of All, Obi Wan Kenobi is Probably 57:

So, in order to determine if Kenobi is too old in the original movie trilogy, we have to know what is his age – and no, the actor’s age doesn’t matter at all.

We have to address those who come forth mentioning Alec Guiness’s age, remember we aren’t talking about the age on the actor’s ID, only his looks.

Well, moving on, we analyzed and cross-referenced several resources – we did our homework – and we can tell you that Old Ben Kenobi is fifty seven years old.

That debunks some critics that will tell you (based on wrong numbers like Ewan’s age) that Ben Kenobi is less than 50.

Still, Alec doesn’t look like your average 57 there does he?



Wars, Traumatic Events, Hermitage: They all take its Toll!

That leads us to another argument, one of the many involving Obi-Wan, that is look deteriorated because life took a huge toll on him.

Let’s consider the fact that he fought in the war, add the event of him watching his Padawan slaughter innocent children, consider that he had to leave his pupil to die, that he failed to protect his master, and finally the undeniable fact that he lived alone in the desert for years with only Anakin’s blue lightsaber and Sand People as company.

Wouldn’t that make a fifty-seven-year-old look like that?



Does he actually look so much older than that?

Then we have the fact that some people start showing off white hair during their 20s, and that Obi Wan is 57… can’t it be normal that Kenobi has that white hair and beard?

Even so, is it so hard to believe that Kenobi is almost sixty by considering everything we told you about on the last paragraph and the fact that he has been using the force a lot? Remember, using the force too much will make you age a lot – thus Palpatine’s dry prune look.


Let’s get to the bottom of it: Why is Obi-Wan so Old?

Finally, we gave you some food for thought, but we know this topic is a bit of a speculation effort because there is still no definite answer.

Bearing that in mind, we would love you to comment and help us discuss the topic to get to the bottom of it.

If you have any contribution to this mystery whatsoever, then please leave it down there in the comment section.

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